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  1. Momma Rene

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    We booked a Haven front facing penthouse, a H7. Anyone have experience with an upgrade offer at that level? It is our 50th anniversary and I wanted to assure a haven room.
  2. This will be our first time on the Getaway. We booked forward facing haven penthouse balcony Cabin 12706. We had a huge balcony on the Princess ship we were on but really disliked walking the full length of the ship (knee surgery). Will the forward facing cabin be near the Haven? Are there any steps to go to the different Haven activities?
  3. Momma Rene

    What is going on with Haven Pricing?

    I'm feeling rather dumb! I booked the Haven because it is our 50th anniversary cruise and I wanted the forward balcony penthouse. Paid what NCL had on their website. Any chance they will offer us a better accommodation at a reduced cost?
  4. Wow, great rate. How close to sailing did you bid on the NCL Upgrade Advantage Program? Sounds interesting.
  5. We took the free airfare plus two nights in their hotel so we can arrive two days prior in New Orleans. It will be interesting to see how this works out. The price for two nights hotel is $600, which is too expensive, however, that is the only way you can get the deviation to arrive two days early. Also, I notice that gratituties are not included. I'm hoping the next promo includes gratituties. Anyone have experience with the AC Hotel in New Orleans and what type of room you get as part of the NCL package?
  6. Momma Rene

    Club Class

    Only 2 tables for 2 on Grand
  7. I originally booked cabin 12706. Looked like a great cabin, however, I just found out that it is not in the Haven but can use their facilities. After checking further, cabin 16116 became available which puts us inside the Haven. What are the pros and cons of the two cabins? The one inside the Haven is quite a bit more.
  8. Momma Rene

    Breakaway Haven Menus for 2018

    Do the menus change daily or is it always the same?
  9. Momma Rene

    Best Haven

    Wow, that does not sound very appealing. We tentatively booked the Getaway because of the itinerary leaving from New Orleans. We booked a forward facing balcony haven cabin 12706 after speaking to a NCL representative. I'm hoping we did not make a mistake as this is the first time in Haven. We sailed Celebrity, Holland America and most recently Princess in a Vista Suite.
  10. Momma Rene

    Best Haven

    Which of the megaships would have the most negatives? The Haven sounds very appealing......
  11. Momma Rene

    Best Haven

    We are looking for the best Haven experience. We have sailed the Celebrity suite and Princess suite. Looking for a wonderful suite experience with a good restaurant and a room larger than 300 square feet. Which NCL ship should we choose?
  12. Momma Rene

    Breakfast in a dining room

    Hi Mid ship to aft is a long walk if you have mobility issues. I had a knee replacement 2 months ago. My range is a half mile before I feel a lot of pain. I am in an aft cabin and on a wait list for mid ship.
  13. Momma Rene

    Breakfast in a dining room

    Some people have mobility issues. Kindness goes a long way.
  14. Momma Rene

    Suite/platinum internet purchase question, and...

    Is that per person or cabin or for how many devices? We will be traveling with two phones and two ipads.
  15. Momma Rene

    Ruby princess menus- 7 day Mexico 2018

    You mentioned Wednesday night was the best night. Was it the first night? Do you remember what was on the menu for that night? Thanks so much for posting!