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  1. "Do men sometimes wear jackets?" Answer, yes we do. Sometimes. Suits also. It will look out of place at the buffet, but if you are comfortable wearing one, do so! They are not obligatory. (Except for my wife, who demands I pack one, for "special" events like Aqualina or Prime C. As Covepointcruiser pointed out, women do get dressed up, my wife certainly does, and I dress appropriately. I usually pack a tie or two, sometimes actually wear one. As long as you don't dress like a dumpy slob, you are going to be fine. That said, I was thrown out of Aqualina in April for wearing sandals to an afternoon tea. First and only time that ever happened. Luckily, I had packed shoes and socks.
  2. We were on Journey transatlantic in late April. Mosaic is open late, and the coffee is superb (and for those not acquainted with Azamara, included in your fare). That said, DW and I took Heike aside (she had asked all of us for criticisms early in the cruise, to improve the experience) and complained very bitterly about MDR coffee. She was somewhat surprised, said there was no reason for there to be poor quality coffee there, since it is all the same equipment and coffee to begin with. Knowing Azamara and knowing Heike after a number of cruises (I assume she does not drink coffee), I'm hoping we will see an improvement in the MDR on all three ships! Of all my Azamara criticisms, the relatively poor quality of the main dining room coffee is probably highest on my list.
  3. The Drawing Room happens to be on of my secret haunts. Rarely occupied, quiet, very lush decor, And I've been known to sneak a scotch and a good book in there on sea days. As for which bar is best, they are all lovely, staff may rotate around and the quality of your drinks will depend on the bar tender, not the bar. Have fun, just not too much!
  4. Thank you all. For the record, we've left Miami on 2 separate Trans Atlantic trips, no issues what so ever. It has been my understanding that just as TSA only allows 3oz of liquids being brought onto aircraft in hand luggage, the same rule applies for passenger ships. But good to know that my martinis and single malts shall sail out of Seward Alaska. Again, thanks for your prompt responses. Many happy sails to you all.
  5. I can't find a recent posting. On all of our past AZ trips, the policy was to allow passengers to bring their own bottles on board. Corkage fee applied in the dining rooms, but no issues in the cabins. SO. Does Azamara continue to allow its passengers to bring bottles aboard, packed in their luggage? Huge lush that I am, I like to travel with a small bottle of scotch and a small bottle of gin. And usually 2 bottles of wine. Thanks in advance.
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