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  1. Cruise-y, thank you very much for the time and trouble that you took to post this description. It was extremely interesting and informative. I'm with Vince, there are no requirements here that would keep me from getting back on a ship. Although, as you say, things may change by the time we are allowed back on a ship. Emily
  2. According to the cancellation email that we received, we will have "priority reservation status" to rebook our same suite on the 2023 Northeast Passage "at the prevailing 2023 rates". I am assuming this means that we'll go to the head of the reservation line, but that we'll have to pay whatever price they will be charging in 2023.
  3. On Crystal's website, the Endeavor's voyages officially begin in May and include Japan, Russia, Alaska and the Northeast Passage before it reaches Norway in September. Crystal's announcement (above) states that they are currently reviewing their published summer itineraries and then it goes on to list all the up-coming destinations that begin in Norway and go on from there. Since there is no mention of the earlier May to September voyages, I am wondering whether those will be cancelled completely. But perhaps I am reading too much into it? Emily
  4. Our T.A. has just informed us that the early final payment date for the Northeast Passage has been changed from November 2020 to February 2021. Six months before the voyage date; just as in times gone by.
  5. I am also concerned that the Endeavor will not be able to set sail for the Northeast Passage, as presently scheduled. If there is still no definite information by the end of the year, I will not be making an early final payment on November 21. (Presuming that Crystal will have begun to accept payments again.) Instead, I will wait until closer to the FINAL final payment date of May 20, 2021.
  6. That I do not know if there is an English translation for the title of Tan Sri. My husband is from Malaysia and his best friend was made a "Datuk" by the Sultan a few years ago. A Datuk is one step down from a Tan Sri on the scale of honors. When I asked my husband whether "Datuk" could be translated into English, he said "It's sort of like 'Sir', I guess." Emily
  7. "Tan Sri" is an honorific title bestowed by the Malaysian government for services (often economic) to the country. The family name is Lim.
  8. Yesterday I was checking on our August 18, 2021 Endeavor Arctic voyage and saw those dreaded words: "Call For Availability" next to the website listing. Every other Endeavor voyage before and after was still open for bookings. So what does it mean? Has the Arctic voyage been completely sold out already (seems unlikely) or is Crystal already planning to completely cancel it? Emily
  9. You will probably get the most accurate answer to your question by having your travel agent contact Crystal directly. For what it's worth, my husband and I were on the same cruise. We immediately used our FCC as partial payment for a river cruise scheduled to sail next month. Unfortunately, last month Crystal cancelled that cruise. At that point, we were allowed to transfer the same FCC to an ocean cruise in August 2021. However, I gather that your situation may be different than ours.
  10. We will be applying the 125% Credits option towards our present booking at the end of 2021, rather than waiting for a refund of the fare. Emily
  11. Late last night, we received a message from Crystal announcing that our August 30 Rhine River Cruise on the Bach has been cancelled. The river cruise cancellation policies look to be the same as those on the cancelled ocean cruises. Emily
  12. My husband and I love to cruise with Crystal and we have made up our minds that when Crystal feels that it's safe to cruise again, we'll be right there with them. At least, we’ll give them a chance to show that they can still deliver an enjoyable experience that’s worth the money. Will life onboard look different than in the past? Probably! My life on land has changed in ways that I never expected a month ago. I am working to adapt and become accustomed to masks, sanitizers, social distancing, plexiglass barriers, etc. etc. In spite of all these changes, I
  13. The day after we missed Manila, I was expressing my sympathy to Margie, the librarian. She smiled sweetly at me and said quietly, “The crew is strong”. And it appears that the majority of the gifts for their families were able to make it onshore and get delivered. 😍 Emily
  14. I took a 16-day river cruise on the Crystal Mahler last month and the food was superb. Even better than on the ocean ships— and that’s saying a lot!
  15. We just returned from a 16-day cruise down the Nile on the Uniworld Tosca. The trip was fantastic! The sights were so amazing, and the people were so friendly and kind. We never felt unsafe or insecure. Tourism is returning to Egypt, which is a good thing for everyone. The Grand Egyptian Museum will be opening at the end of next year, which will give You even more reason to visit as my husband remarked this morning, “I would go back to Egypt in a heartbeat!”
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