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  1. norwane

    Shows on the Horizon?

    Hello, We just got back from our cruise on the Horizon. The information was accurate, in that the shows were cancelled for the previous weeks cruise, and part of ours, due to the death of a performer. It seemed to me that Carnival really kept this news and information on the down low. No announcements were made about the lack of shows. I did ask a crew member, and he said that the last cast member had just arrived that day (either Curacao or Aruba). He also said the company (Carnival) has been very supportive for them. I think it was day 5 or 6 before there was a show?? I believe they filled the evenings with magicians, etc. There were only two productions done on the main stage. We saw one show and it was very good. I would think all of the performers and shows should be back on track now.
  2. I saw someone had posted on FB there were not any shows on the Horizon? Because a cast member passed away at the end of December? Has anyone else heard about this? If they are not doing shows in the evening, what entertainment has been offered? Will there be shows for our sailing this Saturday? That all being said, I'm not worried about the shows - I'm sure we will keep ourselves entertained! Just curious (and I'm sure my husband would say nosy! ) If this is accurate, I hope the friends and family of the crew member are doing okay.
  3. norwane

    Finding UTV/ATV vendors at the port

    Hello~ A couple of us would like to do the ATV/UTV thing in Aruba, but I also want some beach time. There is a Carnival excursion that does the ATV and then beach, but it is only 2 1/2 hours, and doesn't start until 12:30, when we get in at 9. I'm wondering if there are reputable vendors where we can get a ATV/UTV at the port and arrange for going around the island and then hanging out at a beach? I've always reserved ahead of time. How does it work to get one of the vendors at the port?
  4. Thank you for the awesome review! We only have 6 more 'sleeps' until we sail on the Horizon as well. A few questions, if you don't mind? - Were there a lot of long lines and waiting, since the ship is so big? -It doesn't sound like you had too many meals in the dining room? Was it because of the food? -We haven't decided what we want to do yet in La Romana. Which do you suggest? The Sauana (sp?) excursion or the dune buggy's? We are a group of 4 ladies, who 2 like to lie on the beach, and 2 are more active. - I am probably too cynical and I'm hoping my question doesn't come out wrong - When I have read about going through the villages in La Romana, I wondered if it felt manufactured, like the tourists are expected to hand out candy and stuff to kids? Thank you!!
  5. norwane

    ATV/UTV and beach

    Hi all- We will be in Aruba next week . I was looking for a reputable ATV or UTV place that could give us a tour and then give us some beach time. I'm a little nervous about renting one and striking out on our own, because my directional abilities leave a lot to be desired! Also, what is the difference between the natural pools and beaches? Is one better than the other and why? TIA!
  6. Great review! Where can you go to eat (without being charged extra!) once you board the ship? Thanks for doing the review!!
  7. norwane

    T-mobile and Horizon

    Hello, Sorry if this has been asked and answered. How is T-Mobile on the Horizon and the islands we will be going to? We will be going to Aruba, Grand Turk, Curacao and La Romana. I will probably be getting the social media package. I know I need to put the phone on airplane mode once on the ship. Thanks!
  8. norwane

    Horizon questions

    Hello~ We will be on the 8 day Horizon out of Miami. Is Quest going to be on our sailing? Does anyone happen to have the Funtimes? We were unable to get Havana cabins. Will we still be able to have a good time, suffering on the Serenity deck?! 😉 (Kidding, well kind of! ) Also, if one of the people in our cabins has Platinum, do we still need to have FTTF for the person that is not Platinum? Would the person that is not Platinum still be able to board and debark early? Thanks!
  9. Hello~ My 3 friends and I will be going on the Horizon in January. We currently have 2 adjoining balcony rooms, on deck 7. We were considering moving to a Havana suite, on Deck 5. So, there would be 4 women and 1 bathroom. I think 2 of us would have to sleep on the couch. It would be an extra $200 for each of us. Should we switch to the suite or stay where we are? Is the Havana area worth it?? Thanks!
  10. norwane

    Any horizon reviews?

    Thanks for the review! I'm curious, was there a pool in the Serenity Deck area? How was the Serenity area?
  11. norwane

    Anyone have the room service "fee menu"?

    Just out of curiosity, how is the banana split? Is it soft serve ice cream?
  12. Hi - So, my OCD is kicking in and I am stressing out about choosing a hotel for the night before our cruise. :o The most important thing for me is whether or not restaurants and stores are within walking distance from the hotel. I need to pick up my Diet Mountain Dew before the cruise! ;p It would be nice if it had a shuttle, but that's not a deal breaker. Price is a factor as well. I'd prefer under $250. We are 3 ladies, on this trip. Right now, the Hampton Inn Bricknell is a strong contender. Suggestions? Also, if there is someone out there that can reassure me that I'm not the only person who obsesses over finding the right hotel room, that would be greatly put my mind at ease! ;) One another note, when is the best time to book airfare? We will be flying in January from Minneapolis to (most likely) Miami. If FLL is A LOT cheaper, we might consider flying into there. Sorry, I'm sure that question is all over the boards, I was too impatient to go through lots of pages to try to find the answer! :o
  13. Hi - We will be sailing out of Miami on the Horizon in January. We will be flying in the day before from Minnesota. The jury is out as to which airport we will be flying into - FLL or Miami. Should I make a hotel reservation in between FLL and Miami? Make 2 reservations, one in FLL and one in Miami, (and make sure they are refundable so I can cancel) or just wait until we know which airport we are flying into? Unfortunately, waiting isn't one of my strong suits! :o Does anyone flying from MN have any thoughts about which airport you prefer flying into and/or is cheapest?! Thanks!
  14. norwane

    Travel agent questions

    Thanks everyone for the tips and advice! My friends just laughed at me for considering the TA over the cheaper Carnival price. Especially considering that I am known for squeezing a nickel and trying to getting a dime! :') We kept being told that FTTF was sold out, when it was really not made available yet. Good to know! My challenge now is that I can transfer our booking to this new TA, and we would get about $40 off per person through a benefit from work. BUT, I am kind of a control freak. :o Other than saving $40 (which is great), what would be the benefit of a TA? I'm a little leery of giving up control to someone else. Would she get the FTTF when it becomes available? Price drops? Shore excursions, either with Carnival or private excursions?
  15. Hello~ We are looking to book a cruise on the Horizon next year. We called Carnival and a local travel agent. The Carnival person gave us a better deal (by about $10!) and a $25 OBC. I'm curious, how does Carnival offer a better deal than what is on the website and what the TA can get? Is it rude to ask the local TA if she can meet and/or match Carnival? I would prefer the local TA, but I'm probably going to be outvoted by the other members of my group. Does having AAA get us any kind of discount? We would really like to get FTTF. What are the odds of it becoming available? Could Carnival or the local TA help us get FTTF? Thanks!