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  1. Agreed! We are buying a product. I bought for the revolutionized product. And, at over $10,000 for two people in the sky suite, I believe we deserve it.
  2. False advertising. I booked Constellation because we are in a sky suite and were looking forward to everything being upgraded. However, since I booked in January, the fare now is $2,361 MORE than I paid.
  3. I'm thinking of moving my December cruise 2020 to December 2021. Would final payment be due this year or next year?
  4. Also part of cruising is a change so that you feel safe, health wise, on a ship. I wonder what additional precautions can be put in place. That issue will be key for me to continue cruising.
  5. Our cruise for December 2020 is higher than the price we booked. Frankly, we are considering cancelling because any vaccine will not be available before the cruise. Also, we had thought the Constellation would be updated. That update is now cancelled. It was the prime reason we were going on that ship. We had booked a suite. Very disappointed but understanding. However, given what was promised will not be delivered. High price for a suite.
  6. That is the problem! Talked to travel agent, they don't know. Get run around from insurance company. This board is to discuss what people are discovering.
  7. I purchased cancel for any reason in February. At this time, I have no interest in cruising in December due to doctor's note requirement which was put into place after I purchased the insurance. My question is if I cannot cruise due to the doctor's note requirement, I feel I should get my $800 back. The cruise line is not allowing me on the cruise. Therefore, I should get money returned. I cannot get a straight answer from my travel agent. I am thinking a lot of people are in a similar situation.
  8. If you bought the cruise before the doctor's note was required AND you paid for insurance, do you get your insurance money returned? Our cruise is in December and final payment is in August. I am thinking a LOT of people are in our situation, however, I cannot find an answer anywhere including my travel agent. My travel agent said he MAY be able to move it to a land excursion. I'm so frustrated. Forgive the all caps. We paid nearly $800 in insurance money.
  9. I booked thru CruisesOnly. They use AON Affinity & Arch Insurance Company. CruisesOnly is with World Travel Holding Leisure Care. The cruise is in December, so it is very early. Our travel agent told me he may be able to transfer the coverage but could not refund. I don't understand because I cannot go given the doctor's note requirement that was put in place after I booked the trip.
  10. I am booked for a cruise in December, which we have prepaid insurance ($780). A few months later, the cruise line instituted the doctor's note that we need to have him/her sign as a requirement for cruising. Our doctor will not sign due to pre existing conditions. I am thinking a lot of people are in our situation. What would be the status of our insurance payment of $780?
  11. I am also in the same boat.... We purchased before doctor's note was required. We also bought insurance. Now we cannot board. So, we paid $700 for insurance for a trip that we cannot take? I don't understand.
  12. I sailed the NCL Haven thinking it would be wonderful. What a disappointment compared to Celebrity. We thought the food in Luminae was wonderful. Menus change their daily. On the NCL Haven, same menu every day. Disappointing to see a small buffet with lox, bagels, sweet pasteries in the morning as well as ordered items. On Celebrity, everything is served to you. Big difference in the quality. Bread was awful on NCL. We will never sail NCL Haven again after the disappointment. Seemed the guests who were on Carnival, loved the Haven. Other guests that had been on other lines were very disappointed. If traveling with children, NCL may be better. However, if sailing as a couple, Celebrity has more class and sophistication. These are my opinions. Please, no flaming.....
  13. What are they doing with all the people who booked handicapped cabins? Obviously, those cabins would have pre existing conditions requiring the cabin.
  14. I have a handicapped cabin for December. I wonder what will occur then or what are legal implications
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