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  1. As far as I know this caveat has been around for several years. I think Carnival Cruise Lines and maybe a few others invoked a similar clause a few years ago but it wasn’t horrible or excessive.
  2. The HD we talked to said exactly that. She said with a small ship it would get around pretty quickly that passenger X got a heavily discounted suite that passenger or passengers ABC paid full fare for. Could potentially lead to some unhappy folks.
  3. Procedures and policies may have changed with RCCL now totally owning Silversea but before Silversea did not offer discounted upgrades. We had dinner one night with the HD on the Spirit and asked her about upgrade policy. She said she didn’t have the authority and could only upgrade passengers if they paid the full fare difference. Discounts were generally against Silversea policy. We asked because we were in a Silver Suite and had noticed there were a number of empty Silver Suites on our deck. In fact our butler said she had more time because two of her suites were empty. I thought it was interesting that Silversea would leave “money on the table” but at least on that cruise they did. The only “upgrade” I have personal knowledge of was a couple we met on a different cruise on the Spirit who were moved to a Silver Suite. The plumbing in their smaller verandah suite failed to the point it was going to take a major effort to repair. They were not charged for the “upgrade”.
  4. We also have a king and adjust to a queen for our cruises that are typically a couple of weeks long. Since we favor port intensive cruises we’re typically ready for bed so maybe that has helped. We have never opted for the single bed arrangement.
  5. By my count Celebrity has 13 “classic” ships so with four or five ships sailing that’s 30-38% of their fleet. That’s better than HAL’s 18% but still very low. I assume like Silversea few if any ships are sailing full which also isn’t great news. It certainly means more to the non-all inclusive lines that rely more heavily on onboard spending for revenue.
  6. I was over in my old Holland America section here and was surprised to see how few of the HAL fleet are actually doing cruises. Over on that section they post the daily whereabouts of the HAL fleet and it shows only two out of eleven ships in the fleet out with passengers. One or two may be repositioning without passengers to start cruising but the others are anchored or docked. I neither have the time or energy to check every cruise line and I’m not suggesting Holland America is representative of the industry as a whole but their numbers are concerning.
  7. I would pass on that. Sounds good but not widely available right now in a bathroom.
  8. I’m a bit torn between the notion that I have often thought of the stock market as not exactly based on financial analyst as much as sometimes an emotional reaction. That said I think it’s very possible that despite the initial and still somewhat euphoria of a potential “return to normal” the cold hard facts for investors are that it is going to take years for cruise lines to recover. I really hope I’m not in a “I told you so” moment but I am more of the thought that some if not many cruise lines will not survive the still very daunting long haul, at least not as we knew them pre-pandemic.
  9. I doubt very seriously that bathrooms have USB outlets. As it is bathrooms only have one “outlet” and that’s really designed for very light demand like electric corded razor, electric toothbrush chargers, etc. There really aren’t a lot of typical bathroom devices that are USB based.
  10. We had an Anu as our butler in 2014 on the Wind in the Med. I suppose with the masking it would be difficult but he was known as “the man with a million dollar smile”. He was absolutely fantastic.
  11. Us too also. Not sure when and where but we do want to cruise again even if it is just in the Caribbean. We’d like to return to Europe particularly the Baltic since I owe my wife her number one bucket list visit to St Petersburg but that’s not possible right now. We were actually talking about our eight Med cruises yesterday and realized not one of our past itineraries would be possible right now. Piece parts yes but all of the cruise visited one or more countries/ports that are closed or heavily restricted.
  12. As I remember the menus do change but not daily. We love La Terrazza and eat there more than any other restaurant and on at least our last cruise we discovered the menu changed every three days. Since we eat breakfast in La Terrazza almost every morning we check to see if they have posted a new menu. We also typically wander by the entrance to what is now called the Atlantide to see what is on the menu for that evening. We rarely eat in any restaurant two nights in a row but even when we have we have always found a great meal from the available choices.
  13. Yet the CDC just put Sint Maarten and the Bahamas on their “red” list. 😟
  14. Right. While the major umbrella cruise corporations had pretty significant billion dollar revenues before the pandemic their net profits were surprisingly low. Despite my first degree being in business corporate high finance and creative bookkeeping has never been my forte. My impression from the myriad of information Terry has shared with us is even under the best conditions it is going to take years and years for the cruise industry to recover and reach 2019 levels. I still fear some may not. The light at the end of the tunnel is still a bit dim.
