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  1. We would never use a debit card I just didn't know if there was a certain amount they required regardless of what you plan to spend. I know for two people on a 7 day Holland America Cruise it's around $800. I try to travel with minimal cards but since everyone puts a hold these days (hotels, car rentals etc) we often bring extra cards/credit in case of problems. I've heard horror stories of employees (at hotels etc) accidentally putting multiple holds on a card that can't be released.
  2. Generally debit cards are not recommended with holds as it may be substantially longer until the funds are released by your bank
  3. HAL puts an actual hold on your card regardless of what you plan to spend. It's a set amount per day. We've always used a credit card or brought the exact cash amount of the hold. At disembarkation we either get the remaining cash back OR a few days after the credit card hold changes to the actual amount spent. If we ever go over the amount then we get a call/note to come to the front desk and authorize a larger hold or provide additional funds. Sounds like celebrity is very different.
  4. I apologize as I'm sure this has been asked but I'm not finding this information easily and I'm booked on a charter cruise so it's a little harder to find information when I don't have a connection to the cruise line quite yet. I am going on a 7 day cruise in January on Celebrity. I've previously sailed 5x on Holland America. HAL places a hold on your credit card for on board purchases/excursions etc. I'm assuming celebrity does this as well but I'm having trouble finding the amount. Can anyone tell me what it is or what term I could use to search? I've tried looking up various terms and I'm not having luck.
  5. I apologize, I know this has been asked. I read other threads but I know HAL changed their policy and I want to make sure I'm getting the current info. What is the policy regarding carrying on soda? We've brought a 12 pack on in the past to drink in our room. I've only been able to find alcohol mentioned and not soda/water/etc. http://www.hollandamerica.com/cruise-vacation-planning/PlanningAndAdvice.action?tabName=Cruise+Preparation&contentMenu=Baggage,+Packing+%26+Dress+Code&=WT.ac=pnav_NTC_WhattoBring#
  6. Does anyone know if you can switch the card for on board spending when you check-in at the port? We are trying to use one card to pay for excursions in advance (a debit card with a Visa logo) and then a different card for on board spending (a credit card). I was told if I book excursions online prior they will use whatever card we enter during online check-in. I am hoping we can just use the debit card and then when arrive at the port present the credit card. Does anyone have any experience switching cards?
  7. I've sailed with HAL 4 times but can someone remind me/inform what the current "deposit" amount is for onboard spending. We prefer to bring cash instead of using a credit card (yes I'm aware of a risk carrying a large amount of cash around)
  8. If anyone is ever in need of VERY fast service (like less than a week) you can go in person to a regional US passport office (I believe there are only 6 or 7 in the country) although if they think they have time to mail it they will just mail in your application. I thought I had checked my passport last year and went to check-in the Saturday before we were to leave for FL and realized my passport had expired in July. Called immediately and the nearest passport office was in Minneapolis (about 3 1/2 hrs from where I live). The next opening was on Tuesday. I had to take a day off work of course and I was there prior to my appointment time. To even check-in they insist you have all forms filled out, your expired passport (if available) and your pictures. I also had to bring proof of foreign travel in less than a week. When I spoke to the rep he was very kind. Noticed I had come quite a distance and said we can either mail it to you or you can wait till 3:30 this afternoon when we could have it ready for pickup. I of course chose pickup and had my passport later that day. VERY stressful as we actually were getting married while in St. Thomas so I was so lucky it all worked out. And that my brand new employer was understanding of my urgent need for a day off.
  9. I'll share the details tomorrow but I was able to get a passport the same day at the Minneapolis agency. I think the distance I came was a factor but the process was simple. Hardest part was finding somewhere to kill time for a few hours! Happy to know I'll make my cruise on Sunday!
  10. Getting passport Tuesday (hopefully!) and flying out this Saturday. Setting sail Sunday. I still can't believe I let this happen. Thankfully my wedding paperwork is all filled out and actually i could get to St. Thomas if i had to since it doesn't require a passport. I'm still very confused why my cruise is requiring it because it's not needed but like I said earlier I won't chance it. Now to explain to my boss in the morning...
  11. I'm pretty sure this will teach me my lesson for life. I actually may not even need a passport as it's a closed loop cruise BUT the charter company that we book through requires it. Doesn't make sense to me but I'm not questioning at this point with a week to go. Not looking forward to telling my boss in the morning that I need Tuesday off in addition to the week and half I already have...
  12. We are on a charter cruise and their policy is that you must have a passport. I think it does fall under the closed loop policies but I don't want to chance not being able to board as I'm getting married while on the cruise.
  13. When checking your expiration date don't forget if you cruise is the next year...I kept looking for the month/date as our cruise paperwork gave the earliest expiration date acceptable for our cruise. I'm now in a panic after going to check in for our cruise. i have an appointment 3 hrs from our house on Tuesday (soonest available) and am really hoping the stories I hear our true and they'll get me a passport the same day....
  14. Yeah I'm guessing this will be a no cell phone zone as well....
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