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  1. It's SWAG. Like when you go to a convention and vendors give out SWAG. Sometimes SWAG is cool (one vendor gave out crazy socks this year). Sometimes SWAG sucks (I've got way too many crappy ink pens). Take the good SWAG. Donate the crappy SWAG. (Need to bring those ink pens to Goodwill).
  2. I admit to being a beer snob. I don't drink American domestics. I'm really spoiled here in New Orleans with the variety from our local breweries, all of which are carried in local markets. I did see Abita Amber last year on the Carnival Triumph (out of the Port of New Orleans and before her makeover). I'm really looking forward to tasting the new Carnival brews next month on the Carnival Glory.
  3. Just read the article. He was found by the pool. He was probably up on the Panorama deck or Jogging Track and fell to the Lido deck.
  4. Got a "guaranteed" upgrade only once. We get to the cabin, which was an Oceanview (we originally booked inside cabin), and it had all this swag for Carnival Players Club. I guess someone in the club cancelled last minute. But, great swag! And FTTF debarkation was thrown in!
  5. November cruise coming up on the Carnival Glory: -New BBQ on second story of Red Sail (Panorama Deck). -Lobster Roll from Seafood Shaq -Night snuggling on Serenity Deck -Waterslides! -Afternoon Tea -Spiked coffee -New Carnival Brewery Beers -Behind the Fun Tour (never before on this ship) I'm a regular at the Alchemy Bar and always trying new foods at the MDR. Have done Steakhouse and Behind the Fun before on other ships.
  6. I always have extra Mardi Gras beads. I put those on the door or mail box.
  7. Your hotel is not far from a Houston's and from John's Steakhouse on St. Charles Ave. You could even walk.
  8. Actually it was my very first cruise on the Carnival Conquest when it was first in New Orleans. We were cruising in May around when the colleges had let out for summer. I was out on deck for first sea day and a group of LSU students decided that the back deck above the aft pool would be the topless deck. Because, you know, can't have tan lines...
  9. I'm not a sun-worshipper, but love being outside. I will find a shady lounger and read while sipping on alcoholic beverages. I'm a Serenity Deck inhabitant. Sometimes I nap out there. If there are cooking demos, I do go to those. And I love a Behind the Fun tour! Sometimes my wife talks me into a demonstration or spa visit.
  10. I do drink beer during the afternoon while on board, but I couldn't drink four. But I do get the bucket because I've found I can bring what I don't drink back to the room and put it in the fridge or in a bucket of ice for the next day. I bring a little collapsible cooler to keep the beer cold while on deck.
  11. I enjoyed my steakhouse experience, but it was too much food. Rather go to MDR and eat what is offered.
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