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  1. May need to get on the internet an hour for 2 or 3 days. Never checked on any of my previous cruises because never needed it before. Can you purchase Wi-Fi by the hour or do you have to purchase it by the day or entire cruise? Does anyone now the cost of this? Thanks!
  2. We were on Deck 1 on the Horizon this year and was all quiet. We usually book deck 1 for the price and have never had any noise issues. I'm sure someone has had problems but I really like it on deck 1.
  3. 1 or 2 a year. Mixing in Holland next year
  4. No we are sailing out on a Sunday!
  5. There is not that many rooms left as Carnival hasn't assigned guest that book guarantee their rooms yet. They usually assign these rooms about 30-45 days out I believe.
  6. We are sailing out of Galveston on the Freedom and we are platinum and always like to be at our ports when the doors open. Does anyone know what time they open the doors and when they normally begin boarding? Thanks in advance.
  7. Will be sailing out of Seattle (pier 91) and would like to know what experiences you have had with parking at the pier.
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