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  1. In eight years I have never seen a poker table on Silversea. Blackjack and roulette are the only table games I remember. Blackjack minimums run from $5 to $10. I think it was $5 during the day and $10 at night. Might be demand driven as on some cruises it’s hard to find a seat while others the casino is empty. Silversea casinos are very small.
  2. I too share the concern about how long the major lines can survive at least as we knew them. I actually think Silversea might be in a better place than its now parent company. RCCL mega ships rely very heavily on what I call “butts in beds” and the resulting onboard spending. Their business model is quantity and highly repetitive cruises over well established routes week after week. Between potentially having to limit capacity and concurrently deal with the requirements of various jurisdiction it is going to be a challenge particularly in 2021 as we hopefully turn the pandemic around.
  3. I can’t but wonder if much or some of the planned itineraries aren’t going to have to slide to later dates. While the vaccine or vaccines seem almost ready to start being used it is going to take months and months to reach a sufficient and significant part of the world population. Despite what I think will be potentially a monumental effort you can only do so much so fast. Add that if airlines, cruise lines, and countries potentially require proof of vaccination to travel or visit you could see the supposed pent up demand dampened. The next two to three months are going to be critical
  4. A question over on Facebook about whether or not Silversea should require proof of vaccination got me thinking about my past vaccinations and travel. I grew up in a military family and my father’s assignments meant we lived in something like 12+ different states plus overseas in England and Morocco. With the caveat that I am relying on 50+ year old memory and not knowing whether vaccinations were routinely required by the US Air Force or by the countries we were stationed in I know we had to have current shots and vaccinations to travel. I still to this day have my original International
  5. This is maybe the second or third time the Wind has made this trip. Other than needing to run the systems to keep them running right I can’t imagine what the purpose might be. I suppose another choice is that they have to leave the port in Marseilles periodically for some legal reason.
  6. There has been some discussion, probably best described as speculation, that there might be some regional distribution of the different vaccines. I’ve seen nothing I’d describe as official that says anything along the lines that potentially the southern states will get this vaccine, the westerner states a different vaccine, and so on. We’re still relying on my wife’s hematologist to hopefully determine and pick the right vaccine for her assuming any are safe.
  7. Again I think you are right. I also think the incoming administration is going to, if they stick to their campaign promises, listen more to the scientist. I took that as a direct, maybe indirect, reference to the outgoing administration refusing to go with several organizations and individuals’ recommendations including the CDC’s longer lockdown. Even with a vaccine or vaccines coming available in the next 30 or so days it is going to take months to get it out, administered, and become effective.
  8. Hmmm.....hope they handle that well. I could see some folks waiting their turn not understanding that they can’t get the vaccine while cruise workers from the same country are skipping the line.
  9. Other than there are no US based cruises I’m not 100% sure we couldn’t cruise from some other country......if they have any cruises but I haven’t been checking. Also didn’t they make that recommendation before the SeaDream failure and subsequent cancellation of the rest of their Barbados cruises? I’m assuming the “mock” cruises, when and if they happen, will be few and far between and at least initially mostly cruise line personnel and whoever gets the monitoring job and then later maybe other “volunteers”. Not really full up cruising in large numbers.
  10. https://nypost.com/2020/11/23/qantas-to-require-covid-19-vaccine-for-international-flights/ Realizing this is just one airline and not a country I suspect this is the first of many such announcements. I think the only reason we haven’t seen more of these announcements is simply because there isn’t a vaccine or vaccines available yet. Once available it will be interesting to see what countries will do with vaccination requirements. PS - Sorry Terry I didn’t catch you’d already posted this piece of news.
  11. I think that’s pretty much a given and not age or medical issues driven. I think selling the notion that the service industry, which would include cruise ship crew and staff, should have high priority might be problematic. Certainly the cruise lines have the resources to buy their way into earlier availability. That could raise a public relationship nightmare not to mention potentially angering public health officials fighting to get vaccine for their population.
  12. I’ve seen no plan that says they won’t vaccinate under 60 year olds. I’ve seen plans that maybe puts them in the last group to get vaccinated assuming they are not front line providers, have no other medical issues, etc. A reason I could see for not getting to the final group is that the virus itself virtually disappears which doesn’t seem likely but it is possible. I don’t think any government would withhold vaccinations to their population once the vaccine or vaccines become readily available.
  13. While the impact is relatively slight for Silversea Silversea’s Barbara Muckermann posted over in Facebook that Canada may not open its ports to cruise ship until a vaccine is widely available. The devil is in the details and Muchermann they are in contact with Canadian authorities to gain an further understanding. I am assuming the definition of “widely available” means something along the lines of a vaccine being readily available to the general population. That could push the Alaskan cruise season well into the summer and could have a huge impact on the mass market lines. There is lig
  14. We really want to take a vaccine as soon as possible but I voted the “yes but” because my wife’s hematologist has told her she won’t let my wife take any vaccine until she has a chance to review it. The doctor doesn’t want to trigger an autoimmune response if possible. As it is my wife can’t take most vaccines like flu. Doctor thinks the risk associated with Covid may outweigh the triggering risk but she will make that recommendation once she gets the information. We will, at least in my wife’s case, have to play a bit of the wait and see. Can’t say I’m not interested in her doctor’s
  15. We caught our launch from the airport at the regular water taxi area. However, like you sometimes see at airports where taxis and limos are separated there seemed to be docks/piers assigned to first-come-first-serve water taxis and maybe one or two docks/piers set aside for previously arranged service. I know when we walked down to our launch a couple of people approached our escort. All in Italian but I got the impression they were asking if we needed a water taxi and he pointed down the dock to where our launch was tied up. Generally speaking we make our own arrangements for
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