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  1. received our tax fees credit on the 12th for the May 1 Canada cruise. Would have rather gone on the cruise but maybe next year
  2. I will address the topic as a craps player this will not work on a cruise unless they added 2 tables. Dont care about smoking
  3. With no traffic and not a patient that is vented its not far Did long trips bagging patient before helicopter was a common thing in old days
  4. Was booked on Zaandam on the 2nd so disappointed but glad they are home. Hope to do it next year
  5. this is really sad wish they let them dock, don't need to let them off at this time till arrangements are made. i'm sure the bridge crew would have been tested.
  6. we don't even know what the sick people have , could be the old pesky noro . dosnt matter they will be ushered off and put in quarantine. They will be on us soil and safe.
  7. They will go to a cargo area or a naval base Im sure not the regular port. All will be tested a few times and they will be quarantined after leaving the ship. crew that are not sick will remain on ship
  8. yep im sure they pay no taxes , port fees and all the employees are tax exempt all the cabs and ubers that take you there pay no tax the food people that supply the produce and drinks pay no tax also , plus the crew will make much more in their home country. Could we try to think a little before we destroy our country please
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