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  1. We’ve not been lucky when it comes to upgrading from coach to first/business with Silversea. Two trips stick out. One was for a cruise starting in Venice and ending Athens and another was Rome ending in Dubai. In both cases the upgrade cost was as much or more than we could book ourselves on our airline of choice. Doesn’t help that we live in a city that is not a major hub and that has meant sometimes two flights just to get to a major International airport with flights to or from our embarkation/disembarkation cities. We always ask for the cost but so far have booked all our trips oursel
  2. The Twilight Zone is a good guess. 🥴😀 Passing up India is a big deviation and not sure exactly where they would go from there as that is quite a distance to the next feasible non-Indian port.
  3. We had very good weather. We did have to skip one stop in the Bahamas the first day out of ten but from there on it was a remarkably smooth and enjoyable cruise. Ignorance is bliss and little did we know the Covid pandemic was about to get serious, very serious.
  4. If I have a regret, well maybe a disappointment would be more appropriate, was that just before Covid we missed you by one cruise. You got off the Wind in Ft Lauderdale as we boarded for the next cruise. Close but no cigar. 🥴😟
  5. We came to SS in 2012 after 20+ years of Holland America and Celebrity. I can’t see the circumstances that will ever take us back to the big ships. I have to smile about Lois’ commitment to SS. I clearly remember her coming here 3 or 4 years ago looking for information on SS. A lot of us pitched in answering her questions and reassuring her she was making a good choice. 🙂
  6. I messed up. Pick a cruise and at the bottom of the page there is “Suites and Fares”. Click on that and you can see the cabin category fares.
  7. Then the site may not be consistent. I tried Alaska and the Med and got a base fare and the “request a quote”. No breakdown by cabin category. UPDATE: My bad. I did not see the “Suites and Fares” button at the bottom of the page. Indeed if you click that you can see by cabin category prices.
  8. Silversea has made it difficult to check cabin category prices. It wasn’t always like this but I checked and indeed they just state a starting fare with no details and require you ask for a quote. What I would do is find an Internet based agency that books Silversea and see if they have the by category cabin cost. Since Internet agencies have to at least use the published fare their posted fares aren’t discounted so it should be useful. Unfortunately the forum rules don’t allow mentioning a specific agent or agency I can’t point you to one I trust.
  9. It’s not much better in parts of the US with all states reporting an increase in cases and some population centers reporting doubling the rate of infections over the past week or so. The new cases appear to be mostly in the partially or unvaccinated population but there have been cases where the fully vaccinated have come down with Covid. I was supposed to travel to Pennsylvania this week to attend my wife’s graduation from the US Army War College and her getting her Masters in Strategic Studies but the college cut back on the number of family and friends who could attend the ceremony beca
  10. I was a diehard tux wearer on cruises for 20+ years. Three years ago my last tux got to the place where it needed to get replaced. I also used to wear my tux to the formal events the US Army used to have. I say used to have as there were maybe three or four a year at the peak. Today about the only formal event is the once a year Army birthday ball. So I bought a beautiful black suit as a replacement. I take it on cruises along with some French cuffed shirts, cuff links, solid color silk ties. The suit and the black dress shoes can be used on other informal nights so I have actually red
  11. That’s the way it worked for us the one time there was a price reduction after we had paid in full. That was given in the form of an onboard credit. We also got a lower price for a cruise on which we’d only paid the deposit. That was honored in the form of a reduced final payment. 👍 That’s consistent with their stated policy.
  12. This is from the FAQ page on Silversea’s website: Silversea Fare Guarantee Programme Silversea’s Fare Guarantee Programme applies only to guests booking Silver Privilege Fares on or after November 1st, 2012 for all voyages commencing on or after June 1st, 2013. Guests will be eligible for reimbursement if the Silver Privilege Fare for their particular voyage and suite category is reduced after they have made a booking and deposit with Silversea and Silversea has received their written request for a fare adjustment prior to their sailing date. Requests for reimbursement receive
  13. Typically if Silversea does anything with pricing is has had the tendency to increase. I haven’t been tracking any cruises or fares so not sure what is going on now. Caveat here is my experience was watching Silversea fares is all pre-pandemic and before RCCL took they over. With Silversea’s fare guarantee if somebody booked at a higher fare Silversea should lower the fare fir them. As I recall it’s not automatic and has to be requested by the passenger.
  14. We play blackjack occasionally and the table minimum on Silversea has been $10. Silversea casinos are small and often only have one blackjack table. In our ten plus cruises we’ve sometimes been the only players to other times not able to get a seat however generally there’s not much going on.
  15. A shame to she her like this. As the MS Ryndam she was my first cruise ship back in early 1995 out of Ft Lauderdale. It was only her sixth venue cruise for Holland America. Three years later my wife and I honeymooned on the Ryndam. Indeed since she left the Holland America fleet she has had a checkered history.
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