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  1. Have a Hal casino discount Alaska cruise this September without casino cash, emailed them to let them know I was coming and if I had any cash coming. Answer was cant wait to see you and $50 waiting at the cage when you get there. Always contact them, the worst they can say is sorry and have a great cruise
  2. no one wanted to talk, like a big table for one. very strange. one couple complained about every thing. The flat iron steak they ordered well done was tough, sprite in can tasted funny after trying the lemon aid that was to sweet and tart. Just not a fun group at all. Some way say it was us thats OK didn't matter if its not fun on a cruise move on.
  3. Just back from 5 day on Ecstasy. My son and I drove down from DC area about seven hours. Did Park and Go and uber. saved 30$ on parking. Arrived at port around 130pm and no line at all,on ship in 10min. Had inside M255 quad so had to be careful hitting head on bunks. The sink faucet end flew off and water was brown, the fixed it and water cleared. We used bottle water for a day. Got stuck with late dinning and sat at a table for ten with 3 other couples. Worst group ever and did not return. Ate on lido next three days. On Sunday only place to watch football was lido by deli pizza on little tvs. We turned that area into the sports bar for the 2 games. The Dallas Redskin game was R rated as we had to groups trash talking and cheering during the game. One older Dallas Women picked up and dropped and older Redskin women WWE style. No one was hurt and all had fun. We talked with the dining host and we got into early with a good group and same wait team. The head waiter said that the table we had was the worst he had ever had. Over half of the people were first timers. If you sail on this ship you need to make your own fun. Casino was good but drinks if you could get them took forever. The pit boss ended up giving us on us cards because it was so bad. At least we didn't have to pay for the drink we couldn't get. Food was good but not as good as the Paradise. No issues getting a chair and pool and hot tub. Sat on beach at Princess cay and son snorkeled. Nassau we walked around and ate and got back on ship. We did carry off and our time to leave was 8-830. We stayed in cabin walked to forward elevator and walked of ship at 845. Any questions ill try to answer.
  4. want to know if regular Sunday football is on a tv anywere on the Ecstasy now days. Please dont turn this into a dont go on a cruise if you want to see a game or about what tv stations carnival now has. Thanks
  5. Dosnt make any sense, Doing a renew on a Hal cruise and the didnt ask for my wedding liscence just my money. If they do on Carnival its stupid. I already noticed it was several hundred dollars more. Join my wife and I in Alaska next year and we can party
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