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  1. I also called today and was advised that I could lift and shift to either of the 2 - 14 day cruises in 2022 

    one is a 14 day cruise on the Silhouette - June 11th - Iceland / Ireland

    one is a 14 day cruise on the Silhouette - July 30th - Spain/ Mediterranean


    neither one is a Baltic cruise, but, those are my options if I want to move to next year


  2. For what it is worth, today I contacted Celebrity to inquire if it was possible to “lift & shift” my upcoming September 22nd , 2021 Canada / New England cruise to September of 2022. 
    Upon checking with the resolutions department, the representative advised that Celebrity would honor my request and allow me to maintain my original pricing and perks. Bear in mind that this upcoming September cruise was already “lifted & shifted” once before from last year in 2020.

    With the disappearance of the upcoming 2021 Celebrity Canada / New England cruises from the website, it appears that this year’s cruises will be cancelled. Also, they seemed to be very accommodating in honoring my request today - possibly having info that has not been released to the public yet.

  3. Received an email today from Celebrity for a new promotion beginning today May 11th for Captain’s Club members who are “classic” and above in membership status. The promotion runs till June 1st according to the email. 
    10% off cruise fare -for existing bookings into the future - along with new bookings

    i currently have 2 future reservations and the TA was able to have one repriced with an additional 10% off the fare price - overall, a $450 reduction in price. 
    if you are at “classic” level or above, it pays to check to see if you qualify for the savings. 

  4. The same thing happened yesterday to me also. On an existing booking, while checking for price drops, the new price for an identical reservation showed a price drop of $560.

    the new lower price showed a $0 price cost for an upgraded “4 perks package”.


    i emailed my agent to see if Celebrity would reprice my existing booking to match the current package showing on the website. While she was on hold, Celebrity apparently realized it was a computer mistake and corrected the issue before she could speak with someone.


    Even though she was able to provide Celebrity with a screenshot of the lower booking, Celebrity would not honor the request due to the apparent malfunction in the system.


    I have had this happen previously for another reservation and Celebrity did honor the request that time. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose



  5. My family also has 3 cabins ( 1 balcony and 2 interior) booked for the May 26th sailing in 2020 on the Constellation. Each of the cabins have 3 family members assigned on the same deck in close proximity to one another.

    As of this minute, all 3 are still showing “guarantee” status with our original room assignments gone. The cruise and rooms were selected in January of 2019 while selections were still good. Celebrity has re-opened the booking today for this particular cruise date, and mock bookings do not show any available 3 person cabins.
    I am not a happy camper over this delay and the possibility that we will be distributed around the ship away from each other. 
    In the absence of any communications from Celebrity concerning this issue, we are seriously considering cancelling the cruise since final payment is due in about 7 weeks.

    Hopefully, the issue will be resolved soon in our favor, as it has been for others.

    Good luck to those still waiting.


  6. For the past several months, i’ve had my eye on a Canadian/New England cruise in September of 2020. Each day I’ve conducted dummy bookings to gauge any and all price changes that may occur with the ongoing promotions. On Valentines night, while going through the process, I pulled up the cruise as usual and discovered that the price had dropped approximately $500 total, and also included all 4 of the perks usually offered by Celebrity. This was under the non refundable option at the end of the booking process. I immediately jumped on the offer and completed the booking without any difficulty. As a precaution, I took screenshots of the reservation summary which outlined the total price and inclusion of the 4 perks. (Usually only 3 perks are offered under the non refundable offer). Rechecking the same cruise later showed a return to the original price with only 3 perks included.


    Several days later, I contacted Celebrity customer service to doublecheck the booking only to discover that their system did not show the booking as described above - regular price with only 3 perks being given. Since the customer service rep could not make a decision on the booking, I was referred to another department within Celebrity and advised to email them with my booking/reservation issue. 


    Today, I was contacted by a Celebrity representative who advised that Celebrity would honor the booking reservation price as I had presented and would add an additional $350 onboard credit to cover the 4th perk of free gratuities. The rep advised that they are aware of this glitch in the system that occurs from time to time - and are working on trying to solve the issue on their end.


    Needless to say, I am beyond happy that Celebrity quickly honored the booking that was presented to me - even though their computer booking system has an apparent glitch. This time, it worked out tremendously in my favor. 


    It pays to pay attention and doublecheck any and all “great” deals that may come your way while booking during the process. Also, take screen shots to back up your claim if you happen to experience a situation such as mine.

    Once again, Celebrity took the high road in this situation, admitted there is an apparent issue within their booking system, and made good on the reservation as it was booked. 

  7. Does anyone know when Celebrity will open the itineraries and bookings for the ships which are sailing in Europe during 2021 ?

    An approximate time frame would be good if anyone happens to know Celebrity's history into the future with it's cruises. 


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