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  1. Thank you for the update regarding your current cruise. Also glad to hear you are feeling better as well....continue to enjoy and have a great trip!
  2. Only US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP/US Immigration) would have the ability to swipe your passport to divulge travel history. This information would not be accessible to non-law enforcement/CBP personnel. It unfortunately provides for a logistical nightmare beyond the capacity for which ANY cruise line is capable of handling. Considering the scope of the guidelines they are putting on paper, with intention of following, I have little faith that they can properly enforce the guidelines they are setting forth. With that being said, for those of us with cruises booked (I have several) ....we will have to continue to follow along and make the best decisions possible individually. We will have to do this until either the cruise lines and/or Federal Government step up with more structured and effective procedures....if that is even possible.
  3. When I checked in for my SE Asia cruise my passport was not gone through page by page. I specifically paid attention to this detail because I was interested in how the scope of this would be handled at check in. Furthermore, the check in agents are not full time employees which thereby creates an entirely new issue as far as training and what to look for when checking passengers in. They are often part time employees. It would be very difficult to cover the critical details and imperative nature of correctly processing check in for passengers in a pre-shift meeting.
  4. I had originally posted that at the end of my sentence...but decided to change it....fingers crossed!
  5. We are sailing on the Infinity in March. I have been utilizing the website below to track which countries have active cases of Coronavirus. I have found it to be updated regularly and accurate. As of right now I do not see any islands or areas in the Caribbean affected. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  6. The Diamond Princess 😮 ....what a terrible situation! Very sad that 4 passengers have died and almost 700 infected. Although no word of a lawsuit has surfaced.....you can bet someone...somewhere will travel that route. When THAT many people become infected you have to wonder if all that could have been done...was actually done. The loss of life worldwide is quite sad and as I mentioned above....truly pray that a better course for things is ahead. Safe travels to all! 🙂
  7. I realize it is a VERY fluid situation. I was on Celebrity Millennium for the 01 FEB cruise that departed Singapore and was cut short due to Celebrity determining they were not able to deliver the vacation they had intended. The crew on the Millennium did an exceptional job based on the unprecedented circumstances. It is very important that Celebrity is addressing it. However the check in process would have to change drastically in order to properly ensure the guidelines are followed in good faith. The majority, if not all, of the check in agents are not employed by Celebrity. They are sub-contracted by Celebrity to facilitate the boarding process. If each and every passport had to be physically reviewed page by page would be way too time consuming to embark on time. I personally have stamps in my passport that can barely be read. Whether it be very lightly ink stamped, smudged when the immigration officers stamped it, etc. I have a cruise booked for March in the Caribbean and at this point intend to go. I will continue to educate myself as best as possible. I also clean my own cabin once we are inside before getting settled in with luggage, bags, etc. I carry lysol/clorox bleach wipes with me and use them for this purpose. Also washing your hands more frequently than you would normally, keeping them away from your face/nose/eyes and mouth certainly goes a long way when it comes to contracting a virus as well. Certainly I pray all will take a better course and soon! Safe travels to all! 🙂
  8. Coronavirus is becoming more and more of a topic, especially when it comes to traveling. Celebrity recently (yesterday) updated their guidelines for who can and cannot cruise with them based on criteria developed by discussions with professionals in the health industry, WHO, CDC, etc. They also set secondary screening guidelines for individuals that have traveled through certain countries within 15 days. How can this effectively be enforced? I believe the short answer is that it can't. Truly they are depending on individuals being HONEST when they are checking in and being screened. It becomes a logistic nightmare to determine where an individual may have traveled prior to embarking on a cruise. I was in Singapore 3 weeks ago. I have been back in the States for over 2 weeks. Will the check in agent go through each and every passport? Will they be able to read each stamp in the book and understand what they are looking at? Aside from my honesty, how would one determine my course of travel and where I had been outside of the United States within the past couple weeks. Below is the email being sent by Celebrity to passengers cruising the Caribbean in the coming weeks. Does anyone see how this can effectively be enforced? Dear Guest, We look forward to welcoming you aboard for your upcoming Celebrity Cruises vacation. Before you embark on this exciting journey, we would like to provide some new and updated information regarding your upcoming travel plans. As we monitor global developments related to the coronavirus, our priority remains the health and safety of our guests and crew, as well as providing you an amazing vacation experience. After further consultation with public health authorities and medical experts, we have decided that any guest, or crewmember, who has traveled to, from, or through China, Hong Kong, Macau, Iran, South Korea, or the Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto within 15 days of departure will be unable to