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  1. This. Times 100! I got really tired of not being able to sit on the balcony and enjoy the quiet on our last cruise. At times there were multiple balconies "sharing" their own favorite tunes for the benefit of any cabin nearby.
  2. I’ve had the same disclaimer from my TA and have never had a problem. There has always been a card in the cabin listed the credit and as has been stated, as long as it’s there in time to settle the bill....that said, seems like it was there at the beginning.
  3. Karlzmom


    I know Emerald Princess does! :-)
  4. Karlzmom


    This why I don't generally use my kindle to post...too many changes to what I've written and I'm bound to miss something. His onboard account could be settled in cash at the end of the cruise. By the time tips, drinks etc are paid out of his winnings he would be under the declare limit (unless he brought cash to pay it, then he may need to buy something crazy in the shops or take his 20 closest friends to the Crown Grill or other such).
  5. Karlzmom


    If he settles his bomb card account using cash, then he'd likely be under the amount to declare. However, the Fed's take those declarations seriously and your friend should not even consider fudging. If he gets off the boat with 10k or more in cash, declare it!
  6. Onboard now! Current Hawaiian Ambassadors are Tui & Maile.
  7. Are you saying that you changed from TD to ATD or that you left your reserved seat in TD empty and took a table in ATD also?
  8. I'm really running against the trend but I've been to Alaska 4 times and have yet to go to Glacier Bay....but I don't feel I've missed a thing. Solstice is a beautiful ship and the perks you have worked out can't be beat. I've done Hubbard twice and Tracy Arm twice...each was stunning. On our first cruise i was so blown away by seeing a real glacier (Sawyer) that I never stopped to consider that something else might be "better." I do hope to see glacier bay sometime but i wont feel cheated if I don't.
  9. Did it, loved it and want to do it again! Seriously I was still grinning the next day. It was my 1st time zipping and the time spent up in air looking around at the scenery. Just couldn't be topped. Seems like we walked up the dock and wandered around a bit. Had a crabby bloody mary. Then walked over to the check in for the zip line. The main area at Icy Straight is over walkable, the set up was designed for the cruise ship passengers. The zip line provided transportation up and ride down ended back at the main area.
  10. Thank you all for the input. Looks like this might be a bit tricky.
  11. Emerald to Hawaii on March 11.
  12. I will need internet access to class streaming while on our upcoming cruise. In looking at the various package options on the Princess site I can't tell the difference between them or determine which package makes the most sense. I see the premium and surf packages don't list minutes of usage, are they unlimited? What are the primary differences between the social, surf and premium packages? Can the internet be used in the cabin or at other ship locations or only in the internet area? I really appreciate any help you might be able to give as I can't make a mistake on this.
  13. Amazing excursion, but beware if the weather is nasty! Our trip was an adventure..and not the good kind due to the weather conditions. Operator told us we were with a single mph difference in wind to cancelling and it made the going really rough. One poor guy was still green walking around the ship hours later! That said, the trip was well worth it and we saw things that you can’t see on the beaten path.
  14. Got off Star Princess this morning, have 173 days until Emerald Princess.
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