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  1. I had a claim with AON from a January cruise--check arrived just yesterday and I cashed it today.
  2. Our first shopping trip went quickly. We were in line only ten minutes before the supermarket opened and got everything on our list within 30 minutes. Mad rush to paper aisle but normal after that!
  3. The orchestra music was delightful--thanks for sharing. Like many of you, I feel so helpless. I have not been outside our home for almost two weeks since the governor's stay at home policy. DH can't golf as golf courses are closed so he is not dealing too easily with the solitude. I have only left for short car or golf cart rides. Luckily, we have had enough food and supplies except for a few friends getting milk, eggs and fresh fruit for us. We are going on our first venture tomorrow morning as one supermarket opens at 6 for those of us who are older. Will be wearing our face masks and rubber gloves--have grocery list ready and will head first for TP, towels, flour and macaroni as think rest of items should not be difficult unless store is crowded. So instead of embarking on the STAR tomorrow for a cruise to Sea of Cortez, I will be on a different adventure. I watched the news tonight with sadness as USS MERCY pulled into LA port where STAR was scheduled tomorrow. I was making my grocery list instead of checking my packing list. It seems like friends connections seems to be stronger during this crisis. I have contacted a few cruising friends and childhood friends---more phone calls and emails from them. Stay healthy!!😷
  4. Was it the Pacific Princess?
  5. For our Costco cancellation, we emailed cruisecancel@costcotravel.com. A link directed me to a page where it was easy to cancel. I got tired of sitting by the phone for 1 1/2 hrs. yesterday and more than an hour today.
  6. May well change as I understood that Marcus was getting married this spring-supposedly girlfriend also ROYAL employee. Never sailed with Matt O but have heard many great comments about him.
  7. We were on the ROYAL Jan. 4-11-our first time on that ship. I was surprised that you did not mention Marcus as we thought he was an outstanding cruise director! Sorry you missed AJ Jamal as comedian as he must be on a break or different ship--so much better than Carlos!!! My sides hurt from laughing with AJ. We did see Secret Silk but understand the next time, it did not go as planned and our performance was not the best.
  8. Like others, I have really enjoyed your taking the time to write such a detailed trip. I looked forward to reading it each day. Stay healthy and keep cruising!
  9. For us, ships embarking/disembarking in Los Angeles and cruise dates are most important to us since we don't enjoy flying. So--the GOLDEN PRINCESS will be our choice this year to Alaska (cruise dates include our 60th wedding anniversary).. Our first Alaskan cruise was on PACIFIC PRINCESS which really introduced us to the joys of cruising.
  10. Many thanks for all the comments about suites as we booked our first suite-in July to Alaska. Will be celebrating our 60th wedding anniversary. I often thought the price was too high for our budget but for this occasion, the sky was the limit. I have always wanted an aft cabin so we could watch the wake. Won't have to be so concerned about excursions as have been to Alaska several times. We usually book CC mini-suites as really enjoy the service of CC dining. Never been on the GOLDEN so looking to add another Princess ship to our list.
  11. I always felt perfume was something to use the OBC--might be about same price but using Elite discount and no tax! T-shirts are inexpensive too.
  12. I agree and when with CC, the dining room on disembarkation day has always changed to a different dining room but usual CC staff was there to meet us. I was skeptical of value of additional money for CC but now it would be difficult to not have it.
  13. Was the comedian AJ Jamal? If so, I never laughed so much-my sides hurt. We were on Jan. 4-11.
  14. Is the SUNSET QUARTET still on the ship? We enjoyed them wherever they were entertaining on the ship. We had enjoyed them on a different ship so were delighted to find them again-usually in Wheelhouse. The Singer (Marie?) is married to the drummer in the group. We were on the ROYAL Jan. 4-11. Always wondered about Secret Silk and Encore so were glad to have opportunity to see them--especially Encore! Secret Silk was somewhat difficult to follow the story--would have appreciated an explanation prior to seeing it. High praises for Marcus as he was amazing cruise director-also enjoyed him on the STAR!
  15. We did UST just last week on the ROYAL and as usual, it was amazing. We have also been able to do it on two other ships but at our age, this was probably the last time due to all the walking and stairs. It lasts about 3 hours and well worth the cost in terms of what you learn. We went right to the passenger service desk within 45 minutes of embarkation and were #11 and #12 on the list as they only allowed 14 names. One gentleman said he signed up within the first hour and he had to be put on waiting list--luckily there was a cancellation and he was able to join us. I always compared it to cost of an excursion but some excursions aren't worth the price.
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