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  1. I still want to cruise, but accept that it won't happen soon. Other options are also not possible until the virus situation changes. We're not going anywhere. Sigh.
  2. I e-mailed my brother about it on March 17 and commented there were two threads about it. I must have searched wrong, because I could not find the threads. You were lucky enough to have a normal cruise before this all hit cruising.
  3. I think the cruise lines should require the vaccine. They did not worry about alienating customers over 70 when this started with the required doctor's statement that no doctor in his/her right mind would sign and they got rid of it eventually, so I don't think they will worry about people who won't sail if they have to a vaccination against Covid-19. I would not want to be stuck on a ship with people who came down with the virus, so I hope they require the vaccine. I also hope it will be a proven and safe vaccine. Obviously there might be exceptions for people who medically canno
  4. My total points still shows our May cruise that was cancelled, and since they did not give you the double points for a suite, it is hard to tell whose account is more screwed up, yours or mine! In time this will get straightened out. I hope they don't mess it up further. 🙄
  5. When I log into my account, it still shows the cruise RCI cancelled in May on my past cruises and also the points for this cruise. I expect their software is not up to date right now. I think it would be a nice perk to get to keep the points, but life does not often give us something for nothing.
  6. I requested a refund for our May 17 cruise. It was supposed to come in 40 days, but actually our card was credited in 30 days. I am sorry this is taking so long for you.
  7. So sorry about your husband. God bless him for serving.
  8. We were on the Harmony in February 2018 for my brother's birthday. I checked with him and he said the cabin attendant gave him a card to leave in the card reader on the wall so the air conditioning would stay on when he left. It did take a while to cool down the cabin when you came back, which is why people used a card of their own to leave in the card reader to keep the air conditioning on. I think this was so prevalent that they changed it to just turn on/off the lights. I would let it turn off/on the lights without putting in a card to fool the system.
  9. I remember on the Harmony, the lights and I think that the air conditioning also went off when you left. I imagine the air conditioning going off would really save money.
  10. Richard Fain did not look like I expected him to, but still he made it to be the CEO of Royal Caribbean. His view of the future was interesting to hear and who knows how cruising will be when finally ships sail again. No doubt we will be asked to wash our hands, as we were asked to do this before. It is interesting that Symphony is 25% more efficient that Oasis - that is an improvement.
  11. I will wait for the extra points and the cruise to be removed. I think it would be a goodwill gift from Royal, but I know It would have to be removed to keep the peace.
  12. I had an aunt and uncle who cruised during the late 60's and 70's and the pictures showed them always dressed up. I think society in general tended to dress up more then. Dancing was more popular then, too. It is interesting that the dining rooms are still more formal than many restaurants on land, just like they were back in the day. My parents never went on a cruise and my aunt and uncle were the only people I knew of who did take cruises.
  13. I logged into RCI and went to Past Cruises to check something and our May 17, 2020 cruise on the Liberty that Royal cancelled was shown at the top of the list. It also shows seven additional points on the main screen, like we took this cruise. Do they give you credit for a cruise if they cancel it, or is this just a mistake?
  14. The first balcony I had was on the Navigator of the Seas out of Miami. We had returned from the Muster Drill and I stepped out on the balcony. The Explorer was coming down the channel and was almost going past us. Seeing that ship so close to us and so big and pretty filled with happy people waving at us was a magical moment.
  15. I worked for a school district on a computer help desk for 18 years. Each year when school started, we were swamped with calls. I would be on a call and see the phone light blinking non stop and tried to help each caller the best I could and then go to the next one. I feel for these people calling RCCL when the phones are backed up and for the agent that gets the next caller. I'm not sorry to be retired. 🙂
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