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  1. When I called to book new cruise I asked about the tax holding account and was told that was not available for our March cancellation date. Apparently, the holding account option came later.
  2. Hoping, but not convinced it will happen. It will/would be our 1st Christmas cruise, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  3. I know we can't ask for specific TA recommendations but is it ok to ask HOW to find a TA that does discounts? Sorry if it's not allowed to ask for help with the procedure, no offense intended.
  4. Fyi. We received our "post-cruise" benefit from our big box travel service for our cruise that was cancelled by Princess.
  5. Are there deals to be found with all of the passengers that now have future credits to spend? Looks like everything has gone up.
  6. There isn't really a difference between A/C & S. Décor varies a bit, but its the same class of dining. The kitchen is between Concerto and Allegro on deck 6 (Fiesta). As such, you can only reach the Allegro dining room via the aft Elevator or stairs. Symphony is on deck 5 (Plaza) and is accessible directly from the Piazza. I have never dined club class. Someone else may be able to help you with which dining room it uses, but for some reason I seem to recall seeing signs at the Concerto dining room.
  7. That's good information! I have taken my cards to GS at the beginning to avoid the rush and was never told that I would forfeit any that was left over. Of course, its never yet been an issue as I seem to find a way to spend my OBC but it could cause a headache.
  8. The chairs feel like you in the center seat flying coach! All of the chairs on Regal/royal feel narrow, but Princess Live is the worst.
  9. Our 14 year old son loved the Regal and Royal. We did a combination of teen club time and with us. He found the movie time and facilitated activities good at the club, but didn't care to just "hang out" I can't recall exactly what we did together, but we were certainly never left bored or wishing there was something to do. He very much enjoyed the sushi bar (first sailing he had done with that option for lunch) but that might not matter to another teen. Good luck.
  10. This. Times 100! I got really tired of not being able to sit on the balcony and enjoy the quiet on our last cruise. At times there were multiple balconies "sharing" their own favorite tunes for the benefit of any cabin nearby.
  11. I’ve had the same disclaimer from my TA and have never had a problem. There has always been a card in the cabin listed the credit and as has been stated, as long as it’s there in time to settle the bill....that said, seems like it was there at the beginning.
  12. I know Emerald Princess does! :-)
  13. This why I don't generally use my kindle to post...too many changes to what I've written and I'm bound to miss something. His onboard account could be settled in cash at the end of the cruise. By the time tips, drinks etc are paid out of his winnings he would be under the declare limit (unless he brought cash to pay it, then he may need to buy something crazy in the shops or take his 20 closest friends to the Crown Grill or other such).
  14. If he settles his bomb card account using cash, then he'd likely be under the amount to declare. However, the Fed's take those declarations seriously and your friend should not even consider fudging. If he gets off the boat with 10k or more in cash, declare it!
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