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  1. Oh, and it's $95/person plus tip... check your confirmation email!
  2. We use an electric candle for night time lighting - dim enough to sleep to but bright enough to navigate to the bathroom.
  3. When we were on the Breeze in Cabin #12012 in 2015 there is lots of room on one side of the bed- the side near the door, and then about the size of the bedside table on the other side. Here are some pix of the room:
  4. Great! We'll be bringing a puzzle then! :)
  5. What do you think as far as size? I'm thinking the library/game room is the most appropriate place to set it up.... low traffic never been in this room in all our cruises... so I'd think 1,000 piece or less... if it was in a higher traffic area then a 2,000 piece would be good...
  6. I know that there was a ship-provided puzzle on a ship recently... is that normal? What about a passenger-supplied puzzle? If I brought a puzzle and put it out on a table somewhere (where?) on the ship for all to participate in would that be allowed? Anybody have experience with this? My DH and I are really into puzzles lately and it'd be nice to have one on the ship and share the joy.
  7. Let the MDR staff know of the birthday and something special might happen!
  8. I tried to use Command strips/hooks on our last cruise, but they would not stick even though I cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol... ended up using a tiny strip of colored duct tape (again)... it stays put while cruising, but comes off clean when we go home. Really don't want to have to rig a system of holding the door decoration up using a system of strings tied around the door knobs/hinges... :confused:
  9. Did not get to see the brig on the Breeze BTS tour 2015.
  10. How did they change? Size/shape? design? ...these kind of details are important when asking this kind of question :rolleyes:
  11. Command strips wouldn't work for us- I think the doors were cleaned with something that left a residue on them and the command adhesive wouldn't stick to, so we ended up using a tiny bit of duct tape - it didn't leave residue. Carry some goo-gone if you're worried about leaving residue.
  12. The best place my family liked to play was up in the pasta bar on the dream after hours... not sure if you can still do that (not sure if it's been turned into a specialty place or not). But any non-busy time in the buffet area in a tucked away corner is also a perfect place to play. You might gain a following and people cheering you on! I'd avoid outside if your game is lightweight and might blow away!
  13. Fascination does not have the Tiered aft cabins. We loved ours! Carnival Fascination docked in Nassau, The Bahamas by Susan, on Flickr Relaxing on balcony by Susan, on Flickr view off our balcony E240 by Susan, on Flickr
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