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  1. #3:. I'm not excited or angry, but having cruised in both lines, I just don't understand this statement. I've heard it many times and I honestly see no difference in the "type" of customers. Could you give a more in-depth description? #4 Royal was the only cruise line I've cruised that allowed a man at the table next to ours dressed in basketball shorts, sleeveless t-shirt, flip-flops and backwards ball cap to dine in the Dining room on formal night. Never saw that on Carnival. Since I have seen people turned away from the dining room on a Carnival ship, I'll have to disagree with you there. I enjoy both Royal and Carnival. Can't wait to cruise again!
  2. You will probably win that bet. A couple of weeks ago on the Allure, the table next to us on the second formal night I would say did not conform to dress code. One of the gentlemen had on a well-worn t-shirt, basketball shorts and a baseball cap on backwards. While I always dress according to the dress code, what other people wear doesn't bother me. I noticed this particular party because of reading so much discussion on here about the dress code. Based on these people being served dinner in the dining room, ripped jeans should be no problem lol.
  3. This exact scenario happened to us, but the price difference was more than $100. The utter fiasco of trying to book this cruise via the website and the horrid customer service is not getting us in the mood to enjoy our first Royal Caribbean cruise! When we couldn't complete our booking, we called RC. The agent said that the price we were seeing was not available. We were told to clear our cookies, try different browsers, different devices etc. Same result (lower price) every time. After several days of back and forth, they asked for a screenshot of what we were seeing. After they received the screenshot, a supervisor very impolitely told us, it was wrong and the price couldn't be honored. We are traveling with others, so went ahead and booked at the higher price, but believe me, our booking experiences at Carnival, NCL and Costa have been far superior to this nonsense--classic bait and switch.
  4. EBFURR, I have followed your story on the other thread. I'm so glad you will be refunded. I hope you and your wife have a wonderful anniversary despite the disappointment. We are booked on our first RCI cruise in a couple of weeks to celebrate our 30th anniversary, and Royal's handling of this situation has made me very uneasy. But we're trying to keep a positive attitude and praying for calm weather.
  5. pafam4

    Galveston weather concerns

    I have to say that how Royal Caribbean is handling this situation is certainly not inspiring confidence regarding my family's first Royal Caribbean cruise in a couple of weeks. We are not cruise novices, we have sailed previously many times on NCL, Costa and Carnival. Our experience with the actual booking of the cruise with RCI has been horrendous, but we have been hoping the on-board customer experience would be better. Still hoping that! If you have a chance, take a look at their Facebook page. Even in the early hours of this morning, RCI has posted responses to customers insisting they will need a letter from the airlines verifying cancelled flights and inability to reaccommodate. Or proof that roads were impassable. Seriously Royal? Turn on the TV, you'll see proof right there. People always say that RCI has superior customer service. Certainly not so far in our case and absolutely not in their handling of the current situation. Carnival far out performed them this time.
  6. pafam4

    Another Royal website vent.

    Did not help our issues. As mentioned above, we tried multiple devices, multiple browsers - issues persisted (even when we cleared our cache.)
  7. pafam4

    Another Royal website vent.

    I feel your pain! We've had major issues with the website only to be told by customer service that the problems are our fault: wrong browser (we've tried three), wrong computer (we've tried two different types of phones and two types of computers.) Very poor customer service and so far the interactions have been very unprofessional. So frustrating when compared to our experiences with other cruise lines.
  8. From my experience, it is far, far worse than their competitors' sites. We have booked about 10 cruises via 3 different cruise lines' websites without any issue at all. To be honest, I was shocked with how badly the website performed and how poor their customer service has been. They basically accused us of lying about the price we were seeing online, despite the screenshots they requested. I was so looking forward to our first Royal Caribbean cruise, and I hope the onboard experience is much better than our purchasing experience.
  9. We have had so many problems with the website. We would see a great price on a balcony cabin, try to book online, it would take our credit card info, then wouldn't complete the transaction. When we called RC, we were told that price wasn't available, but a higher priced cabin was. They told us it must be our computer..... The next day, saw the same low price, my husband tried to book again, same error. Tried different browser, same result. Tried a work computer, same problem. Called Royal again, explained the above. They asked for screenshots of the low price and that the site had allowed us to almost complete the booking, which we sent. Three layers of management later, they won't honor their website prices. Since we are traveling with family who already booked, we booked a cabin anyway. We are extremely dissatisfied with this experience so far. Although this is our first cruise with RC, It isn't our first rodeo, having cruised multiple times on three other lines. We can only hope the cruise itself is much better than the purchasing experience.
  10. pafam4

    Remembering the Old ports

    Grenada was beautiful when we sailed there in the 80's. I also agree that I miss the cruise ships docking in Hamilton, Bermuda.
  11. pafam4

    Formal night attire for teen boy?

    [quote name='fuddrules']You are absolutely 100% correct. In many households including mine.[/QUOTE] Yep, my kids were always so excited to be taken on cruises, they would have never balked at whatever dress code was required. Also, they do understand the concept of dress codes, having worn uniforms to school forever lol! They get that appropriate attire is required in certain situations. That being said, I do think I have seen jeans worn in the MDR on elegant night, so I don't think OP's son would be turned away.
  12. You beat me to it! That was such a memorable excursion! Breathtaking! Would love to go back.
  13. pafam4

    Cruise Directors ELI S. and ERIC B.

    Eli was a social host back in 2009 on our Carnival Freedom cruise. He was very energetic and personable. When we left the ship on the last day, he actually remembered my son's name and thanked him for cruising. I remember thinking back then that he would make a great CD.
  14. As others have said, 18-20 year olds can do anything other adults can do, except consume alcohol and use Serenity deck. My son cruised with us at age 18 and 20. He attended activities he enjoyed, such as karaoke, trivia, games in the red frog pub, etc. and met people with like interests. He also enjoyed hanging out with family. Have your son attend activities that he enjoys, and I'll bet he meets friends. I realize that all young people are not the same. But by 18, they should be able to make friends or figure out how to enjoy a cruise without a parent's help. Honestly, my kids love cruising so much and are so grateful for the opportunity to cruise, they need no assistance in having fun. Also, in our family, fun does not have to include alcohol, so they have seen us over the years having a blast on cruises without drinking. Of course, when my son turned 18, he was able to have a drink in certain ports which was great for him.