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  1. Thanks for the update! My elderly diabetic mother has cruised with us before and often tires of the tea and water that are often her only beverage choices on long cruises. She is looking forward to all the sugar free options that the Freestyle machine will offer. The sticker will make it easy for her to enjoy her evening "dinner drink" of a sugar free ginger ale!
  2. I have seen lots of posts about the Freestyle Coke machines on the Koningsdam but I am a bit confused about getting cola drinks in the main dining room. Do you have to carry your chipped cup to the dining room to have a cola if you have purchased the Unlimited Coca Cola package? That seems a bit awkward! Thanks!
  3. Is anyone able to recommend a stable for a horseback trail ride on the beach? I found this stable on the web (http://www.spicelandsriding.com), but I was just wondering if anyone had a personal recommendation. :)
  4. Has anyone been on the "Restless Native Cookie Cruise & Snorkel" excursion? It is offered by HAL and many other cruiselines. It sounded like something that my family (ages 75-22) could all enjoy together.
  5. Thanks....it does seem that the wine card will be the way to go for my July trip!:) Do the cards need to be purchased in advance or can they be bought onboard? Also, does each guest need a card or can the card be shared among cabinmates? Sorry for all the questions, but the HAL site on these cards is not very informative!
  6. Anyone sailed lately and know the price of a glass of house wine? Is the house pouring card that good of a deal?
  7. What activities did you particularly enjoy in Bermuda? Did you book any excursions through HAL?
  8. I am heading to Bermuda on the Veendam in July. Please share your favorite activities, beaches, or excursions.
  9. Should I buy the HAL transfers to LaGuardia or just use a taxi? There are four adults in my group.
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