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  1. 9 hours ago, C-Dragons said:

    Thank you for the info. 😊
    Unfortunately this will not work for us, as we will be traveling to the UK for a cruise. The company X uses in the UK, Eurofins, does not have a testing location in Southampton. But there is a Boots there and they do testing.

    As you most likely / possibly know, Boots is a long standing high street pharmacist. I’d like to think they offer a similar system re updates/test result system.

    Have you looked at Southampton airport or the airport you maybe flying into most are offering onsite testing at this time.  You may be able to access one on arrival (I’m assuming you may be flying into UK, apologies if I’ve misunderstood) or possibly attend at the local airport in Southampton for testing? The airport appear to offer a quicker turnaround for a premium. I hope you manage to arrange your tests, obtain results and have a great cruise. 

  2. I cannot comment on Boots turn around time but my family is based in UK and my parents recently returned from Spain. They used Randox home test kits with kits returned via a drop box service with participants required to return samples at one of various locations by late afternoon.  All results inc. day 2, test and release day 5 and day 8 were returned within 2 days - with the Firm acknowledging receipt of the sample registration online pre-return, the sample and then the results also issued by email within 2 days. They travelled approx 8miles to their nearest drop box. The test kits were delivered in 2 working days. 

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  3. Thanks everyone.   I’ll hold back, for now, from making any adjustments as the sail perks available on 2020 cruises and not yet available for 2021 and since I’ve got until about April next year to switch or stick I’ll hold back and hope the perk sales options come online in the near future then take a view in the event they don’t make available.

  4. I hope someone may be able to assist me as I’m struggling to understand in regard to a changing a booking made onboard Equinox when we sailed in June 2019. We booked a European 2020 cruise but now want to switch to a Caribbean 2021 booking. At the time we booked we got an onboard spend of $150 aqua class, plus drinks and gratuities. 2021 dates have recently been released but the cruise isn’t offering any offers yet just value or a £200 saving but no 2 perk options.  The deposit is fairly small but I’d rather not lose, we’re not in a rush but I’d like to switch then it’s done. I can’t quite work out what perks, if any, I retain and/or whether I must lose everything inc (or not) the deposit if I want to switch if the offers are not on.  We’re Elite members, I’m UK based but never changed a booking so anyone with experience as to what passengers keep or lose would be really helpful.



  5. We booked an Uber last year.  Disembarkation was fairly orderly, request an appropriate disembarkation/luggage tag slot then your luggage should be waiting for you, it’s a short walk to the Uber area and the various cars were lining up for their respective passengers.  Celebrity’s offering was far too expensive for us in comparison..


    We’re cruising from Fort Lauderdale this year it’ll be interesting to find out how much they want charge for the airport transfer this time round.

  6. 17 hours ago, MisterBill99 said:


    And once again I am victimized by my failing to notice that the person responding to me is not the one who originally asked the question. My reply was intended for  LPCKG, who actually does care if she'll be on the ship then. Not sure why you responded to my post, since you don't seem to care about the answer.


    Thank you MisterBill99.  I appreciate updates from fellow guests. Our next cruise will be our first Celebrity Caribbean cruise and we’ve heard very good reports from other guests and also Captain Tasos (Solstice) has spoken very highly of Captain Kate during both of our last two cruises. We’re big fans of Captain Tasos and look forward to finding out who is at the helm very soon

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  7. Hi tapacuk, reservations need to be made with each restaurant by phone or in person once onboard. I’m pretty certain you can only book a package on the pier, we’ve always booked on board. Enjoy.


    cabins are usually ready about 1pm. Unless you’re in a suite I suggest grabbing lunch in ocean view sometime after 1pm as most people head down to their cabin and it will get a bit less crowded.

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  8. I have requested for every cruise through special needs department, prior to sailing, has never been in cabin upon arrival. Ask cabin steward, back in just a couple of minutes each time.


    Snap, but I always feel I should inform despite the Sharps bin never being available when we first board. The cabin steward has always been very helpful and a bin has been made available in minutes.

  9. Is this the case with all cruise lines? If so, then I am really surprised that competitive market forces have not loosened up these practices.


    Yes it’s the same. The UK is a much smaller market then the US but many UK citizens like to cruise and as we’ve never known anything different we book and pay.

  10. We booked a cruise onboard Solstice at the beginning of July’18 we received classic drink, WIFI and $100onboard spend. We booked. At the time of booking the classic drinks and WIFI were also on offer to all future bookings on/off board. The price was the same but we got $100onboard spend and a lower deposit £89 (compared to £300 in the UK) so a little booking bonus but not as good as recent years.


