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  1. I had originally, before we boarded the Ocean Princess a few years ago, and they said they could not be separated. However, once on board we were able to separate them. This was in the Fiji Suite on deck 7 Aft. My experience has been that CC members have better information than the people at the call center at Princess. That is why I am asking on CC.
  2. We are looking into the Owners Suite on Pacific Princess. The icon says the bed is a Queen and cannot be separated into twins. However, when we were on the Ocean Princess, we were able to separate the Queen into twins. Has anyone had the same experience on the Pacific Princess in Aft Owner's suites.
  3. LewiLewi

    Are Cabins Quiet?

    Thank you all for your quick responses .
  4. We are going Westbound.
  5. We were wondering what activities are available during the 6+ days crossing the Atlantic, especially on the Pacific Princess. We are not interested in the usual art auctions, etc. Are there any lecturers aboard presenting interesting topics, bridge games, trivia, do they have afternoon tea and sandwiches. Thank you.
  6. LewiLewi

    Are Cabins Quiet?

    We are considering a cruise on the Viking Sky in the near future. We have heard that the cabins are not well insulated and you can easily hear your neighbor's TV at night when trying to sleep. Has this been anyone else's experience, or have you found the cabin's to be generally quiet.
  7. We loved the smaller Ocean Princess and Pacific Princess, but have not sailed on them in many years. We know the Ocean Princess was sold, but are considering a cruise on the Pacific Princess. From our TA's advice and some of the CC reviews, we are questioning whether or not to cruise on the Pacific Princess again. Reports of old and dirty furniture, carpeting, etc. as well as plumbing and "smells" around the ship have been noted. Is this true? We would be very disappointed to book this cruise and find out the ship was actually in this condition.
  8. LewiLewi

    Differences between QM2 and QV/QE

    The Britannia Dining room was more crowded, especially on the upper levels on the QM2 than QE. More difficulty getting from one venue to another on QM2. QE is easily navigable, QM2 is up and down and around hallways and staircases. The swimming pool is more easily accessible on the QE.
  9. LewiLewi

    White Space Queen Mary

    Thank you all for your replies. We will probably wait and see what other cabins are available.
  10. LewiLewi

    White Space Queen Mary

    Sorry, between the Carinthia Lounge and Canyon Ranch Spa Club. Cabins 8029 to 8037.
  11. LewiLewi

    White Space Queen Mary

    We are looking at a cabin on Deck 8 which is above a large white space on Deck 7. This area is starboard side beteeen the King's Court and the Lounge forward of it. Any idea what this area encompasses?
  12. LewiLewi

    Tax Deductions?

    Thank you for all of your input.
  13. LewiLewi

    Tax Deductions?

    You are able to deduct taxes on products that you buy, i.e. Furniture, restaurant meals, shopping, etc.
  14. LewiLewi

    Tax Deductions?

    Is any part of the cruise fare tax deductible? Can any part be deducted from annual taxes?
  15. LewiLewi

    Notes from Queen Victoria to the Mediterranean

    Thank you, Hattie. I really enjoyed your report. Again thank you for checking out the cabin location for me. I will now look forward to a peaceful and quiet cabin on my world cruise.