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  1. For Theme park tickets already purchased for this year, that haven't been used, Disney has already extended the expiration date to 12/31/2020. If a guess is unable to travel this year, Disney will extend the expiration till 12/31/2021 on those tickets. (Info from Dis Boards). Everyone is absolutely correct about Social Distancing. Trying to maintain 6 feet, 10 feet, 13 feet or whatever the recommended distance du jour is on any given day is really a herculean task. We all know it's important, I do, so please don't "flame me". But there will always be situations, despite our best efforts w
  2. The porters can be found on level 3 of the parking garage by the elevator bank.They will be stopping traffic and taking your bags. As shown in Mr. Fun's pic. I have never seen porters escort passengers from the garage parking into the terminal. But as others have said, I would ask. Perhaps with a nice $$ tip offer, one of them might oblige.
  3. Cel-cruise, On average I would estimate about 90 mins for a 3-4 course meal. Our dining reservations were between 7-8 pm. We were a party of 2. Perhaps an earlier reservation time and more diners could push it closer to the 2 hour mark. At Jamie's, we were in and out in under an hour as they were probably the least busy in our experience. What your kids might really enjoy is the "Hot Rock" cooking at Izumi. This was literally what the menu says, they bring a super heated cooking rock to the table and you cook an assortment of seafood, beef and vegetables on top. Sort of a "do it your
  4. One more tidbit of dining info to add, on the Nassau port day, Chops was also opened for a special "Taste of Royal" lunch menu. We didn't partake but the Cruise Compass description stated this was an additional cost 4 course tasting menu. Each course "highlighted" a menu item from each of the 4 specialty restaurants. Reservations were required. I didn't find out the cost. Our next cruise is Oasis in Jan. Once again we will have the UDP. Will report back after our cruise on the details of how we were allowed to use the plan.
  5. Just back from our 4 night NOS cruise and using Terminal A garage for embarkation/debarkation. We found luggage porters waiting by the elevators on level 3 at 10am on embarkation morning. We were off the ship about 9am on debarkation and noticed that the porters were not available yet in the garage for luggage check-in.
  6. Just back from our NOS cruise and ready to answer my own questions about the UDP and 4 night NOS cruise without a day at sea. On embarkation day we were allowed to use our UDP at Jamie's for lunch. Chops was being used for the Key guest lunch. We were allowed to use our UDP at Playmakers anytime it was open and the server/bartender knew how the UDP pp credit worked (no charges showed up on our folio). On our day in Nassau Jamie's was again opened for lunch and we were told we could use our UDP if we choose to. On our second day at Coco Cay, the MDR was opened for lunch as a
  7. Does every level of RCL Terminal A garage have luggage handlers stationed by the elevators to take your bags or only certain levels?
  8. We are on NOS for a 4 night cruise 10/28-11/1 with the UDP. I know it's always subjective how RCL allows guest to use their UDP onboard in regards to Embarkation/Sea Days/Port Days ect. Has anyone used their UDP 1. on Embarkation to eat lunch at Playmakers (I know it's a $35 credit w/UDP) or a specialty restaurant 2. to eat at the pay venue on Coco Cay (Capt. Jack's) or at Playmakers back on the ship while docked at Coco Cay 3. to eat at a specialty restaurant on a Port Day ( Port Day is Nassau) We have no sea days as we are on one of the "double dip" for Coco Cay. I
  9. ChickonRules, did you ask to speak with a supervisor? I would call back again and speak to a supervisor this time. I called twice. The first call resulted in an OBC of $50 in my cruise planner. I called back a second time and was told an additional $50 would show in about a week I wanted to know why I didn't get the full $100 the first supervisor indicated I would receive. I was told by the second supervisor, the initial OBC is for my complaint and given to me by the first supervisor I spoke with. The additional $50 OBC is what everyone who had booked with the now removed perk is going to
  10. Wanted to share what I was told by a supervisor at RC when I called them just now. The OBC of $50 for discontinuing the Neighborhood balcony cabin perk will show in effected guest cruise planner's by next week. An additional $50 OBC is being given to guest who call and complain as "something for our inconvenience". I asked why can't you "grandfather in" already booked guest? Supervisor said because they had to make a cut off somewhere. They didn't want to cause other cruise guest who had booked the same cabin category without the perk to be disappointed if their neighbors had a Soda Cup but th
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