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  1. We would like to book the Cozumel Dolphin Swim with Unlimited Food and Drinks for $125 pp. Can anyone tell me what beach this is located on? How far from the Carnival pier? If you have 4 people in your party and only 2 want to swim with the dolphins, but the other 2 only want to go along, is that possible? How would that work? Thanks, Deb
  2. Does Carnival still dock at the same pier they have been using for at least the last 10 years. We will be catching a taxi to Chankanaab and I just want to make sure that we won't be on the other side of the island, instead of just 4 miles away from the beach. Thanks
  3. Do you have small children going with you? We just did the Breeze in April (husband and I in our 50s) and we had shore excursions set up for all 4 days in port and I found it exhausting! I think the port days were all right in a row.....
  4. I have always gone to the casino cage and the fun money was loaded on to my card, which meant you had to play with it in the casino. Never have I been given cash.
  5. I just booked the Vista today for March 2020. I booked an Ocean Suite for my husband and I and an Interior for our girls (21 and 30). We were hoping that they could be across the hall from us; however, the ship was so booked we barely got rooms at all. The girls are maybe 9 doors down the hall. What I'm wondering is if there is a way to go to the Carnival website and see what rooms are available (thinking someone might cancel and I could get them closer to us). I know this isn't a major biggie, but just thought it could be something I could check every once in awhile. I know you can do a "mock" reservation....will that work?
  6. We have sailed out of Galveston once. We stayed at an Embassy Suites, I believe. We did not have a car, as we took some sort of shuttle from Houston and there was noplace near the Embassy to walk to for dinner (although there was a grocery store). It looked kind of cute when we were taken down by the pier the next morning....are there some things to do down there and a nice place to stay? We have a 10 a.m. flight from Milwaukee on Friday and will be getting to Galveston early enough to actually do something besides just eat....so looking for a nice hotel and maybe a grocery that sells liquor....thanks
  7. Buy some wine when you get to your port city. Bring it onboard. If you're very nice to your wait staff, you may not get the corkage fee.
  8. I have used the over-the-door shoe holder for years in the bathroom, just to keep all the health and beauty items off the counter. We also save about 2-3 weeks worth of wire dry cleaning hangers so that we can hang up our clothes instead of putting them in the drawers......Carnival doesn't give you very many....then we just leave them there when we leave.
  9. I was just reading some of the cruise rules.....they state that if you're bringing a prescription on board it has to be in it's original container. Has anybody ever had trouble with this? It's much easier to use my Sunday thru Saturday pill dispenser than it is to bring a bunch of bottles with me.
  10. They have already taken smoking away from the airports, planes, then the dining room, then inside your cabin, and now the balcony. Now, as a smoker, we have about 2 choices on where to smoke on that huge cruise ship. And we are following the rules by smoking at the casino bar. Please stop bashing us.... We are only doing what we are told....I actually had a woman walk by the bar on our last cruise and tell us we were going to die from cancer. Well, I have had a loved one die from cancer, and that was absolutely uncalled for....
  11. Four years ago we had a bus from the port at Cape to the Orlando Airport....now I cannot find any information about them at all. I am looking for something reliable that will be there first thing in the morning for our 11:30 a.m. flight. Also, not looking to pay more than $25 each. Thanks
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