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  1. As you most likely / possibly know, Boots is a long standing high street pharmacist. I’d like to think they offer a similar system re updates/test result system. Have you looked at Southampton airport or the airport you maybe flying into most are offering onsite testing at this time. You may be able to access one on arrival (I’m assuming you may be flying into UK, apologies if I’ve misunderstood) or possibly attend at the local airport in Southampton for testing? The airport appear to offer a quicker turnaround for a premium. I hope you manage to arrange your tests, obtain results an
  2. I cannot comment on Boots turn around time but my family is based in UK and my parents recently returned from Spain. They used Randox home test kits with kits returned via a drop box service with participants required to return samples at one of various locations by late afternoon. All results inc. day 2, test and release day 5 and day 8 were returned within 2 days - with the Firm acknowledging receipt of the sample registration online pre-return, the sample and then the results also issued by email within 2 days. They travelled approx 8miles to their nearest drop box. The test kits were deli
  3. Thanks everyone. I’ll hold back, for now, from making any adjustments as the sail perks available on 2020 cruises and not yet available for 2021 and since I’ve got until about April next year to switch or stick I’ll hold back and hope the perk sales options come online in the near future then take a view in the event they don’t make available.
  4. I hope someone may be able to assist me as I’m struggling to understand in regard to a changing a booking made onboard Equinox when we sailed in June 2019. We booked a European 2020 cruise but now want to switch to a Caribbean 2021 booking. At the time we booked we got an onboard spend of $150 aqua class, plus drinks and gratuities. 2021 dates have recently been released but the cruise isn’t offering any offers yet just value or a £200 saving but no 2 perk options. The deposit is fairly small but I’d rather not lose, we’re not in a rush but I’d like to switch then it’s done. I can’t quite wor
  5. We booked an Uber last year. Disembarkation was fairly orderly, request an appropriate disembarkation/luggage tag slot then your luggage should be waiting for you, it’s a short walk to the Uber area and the various cars were lining up for their respective passengers. Celebrity’s offering was far too expensive for us in comparison.. We’re cruising from Fort Lauderdale this year it’ll be interesting to find out how much they want charge for the airport transfer this time round.
  6. We’re going on Equinox on 29 June and I'm looking forward to any new additions. My OH really likes Silk Harvest...can’t wait to see what changes are made next month.
  7. We sail last June last this year and this excursion has recently appeared but very little detail/pictures - does any have any direct knowledge or been on this trip? We're sailing onboard Equinox. Thanks
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