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  1. The cruise industry has to fight its way back from the perception that they are unsafe, or "floating petri dishes" as I hear so often in the news. If there is an outbreak of COVID or god forbid the death of a passenger, and god forbid even worse, a child; or even if a cruise has to alter their course to take a passenger to a hospital, it can have a serious blow to this comeback. The next cruise I have booked is in Sept. 2020 on DCL with my 2 kids age 14 and 17 and I am really hoping they can BOTH be vaccinated by then. I understand your frustration as I love to cruise with my kids, but I c
  2. SO Happy to hear this news!! We are booked on a NCL Greek Cruise in November and I am very happy to hear they will require everyone to be vaccinated!! I also hope that they provide stiff liability if anyone fakes a vaccine shot and ends up ruining the cruise (becasue ship has to turn around or change course to take them to a hospital). My only concern is that by then it will be 7 mos. since we were fully vaccinated and they may require a booster. As far as kids go, boy that is a problem since 16 and under can't get it now; by fall I hope to have the last person in my
  3. Yes, that is who it was. She put the deposit on a bank card (debit card, not credit card) and had changed banks. She thought that was one of the reasons it was taking so long. We are American so I don't think she will be eligible for that travel protection that those in the UK have. She said she put in a claim, although I am not sure what she means by that exactly.
  4. My sister and brother-in-law had an around the world cruise booked for next year. They put down a $3k deposit and had been trying to get it back for a few months. They found out the cruise company (UK based) has filed bankruptcy. So I am feeling pretty lucky that I got my cruise money back at this point, even though it took 4 mos.
  5. yes, and a couple days later my $400 showed up. Took four and half months to get it all back.... My Disney Cruise for Labor Day was cancelled, I chose a FCC for that one. I changed it to a January Star Wars cruise, but I feel like it is pretty unlikely to happen. My final payment date (to pay the difference as I went from a 3 day to a weeklong) is due mid-September and I will have to decide then if I want to throw more money after the cruise. Disney allows you to cancel up to 15 days before the cruise, but then I will just get a bigger "credit" not my money back (I think, but
  6. Holy Cow! Finally!!! I called my TA today (3rd time in 3 weeks). She said she remembered me as the one I talked to 3 weeks ago and she would "escalate" it. Just logged onto my Chase account and all my sweet beautiful points and my $400 deposit are back!! Yeah! 4 months and 2 weeks from when I requested my refund! Now I can book a new cruise for next year (but not MSC after this fiasco...) Editing to say, my $400 is NOT actually credited to my account, but my points, worth about $4k, are credited..
  7. It will be 4 mos. on Thursday July 2nd (requested March 2nd). And my cruise wasn't cancelled, I cancelled within the time frame to receive a full refund (my cruise was supposed to have ended yesterday)...
  8. So story today from MSC is I should get my refund in 10 day. Of course, that was the lie I was told on April 20th, as I pointed out to my TA. I will give it 2 weeks and call back to see what BS MSC comes up with next, although they are recycling their lies so I picture the customer service people just throwing a dart at a board filled with responses and telling customers whatever they randomly hit....If Vegas was taking bets, I think that the next lie I will be told is....we just began processing your refund since your cruise date is over....
  9. For me the issue is that my TA is my CC company, and I booked primarily with points. So don't know how effective that will be. I'm on the phone now with my TA. Haven't called in about a month and I am curious what MSC's most recent lies are going to be.
  10. I cancelled all the other portions of my European trip in May (cancelled with MSC on March 2nd). Southwest immediately refunded me for domestic portion of my flight, even portions that are not normally refundable (early bird). American Airlines and Disneyland Paris have refunded me. Delta has refunded some but not all of my trip; Air France has send me acknowledging emails they are processing, but not yet refunded my money. But it has been less than 6 weeks for those people. MSC...nothing and it has been THREE AND A HALF MONTHS. Last time I talked the them the new story was
  11. I cancelled my June cruise for a full refund on March 2nd. Been given so many different stories by MSC (via my TA) that I can't keep track. Still no refund. Paid in full last year. 100 days and counting.
  12. Since PSmarkle's refund was cancelled, I think you may be the only person who has actually received a refund.... I am glad you got your refund, I don't begrudge it, but I don't know why you got yours and I haven't gotten mine and I requested mine 2 weeks earlier, and have been told I won't get it now for another 3 mos. The point being, there seems to be no consistency to what MSC is doing, and certainy no transparency.
  13. Thank you for posting this information. When did you request the refund?
  14. So you got refunded your on board pre paid, but didn't refund your cruise, just got an FCC?
  15. I am happy for you but confused as to why I was told that my requested refund from March 2nd will now be given 60 days after my cruise date of June 20th - while you apparently asked for yours 12 days later and got it less than 60 days from your cruise date. So WHAT IS the policy and why not being applied to everyone evenly???
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