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  1. I thank both of you. My travel agent is out of the office for the week so I feel better. I’d hate to lose the money. Thanks again.
  2. Three of us were set to go on a cruise 6/20. Obviously it was cancelled. I rebooked for the next year using the extra credits offered by Norwegian. One of the people won’t be going with us now. I am going to contact my travel agent this week but I want to know if anyone can answer a question for me. I know that I can’t get a refund, but I was wondering if I could substitute that passenger with another person?
  3. If the first is an adult, they get a drink package. Second is a teen, they get a soda package. Third person is a teen & they get nothing correct?
  4. Debbie I’m not totally sure as I haven’t been on either. I know that currently that the Encore has Choir if Man & Kinky Boots as entertainment. I forgot what the Joy has. You can go to the NCL site and pull up info on them both. I’m sure that the Joy is great. I believe that it was originally built for the Asian Market. I will be sailing on her the last week of June of 21 & 22. enjoy your cruise!
  5. I just booked the Joy for end of June next year to replace my Encore cruise for this year. Enjoy your cruise! bonni
  6. I was on this cruise also. Just rebooked in the Joy for 6/27/21. I have set up a Roll call on these pages with a Meet & Greet planned. Bonni
  7. I will be taking a Future Cruise Credit. Can I use that towards a cruise that has already been booked or do I have to wait til I have my FCC to book?
  8. Yes I do but I don’t know her last name. Pam was the hostess on the Gem in the breakfast/lunch dining room for the Haven. She was just wonderful. Two years ago I walked into the Haven dining room on the Escape and she said, “Miss Bonni, it’s so wonderful to see you!” She then told me that one of the waiters was there too, I believe that it was Ernie. They treated us like long lost friends all week
  9. I have an end of June cruise booked. I had paid in full quite a while ago. Ncl then changed the payment date til April. If I cancel does anyone know if I will get a full refund?
  10. I stayed in the Haven on the Escape. I loved the restaurant and it’s staff. I didn’t hang out in the pool or bar area but boy was it great having the the butler and David the Consierge(I can never spell that)! I thought that the Haven was beautiful. I will be back on her next March in a 2 bedroom.
  11. To each his own but I find that their oatmeal raisin cookies are delicious
  12. If I book a Spa Mini Suite for 3, would all 3 of us be able to use the Spa?
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