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  1. I'll be in Bermuda early August on the Norwegian Escape and the Celebrity Summit will be at the same port as us during the three days we will be docked. I'm wondering if it would be possible to visit the ship during this the period we will be at the port ? If so , who should I contact ? Thanks for the information. Thechamp555
  2. FYI , I used Hotwire and received the Skyline hotel really close to the port. We are satisfied of the result base on the price and location ! Thanks Thehchamp555
  3. Hello, Not driving , we are flying from Ottawa. Thanks for the suggestion for Hotwire. I'll take a look.... Budget would be max 200 us. Thank you !
  4. What is your recommendations for an hotel not too expensive close to the Manhattan port ? We need one night prior to our cruise. Thanks a lot for your help ! Thechamp555
  5. Hello, Me and my wife will travel on the Escape early August and we are wondering what are the dress code on the Escape specially at night. I heard it is a casual cruise but is it really the case ? I travelled with Celebrity and RC in the past . So is it really possible to wear ex : shorts and a golf shirt all week ? I never experienced such a relax atmosphere but if it is the case...I'll follow the trend !😀 Thanks for your help Germain and Diane
  6. According to you...is it worth it to wait after the 60 days mark has passed to get a better deal ? I'm looking specifically at a departure August 4th from NY on the NCL Escape. Thanks THECHAMP555
  7. Thanks for your comments. We are looking for some nice culinary experience, relax and enjoy the nice weather because I'll be in vacations and my wife will celebrate the start of her retirement. Base on what I saw and you said I think I would go with the Escape because we usually prefer larger ship. (more options for activities, etc). Have a nice day ! Germain
  8. Hello, me and my wife (mid 50's) are planning a 7 day cruise from NY early August and would like to know your past experience on the following ships that are leaving NY at this time of the year. We are not fussy and we did 5 other cruises but never on Norwegian. (3 Celebrity and 2 RC). Encore Gem Escape Pearl What are your thoughts specially on food and shows. Thanks a lot for your comments ! Germain and DIane
  9. I'll be on the Feb. 17th (next week) to Western Caribbean ! Yeahhhh ! :-)
  10. What about Bahamas ? I just heard last week that the passport is required to go back to the ship ? Thanks Thechamp555
  11. I've chosen this cabin because it is close to elevator but any report of noise because of the bar Dazzles on deck 9 ? (One below). ?
  12. Sorry , I met Royal Carribean. Sailing Feb 17th for a 7th day Western Caribbean.
  13. What happened if you are not using all your OBC ? Is it being reimbursed or you loose it ? Thanks Thechamp555
  14. I'm looking for an affordable hotel in Miami that offers shuttle for port and airport. Any suggestions ? Thanks
  15. I never thought this topic would become so emotional for certain people. I can see that tipping means different thing for a lot of people. :-)
  16. We were supposed to go on that cruise in February 2019 . The informed us last spring that we wouldn't be able to make it because the ship was chartered. So they offered is the same itinerary leaving instead on Feb. 17th with an additional $200 OBC. I didn't book any flights at that time, pretty happy about it ! So all good for us.
  17. I just heard recently that you can ask to have the gratuities cancelled so you can decide yourself to whom these tips will be assigned. Is it really the case ?
  18. How do you find the quality of the buffet in general ? Good variety of meats at lunch time ?
  19. ok , I'll try but I have no hope....lol I was on the Navigator and I lost a really nice pair of blue running shoes - size 13. FYI... I contacted client relations and they said they never found anything !
  20. Is it not February 17th 2019 ? That's my departure date for a 7 days Western Caribbean o the Allure :-)
  21. This is the first time I hear about it but really ? The price in cruise planner would be based on past consumption ?? So two different people going to the same cruise would get a different price based on their previous consumption in previous sailing ? This is interesting ! 😁😁
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