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  1. We've never had a bad cruise either! It's our favorite vacation! Sailed with Princess, RCCL, and Carnival. MSC offered us a great cruise, but yes RCCL still stands first for us! Enjoy your MSC cruise!!!
  2. We just got off Meraviglia on Saturday. Had a great cruise in a YC Deluxe Suite! That said, we have sailed with RCCL many times and MSC left us lacking something. I've read MANY reviews stating how amazing MSC and the YC is, but we just didn't have the same experience. Our favorite cruise ships have been and still are the OASIS class ships. I have to disagree in saying Meraviglia has a "WOW" factor similar to Oasis class ships. IMO you'll have an amazing cruise and vacation and there are definite aspects of MSC that blows RCCL out of the water! Form your own opinion after cruising with MSC, and then you'll know who to cruise with after. For us, we'll be going back to RCCL for the next cruise, but we won't rule out sailing with MSC again if the itinerary fits our needs.
  3. We experienced the internet to be just OK. However, it worked as advertised for us. It's not highspeed in any fashion, and you have to manually turn it "ON" and "OFF" or yes you will be kicked off after 15min or so. This is designed to keep you from burning all your MB unintentionally I believe. We spent $59 I think and we didn't run out of MB for our 7 night Mediterranean.
  4. Pre purchase is definitely best option. We pre purchased, shows, dinners, spa treatments, and internet and saved money on all compared to what you pay on ship.
  5. Paid 30 Euro for the two of us, each way. We speak zero italian, but the cab drivers are safe and regulated IMO. They will all understand "Cruise Port" and "Genoa Airport", so I wouldn't worry about communication barrier. This will be your cheapest option, as cruise transfers are quite expensive, especially with a family of 4. We also liked the flexibility and swiftness of hopping right into a cab, without waiting for a bus to fill up. Enjoy your cruise!
  6. We never had to wait once when arriving for dinner. We arrived various times each night and had no issues. That said, I have to agree with this post that a table for 2, 6 inches away from next table was not appreciated. I get it, but we do like a little space. A note on service in YC restaurant on Meraviglia....SLOW. As always, take everything with a grain of salt, but our experience in YC was bad enough that we ate at the Butchers Cut twice so we could enjoy smiles and great service. During our 3 nights in the YC for dinner, we watched 4 couples get up and leave prior to getting their food, or even before ordering due to the slow service. We came for breakfast 3 times, and ended up walking out ourselves on 2nd visit. Not sure it was even noticed until after we were gone. Maybe a fluke, but things seemed quite disorganized.
  7. Hope this helps! We are fresh off Meraviglia Mediterranean cruise from the 12th-19th. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  8. Can anyone comment on tipping in MSC Yacht Club? We have sailed in suites several times with Royal Caribbean and have our own understanding of tipping in concierge lounge, etc. This is our first Mediterranean cruise and 1st time with MSC, so we want to be prepared! Thank you!!
  9. Thanks so much for the photos and information! So helpful! Am curious to see what kind of weather we will have, seems it can go both ways. Malta and Sicily may be a bit warmer. At any rate, we expect to use the spa quite a bit for warmth and relaxation.
  10. Wow ok thanks! Good to know!
  11. Anyone have updated Meraviglia spa prices for massages and such? We are curious to know how much they are once on board versus buying in advance online. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for your review! We are going on Meraviglia in just 11 days! Did you visit the spa at all? We are going for a relaxing cruise but anticipating some busy days in port. Will be booking a few excursions as this is our 1st Med cruise but don’t want to overdo it. Anything else stand out? Do you have any of the daily planners from your cruise? Any trouble communicating on ship or in ports? Thanks for any help you may provide.
  13. Thank you so much for the great info! I actually just watched the Smithsonian video last night! We are easy going and this will be my 11th cruise so we’re used to the good and bad. As you said, your vacation is what you make of it and we’re going to have a blast! Great pictures as well. Glad you all had such fun!
  14. That does seem pricey, but happy to know what to expect. Safe to assume there are ATM’s on the ship? I know we can get cash in Euros at the airport, but don’t want to carry to much at once...
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