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  1. Hey, you beat me to it! I canceled my cruise that was scheduled for June back at the end of March/beginning of April. She told me it would take up to 30 days to refund. Its been well over 30 days and still waiting. I opened a dispute with my credit card company. I advise everyone else to do the same ASAP.
  2. Ugh. I hope maybe its short term. Seems like this is only going to cause lines to be longer and slower. I can see doing this as a temporary precaution when they start back up, but I don't like the idea at all.
  3. ah, cool. Im a novice at this all, just started investing last month.
  4. Buffet will be gone???? What??? thats like the major thing people look forward to on a cruise. lol
  5. Interesting. Do you have to have a certain amount of shares in order to vote?
  6. It looks like this shareholder benefit is valid through bookings made by February of 2021. I am not sure reneging on their shareholder OBC mid-offer would be a good move right now considering how low and volitile their stocks are. Could anger a lot of people who may choose to sell those shares. By next year, their stock value will (hopefully) have improved significantly.
  7. I ended up calling the phone number listen on the shareholder OBC. Spoke to a nice lady, she looked up and said that the fax I sent in last week wasn't in their system, so I resent the fax today. I called back, and she was able to locate the new fax, she applied the OBC to both my bookings and sent me confirmation emails. Was easy peasy.
  8. Great, thank you. Did you have to send in booking numbers individually? I sent a fax in last week for 2 bookings.
  9. So I bought 100 shares in Carnival last week and applied for the shareholder OBC on 2 booked cruises. Still have not heard anything or gotten anything. Is Carnival still doing the shareholder OBC or does anyone know how long it takes to hear from them? Do I need to have them paid off first? Thanks
  10. Thanks! I am on the phone with them now, they are merging the 2 numbers, hoping Ill be able to switch the offer code over to that one! Keeping my fingers crossed!
  11. A friend of mine got this offer a few days a go. I am more interested in the Drinks on us for you and a companion while playing in the casino, with that "terms apply". Does this sound like he would get the drinks on us right away or that they are saying he has to "qualify" first? Has anyone gotten this offer before?
  12. I am willing to bet you would. Its good to try new lines. They may offer you better deals than Carnival. When Carnival catches on to you not booking cruises, thats when they will try to reel you back in with better offers I bet.
  13. I hope it sails for you! These cruiselines are suffering. Saying 90 days raises a red flag to me, because most credit cards, you have 60-90 days to dispute a charge. The cruiselines can turn around and refuse to refund, or file bankruptcy, and since its past the 90 day dispute time, you're SOL and stuck with the charge. I think I am going to open a dispute and just let my CC company know that they are planning on refunding me, but I just want to cover my butt.
  14. I purchased 100 shares on Friday for $8.29. I used Robinhood. Seems to be holding steady around that price right now. I mainly did it to take advantage of the OBC offer they have. I have 2 5-day cruises booked, so thats an extra 50 OBC per room. Even if the stocks drop some, the OBC at least makes up for the loss. Try to look at it that way lol. Im leaving it in. Either its going to go up, or down. Looking at the long term that Carnival will stand back up and wipe the dirt off themself and move on. As far as bankruptcy, yes there is a chance they can declare that, but they just borrowed 4 billion dollars. So if they do declare bankruptcy, it won't be for a while down the line. That is the last thing they want to do. I really think it all depends on how long this coronavirus crap lingers on for. I am hoping its over by June and July so I can go on my upcoming cruises! I think people will be ready to get out of the house and cruise and go on vacations once this is all over with. I am already going stir crazy!
  15. So this may be more of a rant than a question and I apologize in advance. I just wanted to mention how I have friends who have gotten so many more better deals under their VIFP than me and it just frustrates me. I have a friend, she said she barely spent any money in the casino on her last cruise, she did win a jackpot once years a go on board, shes getting 500 dollars in OBC, free drinks in the casino....I have another friend who hasn't cruised in at least 3 years, and he is getting a similar deal. I have another friend who never gambled in the casino but won BINGO once, about 5 years a go. He got the same deal. Meanwhile, I gambled and got about 300-400 points on my last cruise in November (Got a little lucky and played quite a bit), and all I get are offers for lower rates and a measly 25 dollars in on board credit. Nothing else. It just frustrates me because all these people are telling me they barely even spent any money in the casino and haven't even been on a cruise with them for years. And they are getting rates for 500 in OBC, Free drinks, and 50 dollar rooms. I sent an email to carnival's players club, and all they send me is the "Sorry not Sorry" line. Sorry for the rant, just wanted to get it out. lol
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