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  1. I have seen an officer order a man to leave to leave the Solarium pool with his young child. Have no idea if they would eject a 15 year old who was behaving properly, but the sign posted on the Solarium entrance is clear that it's for those 16 and over. I've never noticed kids eating at the AquaSpa Cafe, but that just means if they were there, they were quiet.
  2. We stopped in Antigua last time we cruised on Celebrity. We just walked around in port for a bit, it was dirty, crowded and the vendors and would-be tour guides were aggressive and didn't want to take 'no' for an answer. When we returned to the ship, we met some passengers who had their pockets picked. It could happen anywhere, but I wasn't impressed with Antigua. If we ever stop there again, I'll book excursions. I've hear that the beaches on Antigua are gorgeous.
  3. I believe the Mast Grill burgers and hot dogs are fried on a flat steel grill, like the one in the Oceanview Cafe where they fry your eggs in the morning. They also 'grill' steaks there in the evening. I've only been to Tuscan Grille once, I believe it was on Reflection. Our steaks, rib-eye and t-bone, were pretty good. The sides were so-so. I've never been to the Lawn Club, but we'll probably try it next week 🙂 I'm going to see if I can find a pic of the grill.
  4. I wonder if an ordinary S hook purchased from a hardware store might work. I have a lovely purse that came with 2 straps - a wrist strap and a cross body length gold tone chain. The cross body chain is great. I never have to put my purse down anywhere.
  5. We were on a Royal Princess southern Caribbean cruise a few years ago and saw the ship leave someone on the dock. We were sitting on our balcony watching for the runners, the ship was untied, when a man came racing to where the gangway was making pleading motions. The port agent handed him his passport and backpack. It was our last port before Ft. Lauderdale so the guy missed the last three days of his cruise.
  6. Check the Mast Grille on the solstice class ships. They keep a variety of canned sodas on ice behind the counter. That's where I found Coke Zero as well as Diet Coke. They probably have Caffeine free Diet, also.
  7. Yes, you'll find them in your vacation planner. If for some reason anyone is unable to get their luggage tags, they will make tags for you when you arrive at the cruise terminal.
  8. Did you ever look inside one of those mini coffee pots that are in hotel rooms? After finding a lipstick print on a mug, I checked out the electric pot. Yuck. Makes me wonder about that ice bucket, too.
  9. You can ask for a can of unopened soda at any bar. Look at the deck plans to see what is a adjacent to the Aft elevator. Looks like OceanView Cafe could be your place for to go drinks. In a pinch, I drink the soda from the mini-cooler in my cabin and replace it the next morning with a soda from one of the bars.
  10. That's why regular Dramamine or Benadryl is great for night time. Being knocked out is preferable to laying in bed, awake, with your stomach churning. Horatio mentioned that she had to leave the theater. I had that experience on my first cruise. The seas were a little rough and the ship was rocking. The theater is at the front of the ship, plus there are no windows to help your eyes and brain make sense of the motion. It's best to sit out on deck and watch the horizon, rather than an inside area of the ship.
  11. We received our tags within a week from ordering them. They came from Miami and are addressed with my first name only. So strange. There are tags with my full name and my husband's full name inside the envelope.
  12. In my experience, all Coca-Cola products, canned and fountain are included in the Classic and Premium beverage packages.
  13. You also might try the classic alcohol package for a few days to see if it suits you. You may upgrade up until the third to the last day of the cruise.
  14. Take Benadryl, generic dyphenhydramine, at night. In the morning, try doubling your dose of Bonine/meclizine to get ahead of your sickness, then taper down to the normal dose. Eat/drink anything with ginger.
  15. I prefer the bed by the bath, so the sofa forms a living space with the balcony. I also like to be close to the bathroom at night because I'm a klutz and I'd like to reduce the number of things on which I might stub my toe in the middle of the night My husband prefers the bed by the balcony because he likes to be able to enjoy the view when he wakes from his naps. Neither of us feel strongly one way or the other about it.
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