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  1. I am finally ready to restart my cruising. November 27 - December 11, 2021 - Nieuw Amsterdam - Caribbean - Fall - 14 days
  2. For me, my parents are getting their shot #2 on Tuesday. Illinois will start under 65 vaccinations on 4/12, and I have registered, just waiting for when my first shot will be. As of now, it is a no. It's possible for early 2022 to go if the mask/distancing restrictions are removed. It's bad enough to be on a plane for a couple of hours to fly there with a mask on, and then keep it on while getting on a bus to go to the port. And what's the point of enjoying the cruise when you have a mask on? Otherwise, it could be from late 2022 to never in the sense of going.
  3. Count me as another one who won't go on a cruise with a mask mandate. It's not just on the ship, but also on the plane, on the bus transfer, etc. It's pretty much impossible, for me, to enjoy a cruise if I had to wear a mask everywhere I go. I hope by 4/22 that it gets close to normal, or I will have to wait longer to cruise again.
  4. Already got an April 2022 cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii on the Koningsdam. We are waiting for the November 2021 Caribbean cruise list to come out. Mostly a go for both, unless either for health reasons or we are still wearing masks/social distancing. Don't know what to do if it is the former, but for the latter, we will be out.
  5. Caribbean done for 2020 for me. Now the preparing for November 2021 and likely April 2022 begins.
  6. Hopefully late 2021, but more likely 2022 to never. This is depending on a when a vaccine is ready, and the mask/social distancing restrictions are mostly relaxed or completely eliminated. There is no way I would want to wear a mask for most of my vacation. Also, it depends on everyone's health, especially that my parents are in their 70's. Another factor is going on an airplane. There is no way we will be on an airplane for a couple of hours with masks on almost the entire time. We could drive down, but that would be an extra week of vacation time.
  7. No. I would not go on a socially distant cruise. I am very uncomfortable wearing a mask. I only wear it if I have to go to a place that requires it. It would be very hard to meet people with the restrictions.
  8. 2021 more likely. Hopefully, when the mask and social distancing restrictions are eased and things would get somewhat back to normal. I should have been on my way to an Alaskan Cruise on the Eurodam by now, but it got cancelled. I also have a November cruise in the Caribbean that is iffy. With all the restrictions (social distancing/masks), I am leaning toward against going.
  9. Thank you. I still have November to the Caribbean, hope everything is better by then.
  10. I was on the Eurodam last October and the first one was used (the Roger Jett one).
  11. Please add the following: Eurodam - November 8-22, 2020 - Eastern/Western Caribbean
  12. I was on the NA the last two weeks, leaving last Saturday. The one that you could not think of the name is Derrick Cameron, who was really good (he was also on during my first week on board, so I saw him there). He also spent a lot of time with the passengers in the Gallery Bar watching whatever game was on (NFL/World Series), and having conversations with them. As for Frances, she was OK, maybe pushing the envelope a bit. Didn't bother seeing the split show the second week, since I saw Cameron's split show with Joseph Reohm (magician illusionist), and I had to finish my soda card and get to bed as soon as possible. I have seen most of the other comedians mentioned, and were very funny as well.
  13. Just make an edit... for Eurodam 6/6/2020, Alaska 7 day, this is the first HAL cruise that my sister is going on, as I have been on several HAL cruises.
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