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  1. Our June 27th Alaska cruise was cancelled today.
  2. The two GOP Senators would vote for it I assume.
  3. My son and I are booked 09/17/21 on the Ovation - Vancouver to HI. Just read on the roll call that it's not showing up for new bookings. I haven't heard from Royal Caribbean but will call them in the morning. We were booked on the same cruise in 2020 - cancelled. We chose this trip because it ends in HI and we planned to visit my grandson who lives in Kona and friends who live on Oahu. My late husband and I cruised to HI 4 times in the past - we always went in the Spring on a RT from CA. It was always very cool the first few days with very rough seas on the way out and back to CA. I suggest that you have a light weight jacket or sweater and at least 2 pairs of long pants - especially for traveling from Vancouver in September or October.
  4. I booked a cruise for this summer but had to cancel a week or so later. I booked two cabins for my group of six, 3 per room . I paid the deposit of $250 for each of us. My problem is that they are giving FCC ($250 each) to the individuals whose names I booked. The group was my son, my granddaughter and her husband and my two great grandsons (1 great grandson in each cabin) and I. So o, now my granddaughter and her family get 4 FCCs and my son and I each get one. Not fair! I used my credit card for all of us! Both my granddaughter and I have spoken to RC and they said, basically, too bad! Now I’ve lost $1,000 as my granddaughter and her family may never cruise again! I’ve already lost the cost of my airline ticket when last year’s cruise was cancelled. I may get to use my FCC on another cruise I’d already booked for my son and I...
  5. We’re booked on AK cruise on Majestic 6/27-7/4. We’re a party of 6. One member got his first dose this week, he’s a teacher in AZ. I’ve got an appointment for first dose on 1/23 (age and rheumatoid arthritis risk). One member is a college professor who should get hers soon. Another adult is just waiting to hear, the other two in the group are ages 9 and 12. I’ve heard that they’re only giving them to children over 16 or 18 - depending on brand. Two of us are also booked on September cruise to HI on RCI, a repositioning cruise that we’d booked for 2020... It’s always nice to have something to look forward to - especially cruising!
  6. Thank you! I've eaten at Crown Grill several times but hadn't tried any other specialty restaurants. The Harmony looks great, but will be traveling with family group (6) and I'll have to see where everyone else wants to go. It's hard to beat a filet with béarnaise sauce!
  7. Does anyone have Menus for the specialty restaurants: Le Mer and Harmony or know where I can find them? I tried googling them with no luck and can't find them on the Princess site. Thanks.
  8. Thanks again. Also for the other link - I followed that one - will read it again tho.
  9. I should have said that he would have the status but won’t get the free drinks.
  10. Thank you for your reply and thank you too for the link to your review. FABULOUS photos! May I share the link with the 9/17/2020 group?
  11. Does Royal offer Ukulele lessons, hula lessons, lei making or HI history on their Hawaii cruises? This is a repositioning cruise from Vancouver to Honolulu with 5 sea days.
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