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  1. Much depends upon how far off your cruise is. I have watched prices for our upcoming cruise and when the excursion (or in one case the price of Ultimate dining) that I was interested had a sale and I thought the price was good I booked it. But if it's the regular price and no special offer, then I wait until onboard (unless there's a fear of it selling out).
  2. So, for the first time we booked the Ultimate Dining Package for our upcoming (Dec 9) 7 day cruise on AOS and today, out of curiosity, I went to the cruise planner to access the current 150 CP menu and to my surprise 150 CP doesn't even show up as an option on the cruise planner any more!!. It was our favorite restuarant the last time we sailed on AOS. Is it possible that they're just not taking reservatinos for it any more for this sailng? I would think they'd still list it but like for some excursions that are sold out they'd say online reservations not available. Any thoughts?
  3. Some people like vanilla and some like chocolate 😊
  4. However we have found that the free coffee offered at the cafe on the promenade deck is much better than what is served in the main dining room!!
  5. On Allure embrakation is considered a sea day for the purposes of Ultimate Dining Lunch
  6. Thank you. I was hoping someone could give us a heads up as to which venues are open for lunch!
  7. They assign the first night (which, ifyou want, you can change once on board) and thenyou make the other reservations once on the ship
  8. For our upcoming cruise on Allure, for the first time we've booked the ultimate dining package. In the past we've alternated between the MDR and specialty. Can someone advise which specialty venues are included for sea day lunches when you have the ultimate dining package?. Thank you in advance
  9. I use my Amex card instead of cash to accumulate points and because they have they best curstomer service. The only travel I book through Amex is air and that's when I use the points. We've flown round trip to both Barcelona for a Med cruise and Paris for a river cruise and Amex points covered the airfare in full both times!!
  10. There's no hard and fast rule, but Royal is no different than any of the other mainstream lines. The world has become a lot more casual, not only on cruises but everywhere. There was a time no man would go into their house of worship without a jacket and tie 9and women a dress and maybe even hat and gloves). today anything goes!! Holland America used to enforce a jacket fule for men in the MDR, not sure if they still do. Living in south Florida our day to day is partifularly casual so we do like to glam it up a bit (especially since we drive to the port so luggage isn't an issue) when on a cruise. Where what you are happy in.
  11. I've noticed that as the ships have gotten bigger the bathrooms (and closets) have gotten smaller. We've done almost 20 cruises, Royal, Holland, Carnival, Princess and Costa (and a couple on lines that are no longer sailing) and have had cabins ranging from inside to balcony (one junior suite on Princess but it was no larger than the outside cabin on HAL except for the 2 tvs) The largest bathrooms were on HAL. I think on all 6 of those we took on HAL we had a bath tub with shower. They also had nice cabinets flanking the bathroom mirror that held toiletries. Now I pave to put most cosmetics etc. in the area around the desk in the cabin itself. On the other hand I think we're paying less now than we did for a cabin 15 years ago!
  12. These comments have left me scratching my head as we have always booked with a travel agent but have also always been able to purchase whatever we wanted (dining packages etc.) from the website.
  13. When we did AOS in 2016 specialty restaurants ran from good to excellent and MDR was only tolerable so for our upcoming return to AOS in December we'll be doing the dining package . I'll report back after. No matter what I didn't have to shop for it prepare it clean up after it or cut my grandchildren's food during it! Attitude is the difference between ordeal and adventure!! Sent from my LM-X410(FG) using Forums mobile app
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