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  1. I just logged in and saw my late April cruise.
  2. I have a lot of OBC, so I'm waiting until we are onboard to book excursions. If we go on any excursions...Sometimes we just stay aboard and enjoy the ship.
  3. April 25 2021 on Carnival Glory. Ocean View. Went up by $20/person.
  4. Another thought about crews: Carnival has sold or put to scrap at least two of the smaller ships. And they may not have all ships sailing in 2020. That will alleviate some of their needs for extensive crews. As ships come online through 2021, I'm sure they will be planning ahead for crewing those ships.
  5. After being cancelled twice by Carnival for fall cruising (1st on the Mardi Gras, and the 2nd my rebook on the Magic), I've decided not to take a chance on 2020. I've rebooked for April 2021 on the Glory from my home port of New Orleans. No travel out of state to get to a ship. Just cross the Crescent City Connection on an Uber and board the ship. I think that will be safe...
  6. Can't wait to see if they expand to all ships. My favorite excursions are cooking classes.
  7. Depends on the port. If I've been there many times, I wont do much more that shop or not even get off the ship. If I haven't been there before, I try for a Carnival excursion that is more cultural, so I can learn something about the people and history of the location. I also do research about the locations so I can go out on my own if I wish.
  8. Mardi Gras Transatlantic cancelled. So rebooked on Magic for end of September. Still on...
  9. Coffee from the Coffee shop. Sit on deck and watch the sun rise. Go to stateroom, get wife, go to seaday brunch. Go to Serenity Deck with book and towel. Get beer bucket and chill until hungry. Grab some food (usually a couple of burritos) and bring back to wife. Nap and read through afternoon. Get ready for dinner about 4pm or so. Hang out in Alchemy Bar until dinner. Early sitting in dining room. Back to Alchemy Bar. Catch a show or comedy club. Go dancing somewhere. (Casino area or Atrium). Grab another drink at Alchemy Bar.
  10. First cruise of the "modern" era was Carnival Conquest out of New Orleans when it was first launched and New Orleans was her home port. Loved the ship and crew. And had a blast with my wife on this first cruise together. Every time the C. Conquest has come back to New Orleans we have sailed on her. Still my favorite ship.
  11. Did have the transatlantic scheduled, but Carnival cancelled due to delays in the shipyard providing the ship on time. But do have another cruise scheduled at same time. Was able to move the money and fees over to a new cruise. At a discount.
  12. I have a spa cabin booked for Carnival Magic in September. I guess I will baking in the sun!
  13. Worst cabin I ever had was aft on the Carnival Fantasy. We were aft in R200s. One night either an engine or propeller goes out and the whole aft section is shuddering all night. Next day in port we get notice that this will continue until we get to home port (New Orleans) and they can get parts. Certainly made sleeping difficult the rest of the cruise.
  14. Thanks for the review! I just booked for Sept 2020.
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