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  1. On the Allure last June, my last cruise due to one being cancelled, my husband and son-in-law wore suits and my daughter and I both wore long dresses. My 5 year old granddaughter had on a long dress and looked beautiful and my 3 year old grandson had on a tux and was so handsome - the kids were made over by many people, not just older people. We did not seem at all in the minority, so maybe 50% dressed up. Nicely dressed were 35% and maybe 15% in quite casual dress. I was surprised after reading these boards that so many did dress formally. My daughter enjoys dressing up, and I enjoyed a rare night in a long dress, so we were dressing formally anyway, even if we were in the minority.
  2. I wonder if this means we are back to the doctor's letter that Royal had and then took off their web site. Fitness for travel could mean a lot of things. I was 70 in February and while having my cholesterol lowered to normal by medication would not stop me from traveling, the doctor's letter might stop me in Coronavirus times. I plan to wait to cruise until there is a vaccine. If the doctor's letter is still there, we will have to see. Cruising was my favorite vacation, but I might have to find a new one.
  3. I requested our refund on April 17 and received it on May 15. Much soon than I expected. They had said 40 days. I was just happy to receive it! It is not itemized, but it looks like we got the non refundable deposits back, which I was not sure we would get. We would be on the Liberty of the Seas right now if this had not happened.
  4. Maybe I got that wrong - sorry! The barbeque place is on the is on the port side and the Wipeout Café was on the starboard side. On the Allure and Oasis, El Loco Fresh is where the Wipeout was. It sounds Mexican. I don't know if that is for pay or not. On the Harmony, Mini Bites is where the Wipeout was, but was the same as the Wipeout when I was on the Harmony.
  5. I actually like the Windjammer for lunch. I had been going to the Wipeout Café for breakfast on the bigger ships, but they are being removed for Portside Barbeque, that we will pay for, I think. I could easily get what I wanted and was sitting outside easily apart 6' from others when it did not matter. While I can see the problems with people touching serving utensils and with the crowds in the Windjammer, I cannot think of a place where we are closer to other people than an elevator. Think of going to dinner times, or after dinner, or after a show and there is no way to avoid this unless you walk the stairs at all times, which not everyone can. Maybe a vaccine will make all this worry go away.
  6. Mine said 45 days from the day of cancellation, which was for me, April 17. So I am not holding my breath yet for the money to come in. The cruise planner items came within 10 days.
  7. I hope by a year after the vaccine is available it will be safe to cruise again. I hope the cruise lines require that passengers submit proof they have been vaccinated for Covid19 so the ship won't be quarantined. This won't be popular with a lot of people, but I still hope they require it.
  8. Thanks, I am happy to know that. Last time I looked, it was there. You are right, though, it is not there now. It says the restrictions were lifted in early April, but I know it was there much longer than that. Maybe they just didn't get it off their website in early April. I am relieved that it is gone. 🙂
  9. I have gotten some e-mail for Princess that I liked. One was a tour of one of their ships, the Royal Princess, and one had one of their chefs explain how to make Brookies, which are brownies with a chocolate chip cookie in the middle. They provided the recipe to make at home. I expect to get offers to book, but I enjoyed something other than that. Also, I enjoyed our cruise with them through the Panama Canal in January 2018. They also don't have a coronavirus letter for a doctor to sign on their site yet. I doubt I will cruise with anyone until there is a vaccine, but since the coronavirus letter for a doctor to sign from Royal, I am willing to look elsewhere.
  10. The odds of a doctor signing the "over 70" waiver is not good since it is linked to the Corona Virus. Being over 70 along makes us more vulnerable to the virus, not even taking into account any preexisting condition. The fact that the doctor has to "attest" to it makes it more unlikely he/she would sign it. "Attest" is a legal term, isn't it? I hope this form will go away if there is ever a vaccine. I wanted to take the FCC instead of asking for a refund for our May 17 cruise, but with that "over 70" form, I could not take the chance of it being in effect in Dec. 2021 with no vaccine available yet.
  11. I watched the interview with the Carnival CEO. I was glad he calmly did not let the interviewers bully him. I thought he did a good interview for the cruise industry. I had a May 17 cruise scheduled on the Liberty of the Seas that was cancelled. I asked for the refund and will get it in 45 days, less the non-refundable deposit. I plan to cruise again, but am not sure the cruise industry can survive this. I want them to.
  12. The doctor's statement for people over 70 indicates this is about the Corona Virus affecting a list of chronic conditions. It used to say it would be in effect for 30 days. I would never cruise before there is a vaccine, since the statistics for people over 70 ending up dead when they get this virus are not good. I cannot imagine my doctor would sign this right now. I am hoping this will go away after the vaccine is available. I would be taking the same medication I took when I was under 70 for the chronic condition I have.
  13. This coupled with the CDC's ruling about not being able to get on public transportation after the cruise and then stay at home for two weeks even if you are healthy and then the doctor's statement for people over 70 will make it almost impossible for us to cruise until maybe there is a vaccine and all these restrictions might go away.
  14. I am still in touch with a couple we met on our second cruise. Our 18 year old daughter and a girlfriend were with us and we were seated with a couple who had teenage girls the same age, but were not with them. We hit it off very well and had a great time at dinner. We met for some shows and ran into each other on the ship as well. I am friends with them on Facebook and we still joke about meeting for a drink on the pool deck. ☺️
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