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  1. On our last Celebrity cruise, there were only about three men in tuxes.
  2. Millie has been "revolutionized". Check the reviews on the suite lounge.
  3. Wow, you can use OBC to book for another cruise? We could not last time we sailed.
  4. Thanks to everyone for their great advice. We chose to be comfortable and change ships. We still love Celebrity, however, when you are in a suite and paying the higher fare, you want to be able to use the suite amenities. We will be sailing on a non "revolutionized" ship. We loved our experience on the Constellation -- warm, comfortable, lovely. I guess for us at least, newer does not mean better.
  5. So if you are handicapped and need the arm rests to get up, you cannot use the suite areas
  6. The problem is the medication my husband is taking. He cannot be in the sun too long. I am thinking a lot of people have a similar issue.
  7. Reading all the negative reviews of the Retreat on the Millennium makes me think I made a terrible mistake. We needed the shade and I guess I was thinking that since the Retreat was on the top of the ship, they would have figured that out and made it appealing. Also, the lounge area is getting bad reviews due to the chairs being so uncomfortable. I purchased the non reimbursable fare to save the $800 difference. Feeling furious that Celebrity did not think thru the comfort of their suite passengers who were willing to pay extra for amenities that I now discover cannot be used.
  8. It is very upsetting that there is no shade. A lot of people on certain meds cannot sit in the sun. On Princess, we could get there whenever we wanted. There was our chair waiting in the shade.
  9. We booked a sky suite on the Millennium, however, I am concerned because the suite lounge (formally Michael's Club) and the suite deck area are receiving a lot of bad reviews in terms of uncomfortable furniture and the deck being in the full sun. Anyone have experience with either? The fare is approximately twice the regular fare and I would like to use both amenities.
  10. I'm so grateful for your analysis. Any chance you can peek into the suite area of the ship? For people who don't like sitting in the sun, I think it will be useless to us. When we used the Princess part of the ship that was the same idea, a lot was covered so people really enjoyed being in the shade on top of the ship.
  11. Over the weekend, I noticed our fare went up $500 per person. There are plenty of cabins available. Is in April 2022.
  12. Are all the ships totally covered? I was looking at the Millennium and it looks like the retreat deck is in the sun.
  13. We always loved going there for the superior service. Frankly, that is why I booked Celebrity. They will lose the suite passengers if they do not provide good services in the lounge.
  14. Was there a charge on your bill for your mini bar? We would probably like vodka in the mini bar.
  15. When we were in the NCL Haven, they had a bar in the suite lounge. For us, it was terrible. Unless you sat at the bar, you were rarely served by the waiters. We would find a place to sit and then go to the bar and order a drink. They would then bring it to us. Michael's club was wonderful. You would sit and then someone would come over, get your request and then bring it over. It was heaven. Will the service on the Millinnium in the new Michael's Club be the same as we had before or has the revolutionized lounge be different. I thought I saw a bar in the lounge on the Millinnium.
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