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  1. It is great! We turn Platinum on the last day of our upcoming 14 day cruise. Boarding pass says Platinum/Priority! I love that Carnival counts it this way and you don't have to wait until the actual day. 🙂
  2. We just got off the Pride journey cruise January 20th and I ordered the pasta dish as an appetizer several nights and always received an appetizer portion. The server didn't question my order or anything either. True it no longer indicates it on the menu but it never hurts to ask and they were fine with it.
  3. We loved our first cruise. Second cruise was a "family" cruise to Canada....it was not fun! Too many conflicting personalities, the weather wasn't good (even though it was July) and too many first time cruisers! All me and my husband seemed to do was play guide and referee, there was too much "waiting" around for other people. If that had been our first cruise it very well may have been our last! We learned so many good things from that experience. We did another family cruise a few years later (after a few by ourselves) and the expectations were different, everyone had cruised before and we didn't wait for others, we met where we were going and didn't feel like we all had to do everything together! It was so much better. 🙂
  4. Great choice! We love the Pride and the Serenity area is wonderful. Have a great cruise!! 🙂
  5. It actually goes through April 2021. We booked for a Journey cruise out of Baltimore for January 2021 (partial panama canal transit).
  6. Thank you! That's how it was the last time we were on as well. 😁
  7. That is what I am wondering. Were you on recently? Is it true?
  8. Particularly interested in 4142. I have been hearing that they have been sealed and can no longer be opened. I was wondering what experiences recent cruisers have had. Thanks! :D:D
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