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  1. My husband and I enjoy sitting in the library at the window seats, very quiet. Or else you'll find us doing the jigsaws just outside of the library. We've done the theatre box on a couple of occasions. The glass is OK during the shows but if you sit there and a speaker is using a powerpoint then the reflections can get a bit annoying.
  2. Thanks guys I've checked and Avomine is available in Superdrug. I might be OK but as it's only a 3 night trip I don't want to waste any time being ill or asleep. I'll take them a couple of days before I go. One week to go, hurrah
  3. Sorry I should have googled first, a few links down and I've found a page from Cunard. Do Avomine sound familiar?
  4. Hello, Does anyone know the brand of travel sickness tablets that Cunard sell at the pursers desk? When I traveled across the pacific a few years ago I was very ill and these tablets worked wonders. Since then I've been over to Norway OK but looking out of the window at the wind I'm a bit worried about my trip next week. I'm going to buy something before I go in preparation. thanks Claire
  5. Great, he really enjoyed the lectures last time so I'll hope for someone interesting. Mind you we're leaving the children at home so just sitting still somewhere quiet, doing nothing will satisfy us.
  6. Hello, After a couple of years without a cruise I've booked a surprise mini-cruise for my husband's birthday. Hurrah. I realise it won't be quite the same as our previous full cruises but I'm really looking forward to it and I can't wait to see my husband's face. I've googled lots of reviews but I can't find out if the daily programme will be similar to the full cruises. Will there still be guest speakers on a short cruise? It's the Guernsey 3 night trip at the end of the month. There is nothing listed on the insights document on Cunard's website. thanks.
  7. What a fantastic review, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading that this morning. I do hope Dee enjoyed the nail polish, what a thoughtful thing to do.
  8. To blow the trumpet for Rotterdam there is lots of interesting architecture and stuff to see. Google Cube Houses - sorry posting pictures is beyond me!
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