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  1. Thanks again. Also for the other link - I followed that one - will read it again tho.
  2. I should have said that he would have the status but won’t get the free drinks.
  3. Thank you for your reply and thank you too for the link to your review. FABULOUS photos! May I share the link with the 9/17/2020 group?
  4. Does Royal offer Ukulele lessons, hula lessons, lei making or HI history on their Hawaii cruises? This is a repositioning cruise from Vancouver to Honolulu with 5 sea days.
  5. My son and I are sharing a room on Ovation in Sept. I am Diamond - he isn't. When I booked, by phone with Royal I was told he would also be Diamond on this trip. I hadn't asked...
  6. So happy to have found this, my son and I are booked on the 2020 cruise. I’ve done the round trip to HI 4 times but it’s the first for my son. I have old AF friends near Honolulu and my grandson lives in Kona. I’m making notes of your (and others) recommendations. Beautiful, beautiful pictures, thanks.
  7. We'll be in Copenhagen for the 7/15 Baltic Cruise. I don't mind getting a taxi from the airport to our hotel - and another one next day to the ship. I have a question: Can you pay for the taxi with a credit card?
  8. Thanks all for all your comments. I started this thread because I’d gotten a sales pitch from Princess about the $19+ per day for coffee, tea, sodas, orange juice, etc. and just wanted to know if the coffee only card was still available. I have several punches left on my last card and had already heard that it was still good until August. My son had planned to buy a card. Were sailing on the Regal in mid July.
  9. Thank you all for your comments. Today I received my Nova adjustable cane with seat. I’m sure it will be wonderful for my Baltic cruise next month.
  10. I ordered one of those but sent it back - too unsteady for me. Thanks tho for the recommendation.
  11. Is it still possible to get a coffee only package? If so, how much are they?
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