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  1. Take the train ! If you are this close it is not to be missed - one of our top 5 travel "moments". JK
  2. Wow, our experience is just the opposite. Silversea is just to weird, food much better on Oceania. The SS ship had artwork all over the ship - with prices on what's it worth. That's like leaving the window sticker on your Bentley trying to impress people. Dinner very late. Our vote is for Oceania - or better yet - Crystal.
  3. Lots of good info here: https://www.valvereplacement.org/
  4. How about this scenario since the dress code has been "relaxed" over the years: 1. the Captain wears one of those tuxedo t-shirts 2. your room steward wears shorts and a ZZ Top t-shirt 3. your MDR waiter is in camo 4 head chef has a "I'm with stupid >" t-shirt and a baseball cap What would be one's opinion of such? very unprofessional of course. What do you think they are thinking?
  5. From Manaus, where most Amazon cruises start or "turn around" the Amazon is one giant shipping channel. The brochures show this meandering river through virgin forest (which is what I thought it would be) but it can be a mile across, trash, logs, river traffic, and mud colored water. Would I do it again - yep - but it was a let down. The highlight of that trip was Devils Island - very cool, unique experience.
  6. 1. off the coast of Columbia - 10pm, a couple miles off-shore, packages of drugs come flying down from 3-4 decks above us - watched them fly into the water, a dozen or so. 2. south of Iceland, 9 am, super foggy, a helicopter almost (I'm talking feet) almost runs into the crows nest, vears off to starboard
  7. The Coral Princess does not have a "crows nest" - its the Lido grill which eliminates a great viewing area.
  8. From cnbc.com: HAVANA, June 4 (Reuters) - The Trump administration banned cruises to Cuba under new restrictions on U.S. travel to the Caribbean island imposed on Tuesday to pressure its Communist government to reform and stop supporting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. JK
  9. Will not go on Silversea again, dinner at 7 pm is to late for us. All the art on the ship had their value listed - it's like owning a Bentley and leaving the window sticker on - just to weird. JK
  10. Both their usefulness and their effectiveness are controversial Well, I've never heard that. Its a physics thing. At to high a angle the wings loose lift - and you fall out of the sky, that's what the AoA (angle of attack) system tell you. Pilots take this very seriously. JK
  11. Not with a ship but with a helicopter: South of Iceland, 9:00am, crows nest, very foggy, what's that noise? Dead on I see a 'copter veer off, couldn't have been 100 ft from a front off crash, off to starboard it goes as I turn my head and out loud say "holy s***" I apologize to the only other person within range, I ask around later to the ships officers and they know "nothing". JK
  12. On our Crystal cruise within an hour of boarding we asked our room attendant for a bottle of vodka and a bottle of whiskey, 20 minutes later there they were. Felt bad, never was able to finish the bottles - its free around the ship so just never got to "indulge" that much. JK
  13. So it’s not for good service it’s extortion. Last yr out of Seattle dropped our luggage at the designated place, at that time, our "long shore man" - or who ever was going to lift our bags from the ground onto the cart (which I am capable of doing) - gathered "his group" for a nice little speech on how without his professionalism, our bags might encounter who knows what between the parking lot and the 200 ft trip to the ship. All this while there was this obvious stack of (money) bills in his hand and top pocket. So yes, this was extortion. JK
  14. And at the same time, most of the flying public is demanding the lowest fare possible. Bingo ! we have a winner!
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