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  1. Great point! I totally forgot about that, because after the facial scan we stood there with our passports kind of wondering what was next and what we were supposed to do! We kept them out until we had our bags and were outside...only then we fully realized that we were done done haha
  2. A few random photos.... Here is an iguana we saw at CocoCay! Skee Ball in the arcade! Although I couldn’t figure out how to play...tough to get older haha! Onboard drink package offering...don’t fall for it! Cheaper to prebuy online!! Towel animal...just because!! Room service menus...
  3. Regarding our stateroom: Our stateroom attendant “Cris” was amazing! Very attentive, always positive, and had a way of almost never being seen! And I mean this in a good way! He was kind of stealthy and got things done as we were away at meals or ports. Thanks Cris!
  4. Woke up on disembarkation day to the sights and sounds of Port Canaveral! I held a brief moment of excitement for the upcoming passengers that would board in a few hours, then remembered we were departing...😩 Bittersweet best describes this day haha! Anyway, we gathered our last bit of belongings and headed up to the windjammer for breakfast. Then we headed to the schooner bar to meet up with the other suite guests and Tao for our escort off the ship. Once off the ship, we found the much discussed customs and immigration robots and poof! we were done! Just a quick facial scan and t
  5. Depends on the show you’re referring to. Please see cruise compass posts throughout the thread. They will give you a good idea!
  6. So we actually skipped bingo and opted to continue relaxing on our balcony and enjoyed the views of the Caribbean. Headed to dinner at Chops and requested Margaret again as we enjoyed her service and smile! We both had filets again for dinner, but I did get a couple appetizer pics! DW had the Lobster Bisque... I had the Tuna Tartare... Super good as always! Had dessert and then headed our cabin to pack up. Got the bags out and visited the casino briefly. Arrived at the Craps table as things were heating up! Played for about an hour. Had a good ru
  7. After the cupcake class we decided to visit the adults only Solarium for a quick dip in the hot tub. It was a great temperature albeit crowded as it was a sea day. Next we went back to the room to change and decided to go to Playmakers for lunch. We had a look at the menu...and ordered nachos to start and each had a burger. Most tables have a game on them, ours had connect four so we played while we waited! Fun! The burgers were very good and juicy and the fries were really good. Nachos...meh. No real melted cheese, just some cheese
  8. Good morning everyone! Got a full 8 hours of sleep in preparation for a long sea day. Grabbed quick breakfast in Windjammer. I also grabbed an Americano at the bar and DW had her fresh squeezed OJ. This was the view: Next we headed straight to Jamie’s for a cupcake decorating class DW wanted to do. Lots of fun, and to our surprise Franc was the one leading the class! He was so funny and energetic, thanks again Franc! Here’s a couple pics...we started with this pile of nonsense! Then we made a few different shapes... And voila! The final product
  9. Quest was a great success as always! Love that they continuously change the questions to keep us all on our toes. Won’t say much more in case you haven’t been, but this is a don’t miss event for us every cruise! After Quest we headed back to the room. I was hungry so I ordered some wings from room service. Not too bad! Sea day tomorrow, and we have lots we want to do and lots of relaxing we want to do...we’ll see what happens! Talk to everyone later!
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