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  1. We are planning on taking a Windstar ship from Lisbon transatlantic in Nov. ‘21. I am concerned with antigen testing at the Lisbon airport, boarding the ship, etc. Even though we are both fully vaccinated, I am concerned that an antigen test might show up positive, falsely or otherwise. Are we then forced to remain in Lisbon and denied boarding on the ship? These scenarios make me think twice about cruising at this time.
  2. Since Windstar requires proof of vaccination, why is a negative antigen test required as well?
  3. People are still having difficulty getting an appointment in Palm Beach County, FL. If you go on the website to get your appt., you are told that no appts. are available. This is a daily occurrence and very frustrating. Many family members are working on different devices trying to get an appt. for an older loved one.
  4. There is discussion in the US of green digital vaccination technology for worldwide recording of Covid vaccinations. I think that it is a great idea.
  5. Florida weather is beautiful, right now before the heat and humidity of summer begins. My husband's orchids are in full bloom.
  6. We usually take small amounts of currency in the local ports that we will visit, if possible. Our local bank, given enough time, will convert money for us at a fee. If not, when ashore, our local guide will take us to a money exchanger and we will convert US dollars into local currency. We have found that credit cards are widely accepted in most ports that we visit.
  7. We have sailed on Grand Voyages and World Cruises on both HAL and Cunard many times. We prefer Cunard for many reasons. I love to play bridge. There is always a bridge director and lessons every sea day on Cunard. Also an organized duplicate bridge game every afternoon. The lectures are generally wonderful; several in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. Tea in the afternoon in the Queens Room served by white gloved waiters is very special with musical accompaniment. Over the last few years, I have been disappointed by HAL’s evening entertainment, or lack thereof. Cunard’s evening shows
  8. I have been on over 160 cruises. After watching this video, I am not in any hurry to get back onto a cruise ship. I will wait and see what happens as cruising begins again.
  9. What about the crew? Will vaccinations and testing be required of them as well?
  10. We have another problem. We are flying to Lisbon for our transatlantic across to Miami and Caribbean Islands. If we have our PCR test done before flying to Lisbon, how long will it take to be processed at the Lisbon airport prior to boarding the ship? We have a flight coming into Lisbon the day of the cruise; we really don’t want to deal with hotel overnights and additional requirements. This is becoming more and more of a problem.
  11. I live in Flori duh. DeSantis has gone against all good scientific recommendations as to how to contain and mitigate this virus. He has banned mask mandates, opened bars and gyms way too soon, and we have many elderly people who still cannot get a vaccination because appointments are not available. I will be happy to wait for the time that the CDC feels that sailing is safe again. I would not be happy to be in another Princess cruise situation.
  12. Some more questions: Will the entire crew be vaccinated? What are entry/exit requirements in Nassau/Bimini as far as testing is concerned? Will a CDC vaccination card be all that is required? Will masks have to be worn everywhere outside of your stateroom on board? Will dining room seating be limited to only those that you board with? Will there be a buffet available at all, serviced by wait staff? Will there be social distancing in the theater, bars, pool areas, etc.?
  13. Crystal is sailing from the Bahamas starting this June on a seven night itinerary around the Bahama islands. Vaccinations are required of all passengers, but not sure about the crew. They are requiring masks in public places, social distancing, etc. I don’t think that I would enjoy this kind of cruise. We will wait until cruising is back to normal, hopefully sooner than later.
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