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  1. Crossing our fingers! We have Nov 7th booked as well, so hopefully we will know our way around.
  2. Florida just got removed from many quarantine lists. Check again to be sure.
  3. I'm a she 😊. It is for invited guests and all I know so far is that it is "A 2 night voyage" but did not say anything about Bimini as far as I know at this point.
  4. Hahaha! That really did make me laugh out loud! SAME HERE. Our paid trip is in September but we are invited to the inaugural voyage on the 17th of March and come hell or high water I'm going! Unless, of course, I'm the unlucky one who gets coronavirus and have to stay home. 🙄
  5. Yikes! We're supposed to board on the 17th of March. Hope we hear more about what's happening between now and then.
  6. According to my Virgin Voyages contact, all inaugural events in Miami are still on. Of course, that is as of today. We will see how it plays out.
  7. From my multiple sales meetings with Virgin Voyages, the Galley is a food hall. Each separate eatery has it's own chef (unlike mass cruise lines that have one chef overseeing all food offerings). The restaurants onboard also have their own separate chef driven menus. From everything that I have heard and read "from the horses mouth" the Galley is most certainly not a buffet. I have not been onboard yet, so the truth may be different than what I have been told.
  8. I was invited to the 2 night inaugural fam event from Miami. Now I'm worried. Flights booked, arrangements made. Had to juggle multiple things. Oh well. We'll see. It is what it is.
  9. On mine it has our cabin as a limited view sea terrace 👀. We are booked in a Biggest Aft Rockstar suite. Thankfully I am an agent and looked it up on the booking engine. All looks correct there.
  10. Where did you find this? What about the return flights from NY for those currently onboard?
  11. I figured it out, finally. Just long press the year and you can quickly scroll to the correct year. I'm too old to patiently scroll! 🤣
  12. How do we get to the correct birth year when apps have that calendar instead of just writing it in??
  13. The Galley is not a buffet, unless the Virgin staff are outright lying. I have been to several VV meetings and at each, when speaking about the Galley, they describe it as a food hall with separate restaurants offering made to order menu items. Each restaurant is chef driven with a different chef in charge for each, vastly different than the mass cruise lines where one chef oversees all the offerings. They did away with the buffet concept to move from the enormous waste of food. It is not a buffet. The seating may seem like it because the tables are food hall style, not located in/beside the individual restaurants, but centrally locatedfor all.
  14. The VERY BEST thing (for me) about Scarlet Lady is that NOT everyone likes her!! She is NOT mass market and will not appeal to the masses. BRAVO! I don't even know if I will like her, but I am open minded. If I don't, no worries. Plenty will. Certainly won't be my last vacation.
  15. Live FB tour by Travel Weekly today at 3pm EST. "Latest images of #ScarletLady we can't wait to get on board today! Tune in to Travel Weekly's exclusive Facebook Live tour with Virgin Voyages from 3pm." https://www.facebook.com/events/642867886473918/
  16. This is an older screenshot. They have since revised prices.
  17. No word regarding Bingo or Trivia or any other "typical" cruise entertainment. There is no cruise director. There is a "Happenings Cast". When I say it is going to be a COMPLETELY different experience, I'm not kidding. COMPLETELY different. I will personally either love it or hate it, but I can tell you I am VERY excited to at least try it. We have had a 4 night in September booked since the very first day reservations were taken, no discounts, no agency special perks. Since then, I have been invited to the Miami Inaugural 2 day cruise in mid March, before she starts taking paying passengers. I will finally have the answers everyone keeps asking me about and an idea of WHO would be happiest on this ship. Believe me, I will report.
  18. 100% true, and they have said as much, verbatim. Also, they are not marketing only to couples without children. They want couples who need a break from their children 🙂. Average age of those already booked is 47 (a true 47, not like the other lines who average the children's ages). They have created a new category of cruiser as well - Rebellious Luxe, A Category of One. At our meeting we did hit upon a slight snag. An agency had booked a group of 80 yr olds who are VERY interested in cruising with Virgin, but EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING will be done by smartphone. No documents to print, no flyers on your bed every night, no brochure racks. They only have flip phones.
  19. They WANT you to post on social media, OFTEN. They have said it time and time again, at every meeting I have attended.
  20. Plain and simple. If you don't or won't cruise without a drink package, they are not your cruise line and THEY are not looking for YOU either. It is not a bad thing. They are a small, 1 ship (so far) line. They will fill their ship. As far as being "disappointed" with this or that - my goodness. If it's not one thing its another. Totally surprised some of you are cruising AT ALL. 🤦‍♀️🤣
  21. I disagree. First, the Virgin Voyages prices include gratuity. Second, I was just in NYC a couple of weeks ago, cocktails averaged about $18 and beer about $11. Obviously, we are not talking about the corner pub, but apples to apples.
  22. Tell me about it! When I saw all the charges on my NCL tab I thought I was going to explode. They add up FAST and it doesn't help that they overcharge and apologize. I'm over it.
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