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  1. There were promo codes posted on this website for a small percentage off on excursions (10%) and other Carnival purchases over the black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Something to watch for during that time. I believe the codes came from John Herald's fb page but could be wrong.
  2. Thank you for posting, excursion code worked for me.
  3. We have done the Mayan Kingdom (pyramid/water slide thing) a few times. They have various slides, zipline, zip coaster, lazy river and pool. It has never been that busy when we have gone so no lines, quite appreciate that after a few days on a cruise ship. There is an elevator in the pyramid to get to the water slides and zips, so the only stairs are on the towers connecting the zipline runs. Only thing missing was a hot tub as one time it was on one of the coldest days they have seen down there and we froze our butts off. Other than that we always enjoyed our day.
  4. We did it a couple years ago and it was good. If any of the activities were a single tour on their own we would of been disappointed but the fact there was so much to do we really did enjoy ourselves. The downsides were the lines and the fact we had a talkative tour guide at the estate tour. Groups came and went and he just kept talking, this preventative us from doing all that we planned and tainted our experience. One lady with our group just rode the ziplines the whole day; she loved it and was planning to go back on her next cruise. For us it was one of those tours we liked but probably would not do again.
  5. Thanks! I had read somewhere that taxi's were not keen to do this so I was looking for other options in case. The quote below is from a previous post regarding transport between terminals, might try that too. "There is a free shuttle you can use...it's an unmarked white coach with a sign in the window "Complimentary to Parking Garages". We had checked with the ladies who are organizing the taxis in front of the Celebrity terminal and one of them called the coach driver to stop for us....it's free but we gave the driver a nice tip for taking us to Terminal B"
  6. If possible, can you please report back on how it went when you return. We are considering doing the same thing in January and my mother, who is 73, is coming. She is pretty spry but may not be up to leaping over barriers hauling luggage.
  7. We attached the magnetic hooks to the ceiling between the beds and hang an opaque shower curtain. Muffles the snores and saves the roommate(s) from getting the full show when sleep ware rides up or down during the night😲.
  8. I wish they would too. We are doing consecutive cruises this year but unfortunately doing this you can not hit the more Southern ports that a longer cruise can☹️
  9. Yes, I was there with my 72 year old mother in January and she did not jump. There are also stairs and a short ladder at the bottom if you want to go in to the water and swim, you have to stay close to the edges to not be in the way of the jumpers. She did do the climb up where you hold on to each other over the slippery rocks. It is beautiful but very busy, people everywhere.
  10. I am sailing the Breakaway in January and choose the 10-10:30 time slot when doing the online check-in. My traveling companion did their check- in at a later date and the earliest she could get is 11:30. Told her I would be waiting in the bar😀
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