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  1. Some news from: Cruising in the U.S. in May? Biden Eyes Relaxing Travel Restrictions - Cruise Industry News | Cruise News With widespread vaccination distribution in the United States, the Biden administration may relax some travel restrictions as soon as May, according to a CNBC report citing senior administration officials. The report said restrictions on travel with Mexico and Canada may be eased, as well as on travel from the UK, Europe and Brazil. It would also follow in the footsteps of the UK opening to some tourism in May, including domestic cruising. T
  2. I just tuned it, haven't been on CC for months, I thought this thread was titled: When will things start back up?
  3. This doesn't help the situation: https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2019/07/articles/executives/cruise-line-ceos-income-the-rich-get-richer-ncl-del-rio-collects-over-22500000-last-year/
  4. Another perspective on the subject: https://www.askthepilot.com/air-travel-and-disease/
  5. Take the train ! If you are this close it is not to be missed - one of our top 5 travel "moments". JK
  6. Wow, our experience is just the opposite. Silversea is just to weird, food much better on Oceania. The SS ship had artwork all over the ship - with prices on what's it worth. That's like leaving the window sticker on your Bentley trying to impress people. Dinner very late. Our vote is for Oceania - or better yet - Crystal.
  7. Lots of good info here: https://www.valvereplacement.org/
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