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  1. moran4carnival

    Casino Question

    So does the Vista have the quarters machine?
  2. moran4carnival

    Casino Question

    Does the Casino on the carnival Vista have a coin pusher machine with quarters? Also can you use cash in the slot machines or do you need to use your sail and sign card? Thanks for any answers...
  3. moran4carnival

    just got off the vista if anyone has questions.

    Question: In the casino is there a coin pusher machine that has quarters in it that you can play? Also can you use cash for the slot machines or do you have to use your sail and sign card?
  4. moran4carnival

    Best Beach

    What is the best beach to go to on the French side and are their any tours to use?
  5. Question: are there buses or taxis in St. Maarten outside the port that can take you to beaches on the French side? Does anyone know the cost?
  6. moran4carnival

    Is there a beach near the port at St. Maarten?

    Thank you for the input. I will do some research on the beaches. Just want to make sure we pick the best/right one ;)
  7. We are trying to figure out what to do in St. Maarten. We have never been to this island. Is there a beach near the port? What would be the best beach (don't want the beach with the planes landing) Any ideas would be great. Thank you
  8. Is Guys Pig & Anchor open on 1st boarding day or just on sea days?
  9. We have been on many cruises and enjoyed the buffets at lunchtime and other options that Carnival does offer now, Has anyone gone to the buffets for dinner time and are there good options? I heard that you can order a steak at the buffets, is that true? Any input would be great. Thank you.
  10. moran4carnival

    Faster to the fun

    How far in advance can you purchase faster to the fun to get on the ship early?
  11. moran4carnival

    Carnival VISTA 8-day menus?

    This is the same itinerary for February 2018. Hope you can post the fun times
  12. moran4carnival

    Carnival VISTA 8-day menus?

    Can you post fun times when you return? Which ports will you be visiting?
  13. We sailed on the Breakaway last June and the hallways were more narrow and the balconies smaller than Carnival Ships.
  14. moran4carnival

    St. Kitts....Never been before

    Thank you. We will look into this..