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  1. Yes, you can. Same with excursions, drink packages and internet packages. Also, if you have any OBC, you may use that to pay for your purchases.
  2. I bring my own toiletries. The ones on the ship would suffice, but it took so long for me to find the products that work best with my hair and skin.
  3. We like Hyatt Place Airport/Cruiseport. They shuttle from the airport to hotel is free. You sign up for the shuttle to Port Everglades when you arrive at the hotel. The shuttle leaves every hour. The cost is about $20pp. You could also use Uber or taxi. The hotel is clean, has an outdoor pool, bar in the lobby, choice of 2 queen or one king bed, a separate seating area with a fold out sleep sofa, light food and breakfast included. If we were arriving more than a day ahead of our cruise, we'd choose the Hyatt or one of the hotels near the beach. Heading back to the airport directly from Port Everglades is easy. Just walk off the ship and head to the taxi stand. If your friends prefer to have all the details wrapped up, they may arrange through Celebrity for the shuttle. We did the shuttle for our first cruise, but we prefer a taxi, which is faster and cheaper.
  4. We have made it to FLL by 8:30, when all things went smoothly. On our last cruise, we booked an undesirable 2 pm flight, with a stopover adding hours to our trip home. We requested a late disembark time. There was a delay, probably because the terminal couldn't handle so many at once. Never would have made the 10 a.m. flight that day. You most likely will make it to the airport on time if you walk off your own luggage. Look at alternate flights and other close by airports so you have a plan B in mind in case you don't make it.
  5. The Celebrity dress code changed a few years ago.
  6. Celebrity removed the 'no rips, holes or tears' from their dress code, so it's safe to assume that someone is aware of the current fashion. My husband and I also dress for each other. He likes the way I look and that's all that matters to me. Bring your jeans. If you're like me, you'll have plenty of back up items if you don't feel comfortable. Enjoy your cruise and come back and tell us you had a great time.
  7. I packed my white distressed ankle jeans with cute eyelet patches. I wasn't sure if I would wear them, but I put them on with gold sandals and a dressy tunic and was allowed into the MDR for dinner.
  8. Were you allowed to eat in Blu and access Persian Gardens? There is nothing wrong with deck 9, it's between two decks with cabins. The verandas, concierge, and aqua cabins are the same size, but aqua has upgraded shower heads and a few other small perks that we don't care about.
  9. There was a man trying to swim laps in the Solarium. It was amusing, to say the least. Four strokes, turn, and try not to bump into the people who are chatting in the pool.
  10. No. You can go to the regular bar and get wine, beer, cocktails, soda etc...
  11. A separate beer and wine station would work better, similar to the Mast Grille, where they have beer and soda on ice. One of the Solstice class ships has a beer/wine station, a deck below the Sunset Bar, which is operational during busy times.
  12. When we booked on board, we received $50/pp deposit, $100/ea off the current booking price, classic alcohol beverage package + a total of $500 OBC. We booked a cruise that was over a year out. You could book your cabin now with a refundable deposit and if the Future Cruises deal is better, book on board and cancel your existing reservation when you return home. That is, if you're in the U.S. The rules for other countries vary.
  13. It doesn't. But often we are asked if we'd like a bottle of water with our drink. It saves a trip for the server and they know many of us are stashing water in our cabins or going on excursions. Celebrity uses Coke products. Dasini is the brand of water on the classic package. There are no sparkling spring waters on the classic.
  14. I love the new dress code. It's nice not to tote formal wear and accessories, especially with airline restrictions.
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