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  1. Ironmen


    Does the Paradise offer FTTF?
  2. Ironmen

    Paradise Ping Pong

    My two kids were wondering if the Paradise has ping pong tables? They love to play ping pong over every thing else on the cruise!
  3. Ironmen

    Paradise or Fascination

    Thanks! I was leaning toward the Paradise just because of the itinerary. Looks like it will be the Paradise:D
  4. Looking at June 2015, which boat do you think is better between the Paradise and Fascination? Going to Disney for two days before the cruise. Looking at a 5 day close by Orlando.
  5. Ironmen

    Summer 2015

    When will Carnival post the Summer of 2015 schedules for Charleston, Jacksonville, and Port Canaveral?
  6. I agree the room service is something a lot of people miss out on! Also, enjoying a nice relaxing nap is something my wife seems to enjoy that we didn't always take the time to do, just relax on the cruise. Thought we had to do everything else.
  7. How do you go about reserving a conference room for two hours to celebrate a birthday party for your spouse? We will need enough room for about 20 people. Do they have a projector or something to play a DVD on? What about drinks? Thanks for any help that can be provided on the Fantasy.
  8. Ironmen

    Just got a kids sail free email?

    Kids sail free means adults pay double!
  9. Has anyone been here lately? Is it crowded during the month of April?
  10. Ironmen

    Good eats Menu

    Yes, the buffet on the lido deck. I saw where it is open from 6-9:30pm.
  11. Ironmen

    What is the latest boarding time?

    Thanks, I should make it then!:D
  12. Ironmen

    Good eats Menu

    What is usually on the good eats menu in the evening? We normally go to the MDR, but may not go every time this cruise.
  13. What is the latest time you can board the Carnival Fantasy? Looks like we may be pushed for time. Just don't want to miss the boat.
  14. Ironmen

    It Does Pay to Stay Up Late - FTTF

    FTTF is the only way to go for us.
  15. Ironmen

    Fascination July 8th review!

    We had lunch there at the Sheraton! Nice, but a little expensive. There is a little place to eat right across the street. The two ping pong tables are on Deck 11 right above the pool. Pick up the paddles and balls at the towel station.