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  1. The vibe was very different on the Caribbean, more of a party atmosphere, the Hawaii was the most laid back.
  2. It has been a long time since I have replied on CC but I have a different perspective now and thought I would share. My DH and I are now Semi-Retired (finally). So we have had the opportunity to do longer cruises. We just returned from 43 days at sea. We did the Crown Princess 15 day to Hawaii, then the next day got on the Emerald Princess and did the 14 Day Panama Canal then stayed on the ship and did a 14 day Caribbean. All of these cruises had an older vibe, we were among the younger crowd at 59 and 57. There were less than 20 kids on all 3 cruises. Each cruise had a different vibe, it was amazing to me how much different the people were on each cruise. There was even so much difference in the 2 ships. So my suggestion to the OP is to try a different itinerary, different ship, different length, and different time of year. All 3 of these can play into the vibe of the guests on the ship. Don't give up on your cruise line yet. We are getting ready next year to try Celebrity for the first time. We have been on 30+ cruises with Princess, Carnival, Royal & NCL and so we hope we will be good first time cruisers on Celebrity.
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