board our ships. As well as coming in to contact with people who reside in these areas – this includes guests who had connecting flights in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Iran, South Korea, or the Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto. The CDC characterizes contact with an individual as coming within six feet (2M) of a person. Additionally, anyone that feels unwell or demonstrates flu-like symptoms will not be permitted to sail. As a result, it is imperative that you check your air travel itinerary closely to ensure you do not transit through any gateway in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Iran, South Korea, or the Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto. Guests who have air travel booked through Flights by Celebrity will be re-accommodated on alternate routes and receive new flight information automatically. Guests with independent air travel arrangements need to contact their air carriers directly to make all required adjustments and changes to their air travel. We have elected to take this precautionary step due to the recent increase in coronavirus cases around the world, to help avoid the spread of the virus and to ensure the continued safety of our guests and crew. While vacations are our passion, our primary responsibility is to maintain a safe and healthy environment onboard our ships, as well as in the ports we visit. We have also increased secondary health screening requirements. The following guests will need to undergo extra screenings at the cruise terminal: Any guest who has travelled to, from, or through Japan, Singapore, Thailand or Italy (all regions other than Lombardy and Veneto) in the past 15 days. Guests who are uncertain about contact with individuals who have traveled to, from, or through mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand or Italy, in the past 15 days. Guests presenting with fever or low blood oximetry in the specialized health screenings will be denied boarding. We’ve also taken numerous proactive steps to maintain high health standards onboard our ships: Thoroughly sanitizing the cruise ship terminal before and after every sailing. Special sanitizing of high traffic areas onboard multiple times a day. Adding extra medical staff on each sailing. Providing complimentary consultations with medical experts for all guests and crew. Plus, the Captain will make daily announcements during your cruise reminding everyone of how to stay healthy onboard. Finally, you can contribute to a healthy onboard environment by taking a few simple steps that will help prevent colds, flus and stomach viruses – both onboard and on land. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds after using the restroom and before any meal or snack. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue (or with your upper sleeve) if you happen to sneeze. Avoid sneezing or coughing into your hands or without covering your nose and mouth. Use hand sanitizer as often as possible. Rub the gel thoroughly, and in-between your fingers, until your hands are dry. If you don’t feel well while onboard, it’s imperative that you visit our onboard medical facility immediately for a complimentary checkup. Our onboard doctors and nurses are always available and ready to assist. If you or someone in your stateroom has traveled to, from, or through, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Iran, South Korea, or the Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto please contact your Travel Advisor immediately or contact us at 1-844-418-6824 in North America or (316) 554-5961 worldwide. You can also visit www.celebritycruises.com/contact-us for a complete list of global contact information. We look forward to welcoming you aboard for a truly incredible vacation. Sincerely, Celebrity Cruises
  9. Hello all ~ Unfortunately I will not be able to give an answer to all the questions asked. We are currently on board Celebrity Millennium and now due to further restrictions at various ports; Celebrity has decided to cancel the rest of this voyage and return to Singapore. So we will not port in Laem Chabang. Celebrity had advised a free shuttle to Pattaya would be provided for us had we made it, however; perhaps they were providing it due to SO many other changes with the itinerary. So we will not be able to give accurate information regarding questions asked. Safe travels to all! ☺️
  10. I'll do my very best to try and keep ya posted....IF we get there. So far everything has been fine for our sailing (RE: coronavirus) with the exception of multiple changes in ports of call. We are now scheduled to port in Thailand in less than 24 hours. This was not part of our original itinerary for this sailing. We still intend to go to Pattaya. Ship exchange rate for currency is 2760 Baht for $100 USD. Current "fair" exchange rate should be closer to 3120 Baht for $100 USD. I'll also let you know our exchange rates once we get it all figured out. I suspect the taxi rate to be somewhere between $30 to $40 USD each way...but again I will respond back 😊 Safe travels to all! 😊
  11. Thank you 😊 I was curious because we generally cruise off the East Coast of the US and wasn't sure if it would be different out of SE Asia.
  12. Thank you for that!.....very much appreciated! Hope you had a great trip.....we are very much looking forward to it! First time cruising SE Asia region. Safe travels to all! 😊
  13. Thank you for your reply as well! Although I believe I have made my decision regarding which package to choose I would still love to see the menus you are posting! Will you post them here?.....or is there another thread or place I should be looking out for to see what you are posting? Thanks again! 😊
  14. Thank you for replying. If I do partake in spirits, vodka is usually my go to and I do like Tito's which is included in the classic package. I appreciate you taking the time 😊
  15. Thank you for taking the time to post! This have been quite helpful 😊
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