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  1. We live in Palm Beach County, Florida and restrictions are being lifted even though the number of COVID cases continue to rise in our county. People are out and about, sadly the majority are not following guidelines, wearing masks, in public places. Streets are becoming more crowded with people, walking, talking, dining and socializing and not staying apart from each other. I am worried that we will again have a greater than usual rise in cases. My husband and I remain at home, do not go to restaurants, do not go to hair salons and do not congregate with groups of people. We are walking in our neighborhood, with masks when other people are around, and generally remaining vigilant. My husband spends time with his orchids and I spend a good deal of time reading and working for my political party, by phone and internet.
  2. Besides the Winter Garden Concierge, reserved for full World Cruisers, there are also Gala Nights with Officer's in the Queen's Room for full World Cruisers which includes an extraordinary buffet and drinks; one each segment. Also there is a Special Dinner in one of the ports; generally quite well done with entertainment and lovely cuisine. Another comment; on our last World Cruise on the Victoria, 2019, there were over 800 guests who were on for the entire World Cruise. We all knew each other, had planned many activities and excursions, privately, together. Otherwise, I don't think that being on for a segment or two, would make any difference in the overall cruise experience.
  3. I think that the over 70 population makes up a large part of cruising, especially longer and more expensive cruises. I don’t think that the cruise lines want to eliminate this large group of passengers. The majority of passengers on our three world cruises were well over 70 years of age.
  4. After three months of submitting documents, etc. to Windstar and being told that they were "working" on it, I finally asked my Travel Agent to intervene. They told her that we would not get reimbursed for our airfare because they had returned our money for the TA on the Star Breeze. However, because of the cancellation of the Star Breeze, we were stuck in Lisbon, after taking the Star Legend across. The only way we could get home was by air. They refuse to reimburse us for that. I don't know what else to do. So disappointed in Windstar; we are thinking of cancelling our next cruise with them.
  5. Lew and I also loved the Windstar Legend TA Cruise. We were on for 23 days from San Juan to Lisbon. After doing more than 165 cruises on most other lines, Windstar has become our favorite. We are also booked for another cruise in Nov. We are still waiting for our airfare refund, because of the Star Breeze cancellation, to get processed. I’ve submitted papers three times. Hopefully, this time will work.
  6. I’ve just resubmitted for air reimbursement. This is the third time. I emailed with info on the Smartsheet in Dec. and again in Feb. and heard nothing. Each time I called I got the standard answer “they are working on it, we are a small office, etc.”. Yesterday I called once again and was told that they got my info but could not open the files. Why couldn’t they have told me this a couple of months ago. I just put all of the required documentation in a large envelope and mailed it to them Certified Mail. I will let you know how this goes. Incidentally, we really enjoyed our cruise on Star Legend and have booked again for Nov.
  7. Thank you all for your replies. I will check with the front desk as soon as I board.
  8. That is strange. OBC’s are used on every other cruise line towards gratuities. What are the daily gratuities and can you choose to not pay them automatically, but rather pay them individually at the end of the cruise as you see fit?
  9. I have just read a post on the Windstar CC board that says that onboard credit can not be used toward daily gratuities. Is this correct?
  10. Thank you both for your information.
  11. We will be on the Star Legend next week. What is the name of the Port in San Juan? Are we better off with a private taxi or Windstar transportation? How long does it take to get to the port from the San Juan airport? Thank you.
  12. On our World Cruises on Cunard, a hot breakfast was delivered every morning within 5 to 10 minutes of our specified time. We also added items frequently, no problem. If we decided to call in a breakfast instead of leaving it on the door the night before, it was usually delivered within half an hour of placing our order. Best service ever.
  13. There are private taxis available as you come off the ship. We hired one to take us around the island and stopped at Aggie Grey’s for lunch, the first time we visited in 2017. On our second visit we just walked around the port area where there were displays of local crafts and went back to the ship in time for lunch.
  14. We consider ourselves to be good sailors; however, we have never before crossed the ocean on such a small ship. Time will tell.......
  15. We are doing a TA as well as a Caribbean cruise on the Legend; we will be sailing for 22 days, from San Juan to Lisbon, Portugal. We enjoy sea days very much. I hope that there will be some activity during the day, but am not counting on it. They do have a library, and that will be fine.
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