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  1. If I have to select a specific time there is no way I'd buy this. In the past I came and went as I wanted.
  2. We flew into Barcelona a couple of days early. Upon landing we took a 1/2 day tour with another couple and the guide/driver then brought us to our hotel. We stayed at the Petit Palace Boqueria, which is right off Las Ramblas and not far from the port. From there we walked or took tours (the Montserrat and Freschet winery tour was great, not that any were bad). The hotel is also near one of the few decent Flamenco/dinner shows in Barcelona. Post cruise we stayed overnight at a hotel at the airport as we were fearful that we could miss our outgoing flight but it really wasn't necessary as the ship wound up docking at 5:30 am. But we came back into the city and spent the day at the Picasso Museum which is terrific (the one in Paris isn't worth the effort) I believe we took a bus (but it could have been a shuttle from the hotel, I can't remember).
  3. Summer is the off season for South Florida. More ships are in Alaska and Europe then. People flock to South Florida and the Caribbean in the winter months
  4. We did the Med on Carnival when the Magic was new. It was substantially cheaper than RCC. We took an inside spa cabin (unlimited use of their thermal suite) and saved our $ for the excursions, most of which we booked independently together with people we met on our role call. It was a FABULOUS trip. As we had a price guarantee from CCL so every time there was a price drop our TA put in for and we got OBC which paid for our tips, drinks and those excursions we booked through the cruise line and we used points to pay our airfare. We did add 2 nights pre-cruise and 1 post in Barcelona. Best trip ever!
  5. We tried Princess some years back when we did an Alaskan cruise as we were told that Princess controls the shore excursions (not sure if this was true or not). At the time the Sapphire was a new ship. We found the ship beautiful, the "mini-suite" no bigger than HAL's large outside cabin except that it contained 2 tvs, the food mediocre to poor and the customer service both at the desk and in the dining room AWFUL. They made us wait 3 days for a coupon book that they had at hand in their drawer, they assigned us to a table where the other guests were a family of 8 and when we asked to be relocated the next night, they moved the entire table so we were still with the other family. It took 2 days but we eventually got a table for 2. Shore excursions were excellent though. It was a bad enough experience to turn us off Princess forever.
  6. Doing a CP balcony on Allure in a few weeks for the 3rd time. Love it. Quiet, relaxing, scenic, just remember to close drapes when dressing.
  7. Has anyone ever done a walking tour of theartgalleries? Being Floridians sun and beach in the winter aren't novelties for us.
  8. Has anyone ever done a walking tour of the art galleries? Being Floridians sun and beach in the winter aren't novelties for us.
  9. Not all jewelry sold onboarding can be bought for less elsewhere Occasionally there's a trunk show and at week' s end the rep may offer a deal. I actually regret not buying a Roberto Coin necklace that I could never find again. Now however I'm at the stage of life where I'm divesting of 'stuff'. Hopefully wearing the piece will bring back memories of a great vacation
  10. Our first cruise on an Oasis class ship (Allure) was a Central Park Balcony and we loved it and did another and have one more booked. Perhaps I don't miss the ocean view so much because we live in South Florida and so the ocean year round is nothing new for us. I love the music, the birds and the serenity it provides. I've never been hot nor worried about privacy.
  11. Though we've taken approximately 20 ocean cruises (we live within a half hour of one departure port, one hour of another and 2 of a third), our river cruise with Vantage round trip Paris/Normandy was our only river cruise thus far. We loved every minute of it!. We did the optional "footsteps of Van Gogh excursion" but every other excursion that was included was enjoyable and informative. We spent 5 days in Paris pre-cruise so having seen Monet's Water Lily paintings and then the next day be at his home and see the actual pond and its surroundings was, for me, a highoight of the trip. Other lines offer very basic excursions and expect you to purchase their optional excursions. Our food was very good and service top notch. Rearding drink packages, I do not recall seeing any offered. Beer and wine flowed freely at dinner, there were a number of cocktail parties where we were served complimentary drinks (and more than one drink per person) and therefore I think I purchased maybe one drink from the bar during the course of the cruise. Some people like vanilla and some like chocolate. Not every cruise or ship is for everyone and people's experiences vary widely. Often a lot has to do with the sailing's onboard staff and also the other guests on that sailing cruise. I only wish I had the time and the money to do more river cruising and I would definitely do Vantage again if I could.
  12. Much depends upon how far off your cruise is. I have watched prices for our upcoming cruise and when the excursion (or in one case the price of Ultimate dining) that I was interested had a sale and I thought the price was good I booked it. But if it's the regular price and no special offer, then I wait until onboard (unless there's a fear of it selling out).
  13. So, for the first time we booked the Ultimate Dining Package for our upcoming (Dec 9) 7 day cruise on AOS and today, out of curiosity, I went to the cruise planner to access the current 150 CP menu and to my surprise 150 CP doesn't even show up as an option on the cruise planner any more!!. It was our favorite restuarant the last time we sailed on AOS. Is it possible that they're just not taking reservatinos for it any more for this sailng? I would think they'd still list it but like for some excursions that are sold out they'd say online reservations not available. Any thoughts?
  14. Some people like vanilla and some like chocolate 😊
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