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  1. I am not aware of any different booking structures in the USA. We were not offered any different fares, it was one fare when we booked for the accommodation we chose.
  2. Hi Jean, On the QE, the Mah Jongg players gathered outside of the card room looking for other players after lunch. You can also ask them to post a Mah Jongg "get together" in the daily program for a certain time and date. They have done that also on the QE.
  3. We have and she is unable to do anything.
  4. Hi Jean, Yes, it is stressful. But hopefully it will be taken care of when we board.
  5. Thank,you for your prompt replies. We will see the Maitre'D when we embark.
  6. We will be on a very long cruise and are waitlisted for our desired dining time. We have tried to call Cunard and ask if there is anything that we can do to ascertain that our dining time is what we want. We were told that we were number 2 on the waitlist, but there was no guarantee that it would come through. They suggested that we speak with the Maitre'D when we get on the ship, but again no guarantee that we would get our choice. Any suggestions?
  7. We would like to be able to write a letter to an exec at Cunard Corporate Headquarters about a potential problem that we wish to avoid when sailing later this month. Is there a particular person that we should send this letter to? Thank you.
  8. Has anyone used the Club Class dining on the PP? It is very little to upgrade from a mini suite to a CC mini suite, but I wonder if it is as good as regular dining. Can you be seated at a table with 4 to 6 other people and are the menus anything special? We enjoy being at a set table with the same people each evening and I wonder if this is possible with the C dining on this small ship.
  9. I had originally, before we boarded the Ocean Princess a few years ago, and they said they could not be separated. However, once on board we were able to separate them. This was in the Fiji Suite on deck 7 Aft. My experience has been that CC members have better information than the people at the call center at Princess. That is why I am asking on CC.
  10. We are looking into the Owners Suite on Pacific Princess. The icon says the bed is a Queen and cannot be separated into twins. However, when we were on the Ocean Princess, we were able to separate the Queen into twins. Has anyone had the same experience on the Pacific Princess in Aft Owner's suites.
  11. Thank you all for your quick responses .
  12. We were wondering what activities are available during the 6+ days crossing the Atlantic, especially on the Pacific Princess. We are not interested in the usual art auctions, etc. Are there any lecturers aboard presenting interesting topics, bridge games, trivia, do they have afternoon tea and sandwiches. Thank you.
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