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  1. I would love to see a sampling of one as well, if anyone has one!
  2. Hi all. Can anyone confirm that the X80 express bus in Athens is running again in 2019? I don't see anyone mentioning it in reviews or posts, but have seen a couple of websites mentioning that they can't find the schedule posted online. We were hoping to take the bus when we are in Greece for two days on a cruise ship, but want to pre-arrange a private transfer taxi into the city center if it is not running, as the walk to the metro station would be too much for our little one's legs in addition to all of the walking while we tour. Any current information would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Thanks for the reply, Simplyrubies. I was hoping there would be a digital only package, but clearly will need to just bite the bullet and get the Platinum package. And we have no problem with the one stateroom limit - it's usually myself insisting on pictures anyways, with 4 boys (three teens or preteens), so I am almost always in each one.
  4. Greetings. We are due to embark on the Koningsdam in 22 days. I have been watching to see if the photo package became available online, and today, it popped up as an option under Indulgences. It is almost double the price we paid two years ago, though, which surprised me. Can anyone who has been on the Kdam recently confirm whether there are different packages available (we don't need the 8x10 prints as I do digital scrapbooks of our trips), and give me an idea of the prices? As a family of 6, I value the group photos we usually get on our cruises, but the current price quoted ($289USD) surprised me compared to previous trips. Thanks to anyone with any information/recommendations!
  5. Hi all. We are returning to HAL after a couple of Princess cruises, and for the first time, will be on one of HAL's larger ships (the Koningsdam). One of the things that jumped out at me as unique about the Kdam, besides the size, is the Coca Cola Freestyle fountain machines. My husband and I are not big soda drinkers (but will be spending plenty at the bars on other beverages), but the kids all are. I would rather not pay for soda pop package for all 6 of us if I don't have to, but also am aware that the three of my four kids prefer the taste of diet soda. What soda options would be available on the Koningsdam if I gifted them $50 fountain soda cards instead of doing the package? The full "Freestyle" gamut, or just a select few? Anyone know which diet pops would be included? Thanks so much for any help you can provide.
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