  15. But for the bigger, more long-term view of Silversea and Royal Caribbean and their future/survival, that is less than one-third capacity for the Muse. How can the cruise lines survive financially with that kind of passenger load? I don’t have a reference but read somewhere over the past several months that as a rule of thumb cruise ships must cruise at 33% capacity to break even. Not sure how that percentage translates across the whole industry as mass market lines for instance make much of their revenue through on board spending versus the luxury all-inclusive segment relies more on higher fares. Certainly sailing with 33% or more capacity is better than sitting at a dock or anchored offshore but the considerable debt some lines have acquired and has to be serviced. No idea how long they can last that way.
  16. I among certainly others hope and pray that it does for more reasons than I want to list here the world gets better and travel improves. That said the circumstances here in my hometown are not encouraging. We’ve gone from 40-60 Covid cases a day to nearly 1,800 a day. Kind of hard to explain that away as not bad news. It certainly impacts our travel plans notwithstanding cruising,
  17. We would not take a Panorama. Mrs K feels like she has to have access to the outside from the cabin. She’s not a big elevator fan so my professional clinical diagnosis is minor claustrophobia. Again it doesn’t help that her first cruise was in a large veranda suite on Holland America.....my bad...but it set the expectation. 🙂
  18. I think the lowest we’ve ever been on Silversea is Deck 7 on the Wind and all of our Spirit cabins have been Deck 9 or higher. On Celebrity and Holland America we pretty much stuck to at or one deck below the pool deck. As an aside we also always try to book port side cabins. Why? On our 10-day honeymoon cruise 23 years ago I booked a port side cabin. Next cruise we went with a starboard side cabin and Mrs K was always confused. Went back to port side and all is good. 😬😀👍
  19. Silversea, like most lines offering long cruises with multiple segments, will hold back a number of cabins for those passengers wanting to book the full whatever number of days. If they sell off too many of the segments then that opportunity becomes unworkable. As for an upgrade it is probably highly unlikely you’ll get upgraded to one of the big suites but you could very well get a “better” veranda suite in terms of deck or location on the ship. I’ve never done a percentage analysis but my gut impression is that the vast majority of cabins on Silversea are veranda suites. They are with a few exceptions all exactly the same layout on a specific ship. It really comes down to being either farther forward, in the middle, or aft and the deck level. While the cabins are the same some are perceived and marketed as “better” and thus more expensive. Personally we like to be as close to the pool deck as possible so lower is not typically our choice and we have been willing to pay a little extra for a location that meets that desire.
  20. We’ve not been lucky when it comes to upgrading from coach to first/business with Silversea. Two trips stick out. One was for a cruise starting in Venice and ending Athens and another was Rome ending in Dubai. In both cases the upgrade cost was as much or more than we could book ourselves on our airline of choice. Doesn’t help that we live in a city that is not a major hub and that has meant sometimes two flights just to get to a major International airport with flights to or from our embarkation/disembarkation cities. We always ask for the cost but so far have booked all our trips ourselves. The good news is that when Silversea has advertised flights included they have always given us a credit for not using their offer.
  21. The Twilight Zone is a good guess. 🥴😀 Passing up India is a big deviation and not sure exactly where they would go from there as that is quite a distance to the next feasible non-Indian port.
  22. We had very good weather. We did have to skip one stop in the Bahamas the first day out of ten but from there on it was a remarkably smooth and enjoyable cruise. Ignorance is bliss and little did we know the Covid pandemic was about to get serious, very serious.
  23. If I have a regret, well maybe a disappointment would be more appropriate, was that just before Covid we missed you by one cruise. You got off the Wind in Ft Lauderdale as we boarded for the next cruise. Close but no cigar. 🥴😟
  24. We came to SS in 2012 after 20+ years of Holland America and Celebrity. I can’t see the circumstances that will ever take us back to the big ships. I have to smile about Lois’ commitment to SS. I clearly remember her coming here 3 or 4 years ago looking for information on SS. A lot of us pitched in answering her questions and reassuring her she was making a good choice. 🙂
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