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  1. I know we can't ask for specific TA recommendations but is it ok to ask HOW to find a TA that does discounts?  Sorry if it's not allowed to ask for help with the procedure, no offense intended.

  2. There isn't really a difference between A/C & S.  Décor varies a bit, but its the same class of dining.  The kitchen is between Concerto and Allegro on deck 6 (Fiesta).  As such, you can only reach the Allegro dining room via the aft Elevator or stairs.  Symphony is on deck 5 (Plaza) and is accessible directly from the Piazza.


    I have never dined club class.  Someone else may be able to help you with which dining room it uses, but for some reason I seem to recall seeing signs at the Concerto dining room.



  3. 2 hours ago, Bollycats said:

    Yes, I did. I had a $100 gift card and I took it to guest services and they applied it to my account. As I bought things, it deducted from my $100 credit. The guest services agent told me if I apply the $100 and don't use it all I can't take the balance and use it on a future cruise. I would lose it.  If I only wanted to use a portion of it I should wait until the end of the cruise, then tell them how much to apply. The rest would then be left on the card to use in the future. 

    That's good information!  I have taken my cards to GS at the beginning to avoid the rush and was never told that I would forfeit any that was left over.  Of course, its never yet been an issue as I seem to find a way to spend my OBC but it could cause a headache.

  4. Our 14 year old son loved the Regal and Royal. We did a combination of teen club time and with us.  He found the movie time and facilitated activities good at the club,  but didn't care to just "hang out"    I can't recall exactly what we did together, but we were certainly never left bored or wishing there was something to do.  He very much enjoyed the sushi bar (first sailing he had done with that option for lunch) but that might not matter to another teen.  Good luck.

  5. On 5/31/2019 at 10:04 AM, Scorpio41 said:


    I like to relax on my balcony, I wouldn't want to listen to music coming from the balcony next door.

    This.  Times 100!  I got really tired of not being able to sit on the balcony and enjoy the quiet on our last cruise.  At times there were multiple balconies "sharing" their own favorite tunes for the benefit of any cabin nearby.

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  6. 11 minutes ago, skynight said:

    What is a bomb card?

    This why I don't generally use my kindle to post...too many changes to what I've written and I'm bound to miss something.  His onboard account could be settled in cash at the end of the cruise.  By the time tips, drinks etc are paid out of his winnings he would be under the declare limit (unless he brought cash to pay it, then he may need to buy something crazy in the shops or take his 20 closest friends to the Crown Grill or other such).

  7. If he settles his bomb card account using cash, then he'd likely be under the amount to declare.  However, the Fed's take those declarations seriously and your friend should not even consider fudging.  If he gets off the boat with 10k or more in cash, declare it!

  8. 13 hours ago, pink845 said:

    We were slotted for I believe traditional dining in Botticelli on the Ruby this past January at awful hour of 8:30 pm.  Oh my.  So we would go and wait at the Any Time Dining location (can't remember name of dining room at an awful early 4:20 pm to get in for 5 pm).  This is truly getting ridiculous for a person who does not like to gain weight by eating at 8:30 pm.  !!!   The shows were at 6:30 pm.  So it made for a real chow down and run to the Princess theatre and snatch the last few seats left in the theatre usually which were being guarded by the seat hogs.  Made for some entertainment!!!

    Are you saying that you changed from TD to ATD or that you left your reserved seat in TD empty and took a table in ATD also?

  9. I'm  really running against the trend but I've been to Alaska 4 times and have yet to go to Glacier Bay....but I don't feel I've missed a thing.  Solstice is a beautiful ship and the perks you have worked out can't be beat.  I've done Hubbard twice and Tracy Arm twice...each was stunning.  On our first cruise i was so blown away by seeing a real glacier (Sawyer) that I never stopped to consider that something else might be "better."   I do hope to see glacier bay sometime but i wont feel cheated if I don't.

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  10. Did it, loved it and want to do it again!   Seriously I was still grinning the next day.  It was my 1st time zipping and the time spent up in air looking around at the scenery. Just couldn't be topped.  


    Seems like we walked up the dock and wandered around a bit.  Had a crabby bloody mary. Then walked over to the check in for the zip line.  The main area at Icy Straight is over walkable, the set up was designed for the cruise ship passengers.  The zip line provided transportation up and ride down ended back at the main area.

  11. On 1/7/2019 at 5:59 AM, BoopTennis said:

    This is what the drop down 3rd bed looks like in a 3-person cabin on Island Princess (A603).  During the day, the bed is all the up in the ceiling, you can't even see it, in the evening the steward drops it down for use.  Next morning he stores it away in the ceiling again so it is not in the way.  The lower beds were still able to be made up in Queen configuration. It worked out very well, no fuss. There is a ladder to climb up to the upper bunk







    I post these just because when we were booking this cruise and considering this option I was trying to find photos of what it might look like


    Thank you!  I have struggled to find a photo.  Question how big is that pull down bunk? Is it designed for full grown person?  We are now traveling with a growing teenager and I'm starting to consider moving back to celebrity where there are more cabin classes with sofa sleepers -can. Travel more often if I'm not confined to mini suites or the itineraries Regal and her twins provide to go deluxe balcony....


  12. I will need internet access to class streaming while on our upcoming cruise.  In looking at the various package options on the Princess site I can't tell the difference between them or determine which package makes the most sense.  I see the premium and surf packages don't list minutes of usage, are they unlimited?  What are the primary differences between the social, surf and premium packages?  Can the internet be used in the cabin or at other ship locations or only in the internet area?


    I really appreciate any help you might be able to give as I can't make a mistake on this.



  13. Amazing excursion, but beware if the weather is nasty!  Our trip was an adventure..and not the good kind due to the weather conditions.  Operator told us we were with a single mph difference in wind to cancelling and it made the going really rough.  One poor guy was still green walking around the ship hours later!  That said, the trip was well worth it and we saw things that you can’t see on the beaten path.  

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