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  1. sandandsea lovers

    currency exchange

    Hello, I have been told but cannot remember where, that on Sea Princess, a currency exchange person comes onboard so we can change to the various asian currencies needed. Can anybody clarify if this is correct please? Thanking you.:confused:
  2. sandandsea lovers

    First Cruise in Asia

    Rae, We are cruising on sea princess in September and Penang is one of the ports. Do you have any recommendation of a private tour operator to contact?
  3. sandandsea lovers

    Lifou, New Calendonia

    We walked up to the little church on the hill which was a great place for views of the island. When you get off the ship there is a walking path to the left and it is a nice walk with a fairly steep rise near the end. Other than that it is nice to spend the day on the beach drinking fresh coconut juice you buy from the locals. Go and just enjoy the day.
  4. sandandsea lovers

    Sydney & Auckland Info

    The Shangri la in the rocks district, in Sydney is close to the opt and has wonderful views of both the harbour bridge and opera house. It is walking distance to the opt , ferries, darling harbour and the city for shopping. Very nice, convenient hotel for your stay.
  5. sandandsea lovers

    What to do in Maui (Lahaina), Hawaii??

    Yes I would prefer an apartment to get washing done before embarking the cruise as there is no laundry on solstice unfortunately
  6. sandandsea lovers

    What to do in Maui (Lahaina), Hawaii??

    Wow Hugh, you are such a valuable cc! Thank you so much for your suggestions. I had looked at the outrigger on Waikiki and wondered if it is best to try and get a condo somehow. I have been told it is much cheaper than going for a hotel room through outrigger. Is this so? I will also look at hyatts rates.:D
  7. sandandsea lovers

    What to do in Maui (Lahaina), Hawaii??

    Thank you Hugh for your helpful advice. I will have a look at Maui then and the Aston you recommend. Will go the 4 day option then 3 days Waikiki just for the shopping and pearl harbour. Many on our cruise are doing 7 nights Waikiki but i wish to see some of the beauty of Hawaii. Are transfers to Maui expensive? Is there accommodation you can recommend at Waikiki as well by any chance?:confused:
  8. sandandsea lovers

    What to do in Maui (Lahaina), Hawaii??

    Lol! No I am sure there will be cruise specials everywhere as us Aussies will be over the FAD!:p
  9. sandandsea lovers

    What to do in Maui (Lahaina), Hawaii??

    Haha, yes I do like to plan ahead, but I was also advised to if one wishes to book a condo.;)
  10. sandandsea lovers

    What to do in Akaroa

    We were on solstice march this year and the port of Akaroa was my favourite. I do not believe you need to book a tour. It is a lovely French village that is such a pleasure to amble around with many photo opportunities. It is easy to pick up a tour at the jetty if you wish or there is a gentleman that takes tours in his vintage car. He parks in the Main Street directly off the jetty and was a popular choice for many.
  11. sandandsea lovers

    What to do in Maui (Lahaina), Hawaii??

    Cassamanda, you seem to have a good knowlege of hawaii. we are cruising on solstice October 2104. We plan to leave about a week before the cruise and stay at either Kauai or Maui for a few days, then Waikiki for a few days. If you do not mind me asking. What are your thoughts on Kauai versus Maui and would it be worthwhile for about 4 nights or should we just stay at Waikiki for 7 nights?
  12. sandandsea lovers

    Starboard or port?

    This is one cruise where it is so easy to just book a tour with the locals when you hop off the ship. We were so glad that is what we did just in case the weather is a bit ordinary.
  13. sandandsea lovers

    Difference between premium and speciality coffees?

    We were on solstice. I had the premium package but my husband had the classic alcoholic. We were both able to have any of the coffees at al bacio. It is the coffees with the alcohol you will not be able to have. Yes you can have caramel lattes, etc.
  14. sandandsea lovers

    Where was the "Smoking" area on your ship?

    On Celebrity solstice, people were allowed to smoke on the lawn deck starboard, the sunset bar, and pool deck port side. Not that I am a smoker mind you!
  15. So why are we still being ripped off on fares compAred to America if we are such big spenders??.?