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  1. Certainly would hope they don’t do anything radical. We did cruise extensively on another line before we discovered Silversea eight plus years ago and had advanced status on that line. The line is well known for its supposed industry leading returning passenger percentage and many of those also had the same or even higher status than we did. It got to the point that so many passengers had the supposed benefits of special check-in lines, priority boarding, priority tendering, etc., etc., that the benefits became almost meaningless.
  2. Then that could be an issue with Silversea but then again passengers who typically sail with Royal or Celebrity are not necessarily going to switch to Silversea because of perks like free laundry and 5%-10% fare reductions. Those benefits probably not offset the fare differences.
  3. It should if it wasn’t already through RCL being the majority stockholder. Now that Silversea is wholly owned by RCL the shareholder OBC benefit certainly should apply.
  4. Are you confusing shareholder benefits with loyalty program benefits? As I recall RCL has a $100 OBC for holding a required number of RCL shares. This is not the same as advanced standing garnered through numbers of days cruising. To the best of my knowledge RCL does not have reciprocity across its lines so advanced standing on Celebrity means little to nothing on Royal Caribbean Cruises.
  5. My concern about that is when RCL first acquired a controlling interest in Silversea RCL’s fares for Azamara were higher for very similar length cruises with basically the same itinerary. I know RCL has pushed Azamara as a luxury line and it may be close but not up to Silversea standards. I have no interest in Azamara so I don’t know if they adjusted the fares fir what we’re at the time competing cruises.
  6. At least the present management team is staying in place.👍
  7. After a bit of an increase in air traffic here in San Antonio there were reports this morning that there has been reduction in the past few days. At the low point I think we were running 15%-20% of normal traffic. Of course Texas and particularly San Antonio has had a pretty significant increase in Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations. We’re back to mandatory mask wearing in public, bars have been closed, and restaurants that were allowed 75% occupancy have been cut back to 50%. All that has resulted in fewer vacationers, cancelled conferences, etc. We have not turned the corner in any sense.
  8. Got this alert last night about 7:30 PM on my cell phone here in San Antonio, Texas. They used the Wireless Emergency Alert system, which works like the Amber Alert system, to alert the city and county. This is the same system they use for dire emergencies like tornadoes so it is not used for routine announcements. City and county had 795 new cases Saturday which is the highest since the pandemic started back in March. "STAY HOME. The COVID-19 virus is spreading rapidly across Bexar County. Local hospitals are approaching capacity. Protect yourself and your family. Stay home except for essential activities, wear a face covering and avoid gathering with people outside your household."
  9. Thanks Terry. When we get back to planning and booking I’ll probably come back and pick your brain on your St Petersburg visit. I will say the cruise we had our eyes on did indeed have three full days in St Petersburg. Wife’s specific interest is Czarist Russian so plenty of history to soak up in St Petersburg.
  10. My wife’s minor in college was Russian history which is interesting because her bachelor’s degree was in mechanical engineering but probably no stranger than my degrees in psychology with minors in Ancient Egypt. We did my number one bucket list cruise Rome to Dubai with extended stops in Egypt on the Spirit in 2017 so I was looking to return the favor with a Stockholm to Southampton cruise again on the Spirit with extended stops in St Petersburg.
  11. I am happy sad.....let me explain that. I am happy we don’t have a cruise planned, we simply don’t want to be on a ship anytime soon. At the same time I am sad because this is the first time in years we don’t have a booked cruise to look forward to. We have kind of an easy non-pandemic excuse as Mrs K is in post graduate school and won’t graduate until late July 2021 so we already knew we were not cruising until that’s finished. The bummer is that I promised her that we’d take her number one bucket list cruise after she graduated but can’t bring ourselves to book right now.
  12. We always cruise with our best friends and I have been “in charge” of our Silversea dinner reservations for years now. Yes we always link our bookings but we found it easier if I book for all four of us. Never had an issue and at least one maitre d’ actually said that was better for their planning.
  13. Quite honestly and frankly I don’t see how you can. Long ways to go to be sent home and that is sad. Cruise lines in general are guessing and hoping. I don’t really think they know and frankly I can’t say given the fluid and vague situation I can totally blame them.
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