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  1. Jackets for Dinner? Joining in Valpo - Are most of the Men wearing jackets in MDR and Spec Dining?
  2. Is there a way to private message another member? I went to that members page clicked on message and got a message back that said I could only sent 0 messages a day??? Anyone know how to send one
  3. Just signed up last minute for one of the segments of the 2019 WC. Any advice from previous cruisers on how a segment will be different than a regular cruise? Looks like excursions are picked over at this point and see no way to sign up for specialty dining - Any advice
  4. Thanks for your help. I will reserve a taxi. Cruise line price crazy high
  5. Will there likely be a problem finding a taxi to airport after a cruise or should I schedule a car wit Viking
  6. Thanks for your advice - We signed up for it
  7. Has anyone been on this excursion from Molde? Would you recommed it?
  8. I am arriving into Cairns at 8:00 AM on a cruise ship. Looks like most of the GBR tours leave at 7 or 8. Anybody know of a later one say 10:00 or so. A late return is no problem as we don't leave till noon the next day.
  9. First one in the que - no worry lots of cabs there.
  10. I've done both this year and would recommend the taxi at $20. Our limo pickup was $30 and frankly was more trouble than with emails etc. First time in I did the limo but would not bother.
  11. Would be hike. Taxi took 10+ minutes. Cabs inexpensive and easy. Just take a map and point to where you want to go. There is a taxi stand at cemetery for return. Several museums within walking distance of square.
  12. Does anybody have a recommendation for a Rio tour guide based on recent experiences. Most of what I am finding in searching this website is dated.
  13. Is it possible for anyone to help us with a referral voucher? We are first time Seabourn cruisers Any help much appreciated. You can email me on slatteryjt at gmail dot com if you have one to share. Thanks again
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