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  1. Didn’t know if your travel insurance had a “cancel for any reason” clause on it...
  2. I switched to Sail Away for my granddaughter & I. I bought a dining package and moved up from interior to Oceanview, all for a bit less than the original price. We will be in port quite a bit so I know that my drink & her soda package would be a waste for us. It works differently for each person/cruise. Enjoy!
  3. I have never had an issue with Ncl laundry service. If I want to wash some stuff out in the sink I bring laundry sheets that I’ve found on Amazon so I don’t have to bring liquids.
  4. Oh yes and they are great perks! Wishing you luck!
  5. I am sorry but I can’t give you a comparison between the two ships. However I sailed on the Escape last year in a Haven Courtyard Suite. The Haven staff was amazing as was the Haven dining room. I loved everything about the Escape especially the entertainment I arranged a Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle in the District Brewhouse. NCL pulled out all stops. The ships officers were walking around bringing us beer samples and there were hot and cold food items passed around. I have cruised many times on 4 different lines but I fell in love with this ship and her crew. The Haven benefits were over the top.
  6. Even though, there is still plenty of good items on there.
  7. Any lamb dish is usually wonderful. Occasionally in the evening you can find oatmeal raisin cookies in the buffet.
  8. I love that game! What a great idea. Leaving on the Gem out of Venice years ago we met at a jazz bar. There were quite a few of us and we had a blast.
  9. Oatmeal cookies & chicolate croissantschocolate croissants
  10. just got off the Escape. All of the shows are great but Choir of Man is a total standout! I believe that it cost me around $29 which included gratuity. As a bonus you get a bangers & mash dinner which was pretty good along with all of the pints you would like! If you don’t like the dinner eat somewheres else before or after. The show itself is sooo worth it. I was at Howl at the Moon last night which was a trip. At around 11:20 most of the cast from the Choir of Man came into sing too! So anyways, book the Choir and don’t whine about the food or price! NCL isn’t “ Nickle & diming” you! They will be going on tour across the USA I believe the end of July after they hire and train a new troupe just for the Escape. I’d gladly pay to see them on land. Bonni
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