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  1. Hello! We are looking at booking the Magic for 2022. We're looking at the deck 6 extended aft balconies. Can the balcony dividers be removed? We will have 2 cabins, next to each other. They don't need to connect, but we do want to be able to have the balcony dividers removed between our cabins. Anything I should/need to know about the Magic or the deck 6 aft cabins? Good? Bad? Thanks!
  2. We are currently booked to go on the Breeze in January 2021. It is a group of 4, with 2 cabins adjoining. 2 people in our group (the other cabin) say they are not going, but haven't cancelled yet. Even if there was a vaccine developed tomorrow, I still think they would cancel. I'm kind of on the fence, and want to see how things play out and if the cruise gets cancelled. There is an open aft cabin, 2 decks higher. I love aft cabins! Should I switch cabins or would that be throwing my friends under the bus??
  3. Hello, We are currently booked on what was the Radiance and is now the Breeze for January 2021. The consensus in the group has been to cancel, due to COVID concerns. Since Carnival changed the ship, I believe the letter from Carnival said we have until 9/30 to cancel. We only have a small deposit down, and have trip insurance. If we lose our $50 deposit it won't be the end of the world. Should we cancel now or wait to see if Carnival cancels the cruise entirely? Any pros or cons of canceling now or waiting? TIA!
  4. Hi - we were booked on the Ovation on 6/19/20. We did get trip insurance right after we booked the cruise. We had actually cancelled at the beginning of March because of my husbands health issues (that and I divorced his sorry butt!). Now, the cruise has been cancelled. I'm trying to complete the trip insurance forms. It would be much easier to just say the cruise was cancelled, rather than sending doctors notes, etc..... Is there anyway RCI would treat us the same as other passengers who hadn't cancelled their cruise a few weeks earlier? Any suggestions as to h
  5. Hi - We are sailing out of Seattle to Alaska in June. We've never been to Washington State. I'm thinking of going out a few days pre-cruise to see the area. Any recommendations of 'must-see' in Seattle/Washington? Thank you!
  6. Hello~ Can the balcony dividers be opened in between cabins on deck 9 of the aft cabins on the Freedom of the Seas?
  7. Hello~ I'm looking at booking a cruise to Alaska on the Ovation. Is there a big difference in the Ocean view with large balcony versus the ocean view balcony??? I see that it is about 10 feet difference. Would I notice the difference? Is it the 10 feet worth $800??
  8. Okay, thanks everyone! DH would definitely get the soda/water package, so it is good to know he wouldn't have to get the drink package too. Would it be better to get the drink package right away, in case they raise the prices for next year? Also, my son will be cruise by the time we cruise. How is the teen center? When he has gone on cruises in the past, he hated the kids area. should I try to convince (aka bribe) him to go the first day to see if he meets some people he would want to hang out with?? Also, I will definitely need the drink package, as this cruise would also
  9. Hello~ We are considering going on Ovation next year to Alaska. It has been awhile since we have cruised with RCI though. Here are a few questions I have: - Drink package! (yes, I know it is discussed ad nauseum on these boards!) I would want it, but my DH is not able to drink, per drs. orders. I'm guessing RCI requires both adult passengers to purchase the drink package? Does RCI ever allow exceptions to the rule? - We fell in love with the aft cabins at the very back of the ship on our last cruise. On the Ovation, what category are those cabins considered? Suites or b
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