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  1. Luke has done some more media recently on the resumption of cruising. I think the new NSW Premier will be open to getting the ships back. He has brought forward the easing of other restrictions already.
  2. We have three booked, but for later in 2022. Celebrity Japan October 2022, NCL Mediterranean November 2022, Azamara Europe/Africa late November 2022. Fingers crossed we can go.
  3. Weird that Celebrity Edge has now disappeared from the list. I guess we will see a lot of changes before 2023.
  4. @Justprettynpink Thank you so much for all the posts, photos, information. Just wonderful.
  5. We are taking a refund as well, already have Celebrity FCCs. The 125% is tempting, but the ships arrive late October so there is only an 8 week window to cruise. If the FCC covered the season (to April 2023) we would have taken it.
  6. Celebrity need to extend the sail by date for Australians. We have a closed border, probably mid next year it may open. But the ships don't arrive for the season until late October (Celebrity usually sail October to April). No cruises to book. We also sail from foreign ports but who knows when our border will open?
  7. I think it's a wonderful idea. I have two Caribbean cruises booked with Celebrity for October/November this year which I won't be able to get to (Australia has a closed border, so I can't leave). Because Carnival has released their Caribbean itineraries I will book at least one cruise with them.
  8. Carnival Celebration has both Eastern and Western. I am looking at doing a B2B.
  9. I note Carnival have released 2024 Caribbean itineraries which is fabulous. Does anyone know when were they released and is this normal practice to release so far in advance or is it a covid thing?
  10. It happened to a friend of ours from the UK as well, she lost her passport, cash, credit cards, everything. A big hassle for her right before a European trip.
  11. I really don't understand why they can't sell both Pepsi and Coke products. Not just NCL, all cruise lines.
  12. Take a taxi. Having your bag stolen on the metro is a strong possibility.
  13. I agree with you, I think vaccine acceptance will increase as time goes by. I wouldn't be surprised if certain states closed their borders only to the unvaccinated should an outbreak occur.
  14. Yes, I imagine so Uncle Les. I can't see any large ships here while our international border is closed.
  15. NCL have announced a range of further cancellations, including Norwegian Spirit cruises up to 28 January 2022. Spirit was meant to be in OZ/NZ from December 2021 to April 2022.
  16. Yes we have, with Princess though. Used a TA who did everything.
  17. I agree, I can't see any large cruise ships allowed over the next 12 months or more. Such a bummer.
  18. Oh wow, that looks fabulous. Has the project progressed?
  19. Wow! That was amazing, I would love to try the ship. I think £18 for a cocktail made by the robot bartender is way too steep though.
  20. I have B2B on Celebrity Equinox 29 October and 7 November booked however I know I won't be on them as Oz has a closed border. We booked prior to covid. Sigh.
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