    A few weeks after returning to the UK (late July), the price dropped with both the drinks and WiFi bonus still being offered. We could now save almost £450 off the cost we were currently paying although we would lose the deposit and onboard spend but that still meant we were about £310 better off. I cancelled then rebooked. We’ve now had to pay the larger deposit but the cost saving meant it was crazy not to. Celebrity allowed us to keep the same cabin, on the hump, so save for time wasted and the £89 deposit which we had already paid out we saved a fair bit of money and still kept our preferred cabin on our preferred sailing. The UK vs. USA cancellation terms are pretty shoddy but the US market is a much bigger than the UK so I guess they have to offer those perks to keep pace. I’ve never seen the price drop so much or the purported peaks onboard be the same 11 1/2 months out but I was content when I booked! I was also content to lose the lower deposit so save a fair bit overall this has never happened before. This is the first time any of our future cruise have dropped in price so up to press we’ve always been lucky - but I always monitor the price and this time it didn’t make sense to stick, if we could keep the same cabin - which they allowed us to do.

  11. We’ve sailed onboard Solstice to Alaska twice. Captain Tasos was amazing on both trips and this year got the ship within a mile of Tracy Arm Fjord and did an amazing spin so everyone could see the Fjord. The ice craved like never before, Brett Nixon adviased (6 July 2018) although we’ve never sailed from Vancouver I’d opt for Seattle, great city, ports and, if Captain Tasos is onboard a very enjoyable trip.

  12. Despite cruising for many, many years and sailings from Port Canaveral and San Juan this is our first cruise from FFL. We fly into MIA the day prior arriving at around 2.30pm. We've previously stayed in the Miami area but would prefer to stay closer to FFL on this occasion.


    Are you able to use Uber at MIA. If so, is there a designated meeting area or collection from the main collection/departure area.


    Does anyone have any other transfer suggestions?


    Best place to stay. Is it worth staying at a hotel in the Hollywood area to shorten the transfer then complete journey the next morning or should we just get to FFL to make things easier next morning?

  13. ok well we spoke to assistant manager and once again there is no place to go, they are trying to figure out compensation. i asked about sleeping in the relaxation room, they said no, i asked about sleeping in the medical facility, i was told no, i asked about sleeping in a massage room, i was told no. last night we left after 11 so i was able to fall asleep for a few hours being exhausted, but woke up at 4. tonight we will be sailing when i’m trying to go to sleep, so i’m going to try for 30 minutes then i’m sleeping in the lobby. they state that the shaking can occur in any room and they don’t have any idea where it’s going to be.


    i missed my spin class this morning, was so exhausted i couldn’t see when i was out wondering trying to find a place to sleep.



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    Ask the assistant manager to join you in your room when you return after dinner/evening entertainment tonight to experience the noise and vibration in person. I truly hope you are able to bare the rest of your cruise and manage to enjoy the time left.

  14. We are due to sail onboard Solstice in Alaska this summer. Could anyone onboard advise what internet packages are being offered onboard. Trying to work out whether any benefit in buying in advance or wait to see what’s available onboard. Anyone currently onboard please could you give an indication? Thanks

  15. We are sailing on Solstice in July and are looking at a B2B cruise next year, does anyone have experience of booking B2B onboard? We’ve booked on board before but never a B2B cruise we’re based in the UK.

  16. We did this excursion last June, never again! We opted to do a Glacier helicopter trip in Juneau and hoped to catch some whales in our final port. We accept no guarantee offered, at the start the scenery was beautiful but those on the top deck (us included) ended up wet through due to waves lapping up over the opening sides due to speed the boat circled in the hope of finding a whale. We returned early (approx.30mins) due to at least 3/4being sick due to the conditions, failing light and no whales.


    Maybe we were unlucky, we’d seen lots of good reviews before out trip but we didn’t bargain on getting wet there appeared so many others nice things we could have done that we were disappointed save for that the rest of the cruise was amazing.

  17. We stayed at the Edgewater, Seattle in a Cityside room. Get location, hotel and easy transfer to port. We’ve rebooked to stay later when sail again on Solstice.


    We also stayed at the Mayflower once, we didn’t rated but I know this suits lots of others. They did offer a port transfer for 1$10pp I seem to recall.


    We haven’t disembarked in Vancouver so cant comment on transfer options.

  18. We signed up this on our last cruise on X, there was too much ice in Tracy Arm for the cruise ship so the ship headed straight to Juneau. We got off the ship and transferred to a smaller vessel for the ride up to South Sawyer . They take you back to the ship in Juneau. It was a long day - we departed the ship around 7.45am and got back around 2pm BUT the glacier was amazing...if you can book this excursion I highly recommended this trip.


    We are returning next year and plan to go whale watching this time round.

  19. We always book our own flights from UK, usually flying from Manchester, but have East Mid or Leeds as alternative options too. If you book your own flights early the price tends to be better, plus you get confirmed times/airport details etc. We fly at least one day in advance to ensure if any issues arise we have scope to make alternative arrangements. £600 seems very expensive. We fly at least 3/4 times a year to Barca - even in peak season our flights have been £300/350 max for 2 pax and luggage. I don't know your travel dates but I would wait until flights come on sale before booking through Celebrity.

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