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  1. We booked the Haven for our 50th Anniversary. I was wondering about the show seating. Does the concierge arrange the shows and seating? How does that work? Thanks!
  2. We are going on a 9 night trip in the Haven. Tips already paid are $700 for staff and specialty dining. That equals $77 a day for tips. I think enough is enough.....
  3. There seems to be a lot of empty cabins on my sailing, so I am hoping for a sale!
  4. I think if you google the room, you may find a youtube on it.
  5. No child should be at the bar. Obviously, poor judgement. Hopefully, NCL will ban children from sitting at a bar in the future. It will be in the best interests of safety of their passengers. Too bad that it forces NCL to take action to assure the safety of their passengers.
  6. That is not what I bought when I purchased a Haven cabin! I can go to any other line and get Grey Goose, no problem. This is bait and switch. I don't have to make final payment until August, so I am going to be researching other lines. Also, other lines include water and specialty coffee in their pricing. I am paying premium for the Haven. Huge disappointment.
  7. Our travel agent is giving us onboard credit. Can we use that in advance for excursions? Also, can we use it to pay the daily gratuity charges?
  8. totally agree! I pay a premium for the Haven. Would you like to pay for something and find out people did not pay but used the facilities? Cheating is cheating.
  9. It will be our 50th anniversary, so I booked the Haven for our December trip. Has anyone had any bidding for the best cabin in the Haven? I did not want to take the chance of not being in the Haven category. We booked forward H7 because we liked the bigger room. Did not want to book the aft balcony due to the long walk to the haven area (bad knee).
  10. Totally agree! We are paying over $300 in tips for 9 days, plus tips on specialty restaurants and the tips for the bar staff. Plus, the Haven is priced very high. If the butler is outstanding, that is another thing. However, if he is a glorified steward and doesn't do anything, extra tips are not warranted.
  11. We booked a Haven front facing penthouse, a H7. Anyone have experience with an upgrade offer at that level? It is our 50th anniversary and I wanted to assure a haven room.
  12. This will be our first time on the Getaway. We booked forward facing haven penthouse balcony Cabin 12706. We had a huge balcony on the Princess ship we were on but really disliked walking the full length of the ship (knee surgery). Will the forward facing cabin be near the Haven? Are there any steps to go to the different Haven activities?
  13. I'm feeling rather dumb! I booked the Haven because it is our 50th anniversary cruise and I wanted the forward balcony penthouse. Paid what NCL had on their website. Any chance they will offer us a better accommodation at a reduced cost?
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