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  1. Honestly as I read through this thread, the fact that so many customers have been forced to file claims through their credit card companies in order to secure their promised refunds after waiting patiently for 90 days is just absolutely shameful on Crystal's part. IMHO this is really damaging their brand....what can they possibly be thinking?
  2. FYI I just filed a claim with American Express after waiting over 100 days for my refund. They immediately credited the money back to my account and will follow up with Crystal. I can't imagine what they are thinking with the delayed refunds and poor communication and follow up, but I am over and out with Crystal. They have lost us as customers over their handling of this matter.
  3. I share in your frustration - I am now upwards of 100 days waiting for a refund and my travel agent has already made two inquiries. I'm inclined to follow up with American Express and may do that if the refund doesn't appear in the next few days. I can tell you that I will never book anything on Crystal again because of this...extremely poor customer service. Surely they could deploy more personnel to expedite the refunds (or at least deliver the refunds within the promised 90 days), but they have chosen not to.
  4. Adding another voice to the chorus as now we are a bit over 90 days waiting for our refund. Our travel agent has been making inquiries for us and reports back that they are still processing and to give them another week. Although I'm certainly sympathetic to their cause, they are by no means alone and other companies are processing refunds at a faster rate. This certainly does not make me inclined to book a further cruise on Crystal. Communication and follow up has been sub-par.
  5. With all due respect to RachelG, the above is simply not true. My husband and son are physicians on the front lines in NYC and NJ trying to fight this pandemic, and while the great majority of patients do have pre-existing conditions, there are a good number of patients who do not. This virus is attacking otherwise young and healthy individuals in unpredictable ways, and new data is suggesting that it may be causing an unusual uptick in strokes among otherwise young and healthy individuals. Suggesting that there is a group i.e., "the rest of us" that is immune to the effects of this virus i
  6. After listening to Antony Fauci on the news and reading the state department directive above, it seems quite clear that if you get into trouble on a cruise ship as an American citizen you are on your own. For those that choose to travel, especially those in the high risk categories, you have been duly warned.
  7. YIKES and YUCK on those carpet stains....that carpet should have been replaced for you. Videos are wonderful though.....
  8. Unfortunately we canceled our upcoming cruise on Explorer a few days ago after reading troubling reports about the lack of reliable internet connectivity on board. It seems clear that this is certainly not a new problem, and the thought of being unable to connect to important matters back home while at sea was a deal breaker for us. We have enjoyed our past trips on Explorer but we have too many people back home (work, elderly parents) to take such a chance. I certainly will not book a future cruise unless and until this problem has been solved.
  9. I completely agree with the above. The fact that Travelcat2 is a frequent cruiser and has the perspective that things are usually better is of little benefit to those who are currently on the Explorer and experiencing multiple service issues. We have an upcoming cruise booked next spring on Explorer and the internet connectivity problems that appear to exist at the moment are giving us pause and making us reconsider the trip. Lack of reliable internet would be a dealbreaker for us.
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