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  1. Kim; Awesome review, as always. Thanks for putting in so much effort, always enjoy the experience. Kendra should be part of all your vacations going forward. As a reader, she really adds fun to the review. I would encourage everyone to take some time and click over. Bruce...
  2. Kim: Glad to see that you and your family were able to go on vacation in these odd times. Clicking over now to read about your great adventures. I hope Kendra is part of the vacation. She adds the spice to your reviews. Bruce...
  3. Kim, If I had to make a list of items most likely to injure you, my list would contain: Dune buggy, boat, ATV, sea-do, motorcycle, golf cart, moped accident. Scuba or snorkeling accident. Something to do with Kendra. Her punctuality and a weak heart. Pet monkey bite. Crocodile, alligator, eel, arapaima, great white, puffer fish attack because of all the time you spend in the water. norovirus from being on so many cruises. Filling your car up with gas would not have been on my list. Especially an injury this severe. Although I am joking with m
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