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  1. Thanks, but for me they both redirect to ...azamara.com/int --Jeff
  2. I figured out how to login to my Account I was using a bookmark adressed as ...azamara.com It takes me to the home page, adressed as ...azamara.com/int I click on the Account button in the upper right It takes me to a page reading "Page Not Found", addressed as ...azamara.com/int/account/signin I change the bookmark to read (note no "/int") ...azamara.com/account/signin That takes me directly to my Account signin --Jeff
  3. I can't login to my account at Azamara.com. I keep getting "Page Not Found." Am I alone? --Jeff
  4. I kind of like the Azamara Endeavour. --Jeff
  5. Thanks for the "heads up." Mine has been approved too. Did it all online. Easy peasy. https://rclshareholderbenefit.questionpro.com/ --Jeff
  6. "It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future." Optimistically, we'll wait and see. We're not cancelling.
  7. We are disappointed that there will be no Azamazing evening on our Journey cruise, departing 21 November. Friends of ours convinced us to try Azamara and the special evening was one of their selling points. This will be our first time aboard Azamara. Makes me kind of sorry that we also booked another cruise in the spring.
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